Long-Term, Patient, Fantasy Partner... please?

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    I must begin by admitting that I have a bad habit (or shall we say "tendency", since it sounds less terrible) to take a lot of hiatus', both short and long, at times that I am feeling stressed or burnt out. This happens way more than I would like it to, but I can't control these things, so all I can ask for is a partner who is willing to put up with me. Which is why we're here today!

    I'm looking for a long-term partner who doesn't have a problem with picking up the rp again after putting it down for a while. For what I have in mind involves a lot of exploration, character development and world building, which is not going to get done in one smooth session. Just because I have to take a break or two, I don't want any of that work to go to waste because my partner got bored waiting for me. So please, if you already know you're the kind of person who loses interest in a project as time passes, do yourself a favor and don't sign up for this one.

    Moving on!


    Think of this as a rough draft -- nothing is set in stone, some aspects are subject to change as we go along, and scenes will jump between different characters depending on what ideas I have at the time. Oh right, that's another important thing; my partner needs to be somebody that enjoys playing MULTIPLE CHARACTERS, as I've found interaction with only one character can become dull when no one else is ever introduced to put a different perspective into play.

    Right now, I don't have any real details on the "idea" I want to do yet, as it is a work-in-progress that I would like to construct as we go along. All I can say is that it will be a fantasy setting with fantastical creatures, where spirits of all sorts exist and magic is a commonplace occurrence. Aside from the typical races one would expect to find in a fantasy story (elves, goblins, dragons, etc...) a large part of this project is intended to help me flesh out a few original races I've invented. But don't be afraid to contribute your own ideas either -- by all means this is meant to be a collaborative effort. Things will get stale real fast if I'm the only one driving the story forward, so I strongly encourage you to take me by surprise and toss in whatever spice you feel like adding to the adventure at any time.

    That's not to say that I welcome you to kill off all my characters without asking. I do require a good amount of OOC communication, or else it feels less like we're working together and more like we're just two distant co-workers who are submitting reports back and forth for the sake of getting the job done.


    -Punctuation is important
    -Display decent grammar skills
    -Friendly OOC communication is required
    -Must be willing to play MULTIPLE CHARACTERS
    -Contribute ideas, characters, and help progress the plot
    -Post length doesn't matter, as long as the content is useful to the scene
    -Patience is required to rp with me; I am a slow writer who takes a lot of time to think
    -Have an open mind to the possibility of romance/violence/humor/tragedy/mystery/horror/etc... anything goes
    -Don't forget to have fun!

    PM me or reply here if you're interested in working with me. Thank you for reading this! :)​
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  2. I may be able to help out ive got some races and characters I havnt Been able to use
  3. Is that a yes?
  4. Sorry, no. I was simply bumping the thread. I have to respectfully decline your offer, because punctuation is important to me...
  5. I'm new here and I want to try some RPing I have some experience elsewhere but not on this site. Is it possible that you would like to RP and you can help me ease into this site and RPing?
    (Note that sometimes I may misspell words and such and sometimes I mess up punctuation but it is not the norm.)
  6. @slifer
    What a peculiar proposition...? I'm not sure I would be the best person to help ease you into this site, but I'd be willing to try. Perhaps we could rp something other than this idea though, since it might be a bit overwhelming to start you off with something that requires a lot of world-building.
  7. What other plots do you have in mind? I mean I've always wanted to do something with a bard and a sorcerer.
  8. I'll pm you.

    In the meantime... that means this search is still open to other prospective partners~!
  9. I think I'd like to apply, assuming the position is still available?

    I am also a roleplayer who finds himself going in and out of Hiatus with everyday stress and study often affecting my ability to roleplay. So being patient is no real problem for me, as long as we can communicate our lack of muse or that we are busy with our own personal matters.

    I agree with the OOC communication part as well. As much as I love to be engaged and immersed within the roleplay, I do like to communicate and get to know the player behind the character(s).

    My only issue is, whilst I roleplay almost every genre that exists, I don't roleplay romance or libertine roleplay simply because my partner and I prefer we keep those genres of roleplay solely between us.

    If you have no problem with that, I'd be interesting in seeing what kind of story we'd be able to conjure between us.
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  10. PM'd you.

    In regards to others who may wander in here: I've got a lot on my plate now, so I'm not seeking anymore partners at the present time.
  11. Starting my search again! Interested parties, please approach!
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