Long-Term Partner Wanted...

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  1. Don't know the meaning of Long Term? Then you should stop right here and hit the back button.

    If you survived that little sentence then let's not beat around the bush.

    About me:
    -I'm 19.
    -Love Mature Romance. WILL NOT fade to black. Also, I have no limits.
    -I can post around 2-4+ paragraphs. I try my best to be descriptive as I can be, character/plot development. I will never one line.
    -I will only roleplay through the THREADS. If you want a PM roleplay, better be ready to convince. I will not roleplay over email or IM, that is too creepy.
    -I will try almost anything once. If you want me play a werewolf, it'll be a hybrid. Like Jacob in Twilight.
    -I only play male. I have no problem with MxF, MxM. FxF, I have no problem with but I can roleplay through a female's perspective.
    -I roleplay in the third person only. But then again, who doesn't.
    -I will roleplay modern, medieval, scifi and fantasy.
    -I only play ORIGINAL Characters.
    -I will double up on characters, if needed.

    I think that sums it up about me. Need to know anything else, just ask.

    About my partner:
    -Please be over the age of 18.
    -If you have any limits, please let me know.
    -Be able to post a minimum of 2+ Paragraphs full of description and character/plot development. NO ONE LINERS!!
    -Be willing to roleplay through the Threads. Want a roleplay over PM? Better put up a great agrument.
    -Please play your real life gender, meaning if you are a Male, play a Male. Female, play a Female. Thanks. Sorry, but that is best for me.(Have issues I rather not talk about)
    -Be able to roleplay in the third person. If you can't or don't then don't even think about roleplaying with me.
    -Be willing to make up your own character. No Canons.
    -Please, if needed, be willing to double up on characters.

    Not that all that is out of the way, time for my fandoms and pairings.
    (*Craving. +Has a plot.)

    1. The Hunger Games.*
    2. X-Men.*+
    3. Heroes.(The Show)*
    4. Avatar:The Last Airbender.+
    5. The Legend of Korra.*
    6. Pretty Little Liars.*+
    7. Push.(The Movie)*+
    8. The Real World.
    9. Harry Potter.
  2. No offence, but this really sucks that you want your partner to be over 18 cause I would have LOVED to role play with you DX DX DX
  3. -perks up- I'll play and original rp with you =3
  4. Hello! I am interested, but i am curious if that small list is all you roleplay?
  5. No, I will roleplay anything once except werewolves and other creatures that I don't like.