18+ DISCORD Long term plot heavy Sci-Fi fantasy, original rp (OCxOC)

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Mechanical - Biological - Armoured
Original poster
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I have been roleplaying for about 8-9 years, I took a break for about a year and I am ready to come back into RP!
A plot based RP that focuses on the bond between two characters meeting for the first time under unique circumstances. There's a large variety of ways the story can go and tons of content to explore! Pretty much everything will be covered, from love and romance to heavy topics and dark themes. I have a couple ideas for a starting plot which I will list below, but I would love discussing them in depth with you! I typically adapt the story to whatever fits with your character(s), kinda being a GM of sorts for the world. My job is to keep you interested in the story!
  • Notes
GMT+1 Timezone
18+ ;p (OCxOC)
My character is a furry (see photo for reference, can be paired with both human and furry)
I like to chat out of RP too and discuss things to keep the story flowing when needed
Multiple Storylines
I write 1+ paragraphs per response
Multiple Characters are welcome!
3rd person
I really enjoy writing horror (mechanical, psychological and body horror specifically) so expect that to crop up at times!
  • Beginning Plotlines ideas:

    Expedition Mishap - A group are tasked with exploring a supposedly abandoned tundra planet. A small team comprised of a few armed personal and scientists are instructed to investigate why a previously abandoned planet now suddenly has atmosphere. During the exploration, something goes very wrong. It's as if the planet itself suddenly comes to life! The ground beneath begins to shift and swallow people whole! After falling... you're awoken by a stranger

    Crash Landing - After a successful diplomatic meeting, a group are traveling back home. An issue with the FTL system aboard the ship causes a crash landing on an unknown planet, leaving survivors to quickly find a way to adapt to their new situation on this new planet (can be any kind of planet really!). Soon, a stranger offers to help shelter the survivor(s) from the dangers inhabiting the planet.

    Of course, you can bring your own ideas too! ^^

  • I'm typically a dom, and my kinks involve: Excessive Cum/Spit, multiple rounds, Hypnosis/Mind Break, light throat bulging, somnophilia/passing out, cnc/duncon ^ full list here F-list - Warning

    My limits are: Vore, gore, snuff, anal, feet, watersports… most of the extreme stuff

The plots will extend into the main story where many themes will be explored with an evil brewing. If you're up to tackling this, send me a message!

Discord: amierav
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