Long term roleplay? :)

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Hello everyone! I've been wanting to do these two Roleplays lately, but one is FxF and the other MxF! I'm looking for females to fill the roles and I also have a bit of expectations or whatever you'd like to call them. Let's get this boring stuff out of the way!

• You must be active! I know we all have our own lives and whatnot, but it would be really good if you can get at LEAST one reply a day! As for myself, I can give at least two to three replies a day.

• For posting lengths, I usually post about 4 paragraphs or more, though I don't necessarily expect the same from my partners. I will usually try to match my partners reply length as well.

• Grammar isn't too important to me, but please make sure that I can understand what you're trying to say.

• I would like to have an out of character PM so we can talk about the roleplay whenever it's needed.

• I don't mind roleplaying through pm or thread, whichever is fine to me.

• I do not mind any sexual themes as long as we're both adults! I prefer plot over smut and I would like for our roleplay to build up to a sexual scene, not just jump right into it.

• I am usually the dominant character, but our characters don't necessarily have to have labels. For example, your character can be submissive one day and dominant the next, same for my character.

Now onto the plots! (Finally)

I live on your love (FxF)

MC is a totally open lesbian, she's carefree and reckless and doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks about her. She is known around the town for that and also for dating many girls just for the hell of it. She isn't really a good person, always using people for sex and money, but she enjoys it and no one has been able to turn her the other way around, not even her own family. She eventually got kicked out of her family's home and was sent to live with her older brother (in the same town) who is completely opposite of her, trying to change her for the better, but it obviously doesn't work.
YC had lived in the same place for as long as she could remember, when one day her family decides to move to the same town that MC is living in. She is the type of girl who has had relationships with males, but they tend to always fail. She hardly ever finds her boyfriends sexually attractive, but she never thought anything of it.
YC moves into town and happens to live right nextdoor to MC's old home and she makes friends with everyone almost instantly. MC isn't completely separated from her family, so she visits every now and then and on one visit, she happens to find out about YC, seeing her and getting instantly attracted to her. MC figured it would be easy to get with YC so she begins talking to her. YC doesn't know if it would be all that good to get close with MC because she gets a sort of "bad vibe" from her, but she doesn't mind talking to her. They eventually get closer and closer and MC actually begins to gain real feelings for YC and YC eventually notices that the reason why none of her relationships ever worked out were because they were with men. MC confesses one day and they begin to have a sort of romantic relationship, taking things slow as YC's family are very religious and are homophobic in a way, but things seem to be going fine until YC is told the truth about MC. Things begin to go downhill as YC doesn't know how to feel about MC anymore and their relationship begins to ruin slowly. How will things turn out at the end?

^^For this plot we can talk about it in more detail, as in what age the two should be and other small things like that. I could possibly be convinced to switch roles as well if my partner would prefer to play the open lesbian.

Is Love really everything? (MxF)

MC is your average boy who has plenty of friends and a pretty good life, living with his family. He's had a few relationships, but never a serious one as he always found relationships tiring and boring. Every girl he dated tended to get bored of him because he wasn't necessarily a romantic type of guy, but it was usually because he never learned how to be that way. He was a very serious and calm guy. One day, YC and MC bump into each other. YC is known around for being a bit of a loser and a nobody and MC is well aware of that, but they still talk. They end up becoming closer friends, always hanging out, talking on the phone a lot and they're always seen together around town. Many people are angry about this though and this causes people to bully YC a lot. YC keeps everything a secret until one day she gets beaten up and MC notices it almost immediately. He can't help but feel sad and sorry, so he decides that he should break all contact with her. He stops coming to school regularly and everyone notices. YC tries to get in contact with MC, but there's no luck. What will happen between the two?

^^ We can also talk more about this plot through PM.

I am willing to do these plots with several people, just to see what outcome is brought by. PM me for more info or comment! :)
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