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  1. Hey guys! Most of my friends on here call me Chaos so feel free to. Anyway, I wanted to see if there was anyone out there willing to be a long term RP partner with me. Some of my plots are down below, so take a look. Also we can always discuss some plots and make some adjustments to them if you like. But here's some things about me that you should know...
    • I usually have lengthy replies in response; however, sometimes I don't.
    • I am not a grammar Nazi, but I try to give posts that have minimal errors.
    • I do create CS's for my 1x1 and I hope you will to. It doesn't have to be long.
    • I don't mind doing a 1x1 in a PM or thread. You can decide.
    • I love romance! I normally fade to black unless it is a liberteen, which this is not!
    • Drama! Drama! Drama! Makes the plots more interesting.
    • I am very open minded so feel free to offer up ideas, be creative.

    Okay so now that I told you a bit about me, here's a few expectations I have from you.
    • Please no one liners. Or a small post with A LOT of dialogue (try to avoid these).
    • Reply at the least three times a week.
    • Communication is key. Let's discuss ideas!
    • Development of your character is important.

    One day, on Muse A’s way home, they come across Muse B lying in the middle of the road. They appear hurt, but are unresponsive when Muse A tries to rouse them. Not having a phone on them to call an ambulance, Muse A carries Muse B the short distance back to their home and tries to revive them.
    After several minutes of rest, Muse B awakens with the most excruciating scream of pain. They jolt up, and immediately start drawing sigils on the walls of Muse A’s home with their own blood. Terrified, Muse A demands that Muse B stop and explain themselves. Muse B removes their shirt, revealing where their angel wings have been clipped and states they used to be part of God’s Army.
    Muse A has never been particularly religious, and needs plenty of convincing thatMuse B isn’t a lunatic. Muse B explains that they have been banished from Heaven and they need to hole up with Muse A because they have no where else to go and the world is unsafe for them. Muse A reluctantly agrees to let Muse B live with them, and over time, helps to teach Muse B how to pass as a human.
    • After Muse B finally feels safe with Muse A, their former life comes back to haunt them in a major way (i.e. called back to Heaven, required to fulfill duties, etc.)
    • Both muses develop feelings for one another but every time they act on them, something tries to keep them apart.

    Muse A is a princess/prince living in a peaceful kingdom, with no knowledge of the whole other realm that exists beyond its borders. While wandering in the forest near dusk, much to their escort’s dismay, the kingdom comes under attack by creatures/beings thought only to exist in fairytales and ancient legends. When a rider comes to warn Muse A that the castle has been taken, they are beseeched to flee to safety. Fearing for their parents’ lives, Muse A refuses to run away and makes haste back to the castle. Before they can reunite with their royal parents, Muse A is captured by the enemy. Muse B is Muse A’s captor, who is under orders from their king/queen to kidnap the prince/princess for the purposes of ransom. Muse A is taken to the other realm, where no person in the kingdom has ever gone. Muse A is locked up in a cell with Muse B as their guard.
    Despite the circumstances, Muse B treats Muse A with compassion, providing companionship, kind words and extra sustenance. After a few days of captivity,Muse A and Muse B are managing to get along; Muse A is terribly homesick and worried about the state of their kingdom. In an act of selflessness, Muse B helpsMuse A escape. Muse B promises to keep Muse A safe from harm, as long as Muse Adoes not run away from them. Muse A agrees and Muse B keeps their promise. One night, while they’re asleep in the forest, soldiers from Muse A’s fallen kingdom attack. They rescue Muse A and take Muse B as prisoner. Upon returning to the castle, Muse B is imprisoned. Feeling for their captor/turned savior, Muse A showsMuse B the same compassion and care that Muse B showed them while they were imprisoned.
    With the threat of backlash from the other realm looming, will Muse A and Muse B’s budding friendship survive? Will Muse A appeal to the king and queen to spare Muse B’s life and to end the impending war between realms?

    Muse A has always loved the ocean. When Muse A was a little kid, their father used to take them to the beach nearly every day during the summer and they’d swim and collect sea shells along the shoreline. Having nothing but fond memories from their youth, Muse A decides to become a lifeguard at that very beach this summer. One afternoon, Muse A notices Muse B struggling in the surf. Muse A springs into action to save Muse B, pulling them to dry land and resuscitating them. It’s not until Muse B begins to awaken that their significant other appears and shoos Muse A out of the way. Muse A falls back and returns to their lifeguard post, allowing Muse B’scompanions to lead Muse B away. A few weeks later, Muse B returns to the beach alone, catching Muse A’s attention. Muse A tries to introduce his/herself to Muse Bbut they become painfully shy and are unable to speak to Muse B. Muse B gets the impression that Muse A can’t speak at all, so Muse B picks up the slack in conversation, while Muse A just smiles and nods along. They spend the whole day together, admiring the sea. Muse B tells Muse A about their near-death experience, not realizing that Muse A was the one who saved them from drowning. Muse Bbelieves that it was their significant other who saved them because that’s what the significant other reported, and because of this false account, Muse B has decided to stay in the relationship that hasn’t been working for the last few months. Muse A is let down by this admission, but feels as if it’s pointless to tell the truth now.
    Over the next few days, Muse B returns to the beach to spend time with Muse A, who stays quiet to keep up the rouse. Muse A coaxes Muse B to get back in the water with them and once they’re heading back to shore, they share an unplanned kiss. Muse B feels guilty about it afterward because of their significant other and suggests that they just stay friends. The more Muse B talks about their significant other, the more jealous Muse A becomes and the more obvious it is that they’ll lose Muse B if they continue to keep their mouth shut about what really happened the day Muse B nearly drowned. When Muse A speaks to Muse B for the first time and blurts out the truth, Muse B is shocked. Muse B doesn’t believe Muse A, (how can they after Muse A’s been lying about being able to speak this whole time?). Muse B accuses Muse A of trying to manipulate them and ruin their relationship, then says that they can’t see each other anymore. As the summer stretches on and Muse Bstays away as promised, Muse A worries that they’ll never see Muse B again.

    Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But do they? What they don’t know is that the wolf was not a wolf, but a werewolf instead. One that knew the secrets of the old witch that lived in the woods. The one who lived peacefully, but practiced magic and threatened to extinguish the werewolf race. So the pack leader, the Big Bad Wolf, killed her, made her disappear. But the huntsman, the witch’s son, sought revenge and got it—finishing the pack leader for good. But this only created a larger blood feud, sending the whole pack out to get the huntsman and his family. With the huntsman’s only daughter in the middle of this war, Little Red, as they call her, the pack will stop at nothing to get their final revenge and end the war. But when Red and one of the wolves fall in love, what will become of them?

    Muse A is enrolled at a prestigious spy training academy. The only way for students to get in to this school is to be recommended by their parents who have attended; the location of the school moves each year to keep the academy a secret from outside threats. Muse A meets their training partner, Muse B, during first day orientation and they are informed that they must be paired until graduation. Each day they take part in combat classes, tech classes where they learn to create and utilize spy gadgets, escape simulations, physical and mental fitness exams, etc. Students are informed that their final exams will consist of a field mission that is truly life/death, so they better get along with their partner.
  2. I be interested in being your 1x1 partner
  3. Okay which one would you be interested in doing?
  4. Beyond the Kingdom sounds interesting.
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  5. The academy or beyond the kingdom
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  6. Feel free to pm me to discuss details.
    The academy it is. Pm me for details.
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