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  1. Hello! I'm puck, and I'm looking (obviously) for a partner.

    Just a few things to put out there.
    - I mostly roleplay male x male. I prefer this, but I can do female x female and male x female.
    - I am male; many people ask me this and then shy away when I say I'm a dude.
    - I am literate and on occasion advanced-literate. I like depth, thought. Mistakes are cool, but at least preread and stuff.
    - No first person. Ever. I enjoy third person past, as most books are written.
    - No god modding. Have a REAL character, not something fake.
    - Talk to me. I like to plan. Be blunt. Tell me how you feel. That kinda stuff.

    That's about it. I do a bunch of different genres, but I'm not always that great. I try. Also, I do some fan stuff and whatnot, so just ask. Love OCs.

    Feel free to PM me or reply here. Thanks for stopping by!!
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  2. I wanna RP with you! PM me if your interested!
    FYI I do any sexuality for my characters and I'll be the uke or seme.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.