~Long Term Roleplaying Parter Needed!~ (Info inside)

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  1. Hello! My name is Aria and I'm currently looking for a long term Role playing partner. There's not a lot of rules that I have, but please bear with me.


    - Your able to write at least a paragraph. I know that it may seem difficult, but a paragrah is about 5-7 sentences at least. This keeps the story going and doesn't put it to a slow start.
    - Grammar cannot be like a 9 year old. Meaning, Please do not talk like you text. 'lol, plz, omg,' all those stuff is a big no. But, If it's in OOC, Then be my guest! I know that everyone makes mistakes because we are indeed human. (If you are a vampire then please be my husband/wife) I make stupid mistakes as well, and I will try to fix them as best as I can.
    - Please do not leave the RP without informing me! I know things get boring, but if you just leave without replying to a message then I'm going to wonder what has happened to you. Tell me that your going to be gone for a certain amount of time and I will wait for you to come back or look for another partner.


    Books/Tv Shows:
    - Percy Jackson Series
    - Harry Potter
    -The Walking Dead

    -Soul Eater
    -School Life
    -Black Butler
    -Angel Beats
    -Sword Art Online

    -Criminal x City girl
    -Bully x Victum
    -Teacher x Student
    -Long distance relationships
    - Pregnant girl x best friend
    - Mother x Abusive ex husband
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  2. this should be in 1x1 not group interest checking