long term roleplay partner search!

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  1. What im looking for (bolded one is the character i could play)

    -demon x angel
    -demon x human
    -vampire x human
    -vampire x werewolf
    -hostage x kidnapper
    -maid/servant x master
    -little red riding hood x wolf
    -police x prostitute/sex worker
    -teacher x student

    Im open to ideas and working with you! I usually play female but in some cases can do male. I either do mxm or mxf pairings
    I love plot more than sex but would like sex to be in there so 18+ only please c:
    Im on almost daily and will reply almost daily or let you know whats going on. Ive been roleplaying for about 4 or 5 years now so i can make very long posts if you match mine. No one liners, please try and have detail in your posts so i would say 2 paragraphs minimum but i totally understand wrighters block.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.