Long time no see Rocky x Daniel

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  1. (I tired to do the tags as best as I could. I'm just going to put a copy of Rocky's information and a picture I drew of her:
    Name: Roxanne "Rocky" Tyler
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: short, choppy black hair with the tips dyed dark blue/purple. Short height around 5'3" a little on the chubby side. Has brown paw print tattoos going from her hips to her neck on her left side. Soft blue eyes. She's got snake bite piercings and a septum piercing
    Personality: loud, and fun loving, a bit of a potty mouth an wise-ass. She also tends to drink a lot when she's upset about something but she can hold her liquor.
    Species: werewolf

    Rocky runs nearly tripping up to the front door of an unfamiliar house, she looks down at a dirty and torn piece of paper checking the address. She was tired, dirty, and really needed a drink. Rocky banged hard on the front door "Daniel open up!"
  2. Daniel was bored almost to death. It was Saturday night but he had nothing better to do, than to sit at his small house and watch painfuly stupid TV shows. He was almost tempted to start with smoking again, to have at least some kind of entertaiment, but he was interputed by hard banging on his doors and a voice shouting his name. The voice was strangely familiar, but he couldn´t place it anywhere. It wasn´t very smart to open door to strangers in night, especially in his kind of neighborhood, but he risked.
    He opened the doors. "Who are you?" He asked the dirty figure in his doorsteps. She seemed familiar, he knew her from somwhere, but he couldn´t from where it exactly was.
  3. Rocky pouts a little "Danny, don't you remember the chick you spent most of your childhood with?" Rocky knew that him recognizing her would be a bit of a stretch but maybe using his nickname would spark something. The edges of he vision were darkening, she knew she'd pass out soon if she didn't find a place to lie down soon. "Come on it's me, Rocky! Long time no see, right?" she let out a pained laugh "Listen man I have about a minute before I pass out, could I come in?"
  4. To say that he was surprised would be a serious undertaking of the situation. Daniel could find naked Jesus in his closet, turning his underpants into bread and wine, and it would be less of a wonder. It was Rocky, standing in front of his door, he could easily recognize her now that she refreshed his memory. He had a milion and one question on his mind. Like where she get those tattoos? It was like seeing a long dead person. Literally. She didn´t look exactly well.
    "Of course, you can. Here, let me help you." He offered her a hand and helped her to the living room. He had a nice and comfortable sofa there. "Excuse the mess please. I wasn´t exactly expecting a ghost from the past." He was joking, but it was only a way to hide his nervousness. He hoped this wasn´t case for hospital.
  5. Rocky laughed weakly "Glad you still got that sense of humor, I've really missed that." she flopped down on the couch "Nah you're pad is pretty nice, cleaner than most places I've been in." she rubbed her face, smearing some of the dirty and blood around. She was covered in nasty little cuts and a few deep gashes, but she didn't seemed phased by it. "Got any water?" she asked.
  6. Daniel was more worried with each passing second. Rocky didn´t look very well. Dirt and blood. Bruises and gashes. She looked like someone who thought that doing barrel rolls from a cliff was a good idea. He was still in shock, that she showed up after all those years, her physical condition was just a cherry on the top of an imaginary pie.
    "Yes, I have. But when I return, I expect you to have a nice story for me," he said to his unexpected visitor and went to the kitchen. He took her a glass of water and when he was there, he also grabbed a half emptied bottle of truly vodka. Then he returned back to Ruby. "I also took something for... disinfection purposes?"
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  7. She downs the glass of water and takes a swig from the vodka bottle, then shook her head "A shower should just do the trick." she realized that Daniel was in shock and that she was acting like she just dropped in like it was normal to do, like dropping in for a lunch date, but she didn't know how else to act. She took another sip of vodka and sighed, already feeling better. "So I'm assuming I should start from the beginning, ya?" She lazily looked over at Daniel, "One rule though, you can't interrupt me with questions until I'm finished." not waiting for a reply she took her third sip, she knew she'd more alcohol to tell this story. "First off all those things about monsters you heard about when you were little? All true. There are werewolves, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, even the boogeyman exists. It wasn't a psycho-killer that killed my family, it was a fuckin' werewolf! Came ripping through the house like a hurricane, killed my parents and Jax, and left me for dead," She paused and lifted up her shirt revealing a giant scar running across her stomach "Fucking bitch nearly ripped my guts out. I was scared, Danny, I was so fuckin' scared. I had passed out and when I woke up I was perfectly fine, there was just the scar and the corpses of my family around me. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I ran. I ran for miles without getting tired, I was two counties over when I finally passed out in the woods. And i guess i've been running ever since, met some interesting people. This whole time I was trying to track down the cunt that slaughtered my family and I finally got a hit on her location. She's still living in our hometown. You know that old shack we used to be afraid of going near as kids? She and a few other beasties are hiding out in there. So I went after her. She chased me off the lot with her buddies," she gestured to her wounds "Not to be creepy but I always kept an eye on you, and I was in pretty bad shape so I thought I'd stop on by." she chuckled then hissed grabbing her side.

    ((reminder that she doesn't know that the police never found her sister either))
  8. He was carefully listening to every word Rocky said, trying to keep up with the "no questions before end" rule. It was hard. She made no sense. Werewolves? How much can drunk could she get from those three sips, that it made her think he would believe such a nonsense? he thought for himself. "There is no thing, like a werewolves," he wanted to say, but something in the way Rocky shut hip up before he could say anything. It sounded like she actually believed it. She definitely looked like someone who just tried to win a fistfight against an angry wolf. He was even more clueless of what´s going on than before, so he just took a sip from the now almost empty bottle. "Well that´s some fucking story..." he said before he noticed Rocky holding her side. "How hurt are you? Do you need bandages? More vodka?" he wanted to call a doctor, but something told it´s not very good idea.
  9. "Nah just some internal bleeding, it should be all fixed in a few hours." She rubbed her side and then looked back up at him "Although more vodka sounds nice." she grinned. Looking back down at herself she paused then spoke "On second thought I should probably clean up, can I use your shower?" she asked.
  10. Just an internal bleeding? She spoke about like it was some kind of flash wound. If he knew thar thirteen years on the could make you terminator, he would try it long ago... He chose not persecute the injury the any further. Everything will be surely clear and understandable soon enough. Maybe he should get more vodka.
    "Sure. You can even take bath, if you want. Although I am probably out of candles and bathing salts..."
  11. Rocky threw her arms in the air in mock anger "Dammit Danny! You know I can't take a bath without my vanilla candles!" She immediately winces and clutches her side "Okay throwing my arms up probably wasn't a good idea." she hissed. She steadied herself and stood up. "So where's the bathroom in this place?" she asked looking around the pad.
  12. He laughed at her reaction. They haven't seen each other for more than a decade, yet they were still talking like if nothing happend between them. How much missed her. She was like a sister and her disapearence crushed him.
    "The bath is just around the corner. Literally," he said and gently took Rocky by a hand, leading her towards anonymously white doors of his small bathroom. "I know it's smaller than most of of closets, but it serves it's purpose. Just remember that cold is hot and hot is cold. Switches aren't working that well." He stopped for while , thinking what else is needed and scratching his pityful beard. "I should probably get you some clean towels," he added after while and went to bedroom to get them. And maybe some cigars too.

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  13. (It's fine, I have to reply on my phone all the time. And sorry for not responding right away, by brain decided "Hey let's sleep until 5 in the afternoon")

    Once in the bathroom Rocky started stripping down out of her dirt smeared and blood stained clothes. She looked at herself in the mirror, her body was littered with gashes, scratches, and bruises. She grimaced and walked over to the shower and messed around with the nozzles until nice steamy water was shooting out of the shower head.

    (forgot to mention but she also has pierced nipples and hips)
  14. (That´s my usual state of mind.)

    It took him some time to find clean towels,, or any towel at all, in the mess of his bedroom. Tydying of any kind was his least favorite kind of torture. He liked his chaos. Most people couldn´t see it, but there was a system in it. After a while, he was able to find a clean white towel, little box with three last cigarettes and lighter and returned back to bathroom."Got the towels," he shouted over the sound of streaming water, unsure if he could enter.
  15. Rocky opens the door stark naked and grabs the towel from him, she smiles and gives him a quick "Thanks!" and closes the bathroom door. She set the clean towel on the toilet seat and jumped into the shower, nearly moaning at how nice the water felt on her sore muscles. She picked up a bar of soap and went to work on scrubbing away the caked on dirt and blood. Setting the bar down when she was finished she picked up a bottle of shampoo and went to work on her hair. When she was all done and clean she turned off the shower nozzles and stepped out of the shower. Picking up the towel she went to work on drying herself off. Looking in the mirror she could already see most of the small cuts and bruises were fading, and the more major gashes were starting to scab over. Thank the lord for super human healing abilities, she thought to herself.
  16. Daniel almost swallowed butt of his cigarette when he saw Rocky in her naked nakedness. He was so surprised by the sight he could hardly smile back at her. Was that a piercing in her nipples? Doesn´t that hurt like a hell?
    It wasn´t the first time he saw her like that, but they were ten years old last time it happened. He grew up since then. And Rocky did too. In the right places, simpler part of his mind added. He felt ashamed by the direction his thoughts took. Thirteen years of not seeing each other and he could only thing on "the booty". "So much for being a gentleman," he told to himself and inhaled another dose of nicotin. He needed something to occupy his so he decided to make a dinner. He found a small frozen pizza in his freezer and put it into microwave. It wasn´t exactly a gourmet food but better than nothing.
  17. Rocky walked out of the bathroom and into Daniel's room and opened his dresser "I'm stealing your clothes!" She yelled. and she riffled around until she found some clean boxers and a shirt. She slipped them on and padded out of the bedroom and back into the living room. She settled herself down on the couch and grabbed the nearly empty bottle of vodka, downing the rest of it's contents. Sniffing the air she grinned "Do I smell pizza?" she asked and got up and bounced over to the kitchen.
  18. "Just keep your hands out of my kilts. They are precious!" he shouted back at Rocky while fidling with microwave controls. Damed was hardly working, but he didn´t have the hearth to throw it away. It was one of the few things that survived his time on college and they shared a sentimental love/hate relationship. It took him a decent while but he managed to get the thing working and soon, the pizza was rotating on the plate, rewarding him with a pleasant smell of warming food.
    "You do..." he wanted to answer Rocky, but he was stunned by the sight. His clothes suited her a way more than him. "I have never realized, how fancy my wardrobe is..."
  19. "Fancier than anything I've worn in a while." She grinned, she did a little spin and strutted around the kitchen as if she was on a runway. Still grinning she turned back to him and looked him up an down "You and kilts, eh? I'm gonna have to see that." she laughed. "So you got a trash or recycling bin?" she asked holding up the empty vodka bottle "and anything else that contains alcohol I could drink? I have like a Captain America metabolism."
  20. "Just close your eyes and throw it there," he pointed to the bin hiden on the other side of the kitchen desk. "But do it quickly, you cane never know what horrors might come out of it." Then he turned to the frigdge and thursted his blonde head into it. "You kinda make an impression of someone, who spent her days in a secret military lab," he joked while looking for another bottle. What a heroic quest. He found an old bottle of eggnog, probably from last christmas, and something that was probably rum. He really have to get rid of his college lifestyle. "Found something," he said with mock pride in his voice and handed the bottle to Rocky. "I will let your Captain America metabolism to taste it first."