Long term roleplay please

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  1. I'll get straight to the point because I'm simply dying for a roleplay! And I'm terrible at intros. :'D
    Bolded is important stuff!

    I consider myself semi-literate. My post length depends on how much I've had to work with, and my posting frequency is at least once a week (don't complain, you have a life, and so do I). I tolerate short posts and small errors in grammar and spelling, because I have RPed with talented people who do not speak English as a native language, and my English isn't very good either. I like to develop characters along the course of the roleplay, so I do not demand character profiles. Just an idea of the character is good; I like having small surprises. And NO MARY SUES. I do like to develop the plot concepts before beginning, so I expect a long discussion on plot, and continuation of it while roleplaying. In other words, you must be always open to discuss the plot because that will happen a lot, rping with me.

    I roleplay mainly girls and the occasional guy. I am willing to explore hetero relationships and maybe yuri/lesbian ones; I don't like yaoi. I like ORIGINAL characters, so even if we're RPing a fandom, let's make our own fan characters. I like having romance AND action; they are very important to me as a roleplayer. You do not have to be an artist, but that would be wonderful if we can draw our characters together! Also, please notify me if you don't find interest in our rp. I don't like it when rps get ditched without any notice.

    Here are the things I want to roleplay:
    Sword Art Online (with own original characters)
    --SAO Arc
    -- Alfheim Online Arc

    Doctor Who (with own original characters)
    --I watch it all over the place; please mention an episode's content because I haven't watched a lot yet.
    --Something based off of Torchwood, or some kind of Time agency.

    Other Ideas/Preferred Genres
    -- Super "heroes" gang war
    -- Pirates (One Piece inspired)
    -- Quest/journey
    -- Supernatural agency/organizations (one to protect creatures, the other to destroy them)
    -- School based romance
    -- Stranded on an island
    -- Spirits in the everyday world
    -- Using a game as a cover to fight crime
    -- Transported into a parallel anime-styled fantasy world
    -- Anything inspired by the Tales series (haven't played the games, but the plots are awesome! it looks like science fantasy sometimes)
    -- Allegorical fantasy (with symbolism and stuff)
    -- Science and magic existing side by side (not necessarily steampunk)

    Please share your ideas, I'd love to hear them as I cannot think of everything. I might see something I like. Fire away.
  2. Yes! Thanks for taking the time to read that.
    So what are you interested in?
  3. Fantasy quest if thats ok?
  4. I'm interested and as I'm a huge Tales fan I would love to do an rp based on one of those games:3 Although I should start to avoid starting new rp's I can't help myself:p
  5. [MENTION=1623]Forgotten Hero[/MENTION]: Sure!

    @ Elflady: Okay, which game do you want to base off of?
  6. Hmm, either Abyss or Vesperia, wich one of those do you prefer?
  7. Methinks we should work togerher on some Sci-Fi plots. :0

    Being the comic book geek I am, could you explain the superhuman gang war idea?
  8. Hello,

    It's nice to meet someone like yourself, Maugre, and I'm quite glad to have you join this site. I'm here recently and looking for good Role Players who are not afraid to allow their imagination run free. Under your Preferred Genres I found Supernatural agency/organizations, School based romance and Spirits in the everyday world to be very interesting topics for RP.

    My English isn't of native's level, but I'm willing to work on it and would like it if you didn't hold back and corrected me during our conversations or RP.

    Hope to hear from you,
  9. [MENTION=1296]Elflady[/MENTION]: I like Abyss, and I'm more familiar with that one.
    [MENTION=1670]Energy Slinger[/MENTION]: There's two ideas under that. One is just as it sounds; two teenage or adult gangs, both of which have members with superpowers, and they are in great dispute. The other idea is somewhat like mafia, with secret black organizations plotting against the city and one another.
    [MENTION=3382]AMA[/MENTION]: Glad to meet you! If you can't choose between those ideas, we can also combine them in someway, because they seem to work well together, at a glance anyways. I would be glad to help with your English, but it's not natural for me to correct others, so I may forget. ^^;
  10. [MENTION=2924]Maugre[/MENTION]: I guess the Mafia one sounds good. I have just the character to possibly fit into that plot.
  11. Abyss it is then:D What do you think, should the plot take plcae during the game or sometime before or after?
  12. If this shit's still open, I'd love to do a SOA rp. Also, I'd appreciate a long-term partner that'll tolerate the fact that I have school and a job. Hit me up with a PM if you're still open. If not, I'll take the silence as a hint and cry myself to sleep. Or something.
  13. [MENTION=1670]Energy Slinger[/MENTION]: That's cool! So, do you want to start plotting? [MENTION=1296]Elflady[/MENTION]: Maybe sometime before, up until the point of game storyline start. [MENTION=2149]Powder[/MENTION]: I'm still open. C:
  14. Alright. Make a thread and the plot and I'll join in. Just let ne know.
  15. Hi, I would be interested in the trapped on an island one if it's not taken?
  16. What exactly do you have in mind for the doctor who one? (since you want original characters)
  17. That will work:) Did you have something in the history of the game that you especially like and want to include?