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  1. I've been RPing for many a year (since 1977) and online since about when online became a thing.

    I have a busy schedule but I can post in a flurry when I am at the computer, so it might be a bunch of posts in one day and nothing for 2 - 4 days if I have an assignment or a convention that keeps me away from the computer.

    I can RP a wide variety of genres. Urban Fantasy is one of my favorites, with Super Heroes being a close second, but can do Sci-Fi or a Sword and Sorcery quite easily. I have a weakness for Gentle GTS stories, with my character either being the Giantess or the Tiny, but I'm aware it's a strange and specialized variation but it would be awesome.

    I'm posting this in the Libertine area because there is a possibility for 18+ stuff happening in the RPs and I don't want to limit any partners, but it's by no means a requirement nor a guarantee.

    I give no fucks what gender you may or may not identify with IRL, so if you've got issues with a male who is as comfortable playing female characters as males, we're probably not going to be a good fit.

    I don't do MxM stuff simply because I am really horrible at it, and wouldn't inflict that on anyone looking for a 1x1 that involves that.

    In order of preference, with my character's gender first:​
    FxF GTS
    FxFUrban Fantasy
    FxMUrban Fantasy
    FxF Fantasy
    FxM Fantasy

    I'm not above fan RPs for: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, MLP, Marvel/DC (with a strong preference for the MCU), or any of a number of others, so I'm not limiting character choices to OCs.

    If any of this interests you reply to this message or PM me.

    Thanks for your time!

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  2. I'll also do anthro/furry stuff to an extent, just specify in advance.
  3. I tend to write my posts in the same format one would expect a novel to be written in, as opposed to the casual style, person and tense that often pervade chat and forum RPs, but I'm not adverse to either style. I just prefer to be able to read through a whole RP as if I'm reading a novel. :)
  4. I would be interested in participating in any of you FxF ideas. It doesn't matter to me what gender you might be behind the keys. I mean men write female characters all the time, and to me, other then actively participating in the story, this isn't much different.
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