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  1. The marks on her shoulder was permanent, it was a reminder she could never forget. Her father came to her again that night. And it was torture, he grabbed her and drag her to the kitchen and started hitting her with the bottles. She wanted to run but she felt weak and too hurt to leave.

    Krystal wondered what it would be like to be happy and feel loved. But no, life gave her this. An abusive father and a careless mother. She wanted things when she was a child but now there is no point in dreaming. She's 18 now and no one can help her. She tried to escape before but she was dragged back her.

    A sound of tearing clothes and zipper being undone snapped her out of her thought. No! She screamed in her head, but her mouth couldn't utter it. 'No please! No more! I beg you! No!' She wanted to scream all those words but she couldn't muster the courage to do so.

    Before anything could happen, she heard sirens and the main door opened. The police came but she doesn't know who called them. Before she could move, everything went blank. Her body couldn't take it anymore so it finally shut down. Down to unknown depts.

    Krystal woke up from the dream. It was her memory reliving itself in her sleep. She felt the sweat run down the side of her face, and instinctively wiped it. She looked at the clock and she woke up minutes before it went off. She decided to prepare for the day. Working full time at the dinner made wonders. It helped her mind focus on something else and not think of her dark past.



    Krystal Mae Wren
    26 || Dark Auburn Hair || Brown Eyes || Quiet•Reserved || Untrusting•Fearful

    *Name up to you*
    28 || Caring•Trustworthy || Strict•Hardheaded
    Male character is up to you to make but they must have at least the following features states above.

  2. Vence(Ven) Harver

    28|| Caring~Trustworthy|| Hardheaded~Carefree
    Brief summary: Vence is a carefree guy who is kind to whoever he meets. However he knows when to be serious when need to, all joking aside, and can become quite a hard person. It's rare to piss him off, but once you do, there is no one scarier to face. There is nothing more important to him than the ones he cares about.


    The hunger in Vence's stomach knawed at him like an annoying parasite, and he grumbled under his breath while lifting a hand to place on his belly.

    "Quite won't you?" He scolded his growling stomach. "I know you're hungry, just wait for a minute and I'll find something to eat." His stomach only growled in protest, and with a roll of his eyes he went on walking, ignoring his hunger.

    He glanced at the buildings he passed by as he walked down the street, his eyes scanning over signs and pictures, but nothing seemed to catch his fancy. He whispered the names under his breath, none rolling off his tongue quite the way he liked it, his emerald eyes continuously passing by every building. Finally, he came to a stop in front of a diner, looking up at the sign.

    "The Corner." He whispered the name. "Huh, catchy. Might be a nice place."

    The name was so simple but catchy, and it looked pretty unique. Hell, why not? He reached forward and opened the door, stepping inside and his eyes scanned the surroundings of the restaurant. Yes, the inside was warm and felt pretty homey. The walls and floor was made of hard polished wood, and the counter was made of stone, and the tables were set all across the floor with comfortable looking chairs. He walked over to one of the tables by the window, only two seats, and took a seat to the right. He continued to admire the inside of the diner as he waited for a waiter/waitress come to take his order, till his thoughts were interrupted once again by the growl of his stomach.

    He growled back and glared down at his belly. "Shut it, we're here already."
  3. Krystal was late, fifteen minutes late. She was already half way to the diner, when she noticed she forgot her apron. She was forced to laundry it because a child from the other night spilled his ice cream whilst eating it. Not her fault but the apron was the diner's property. It took hours to remove the stain.

    When she walked through the door, Elvin, the owner was standing by the cashier, directly across from the door. "You are late again," he shouted. "This is the fifth time this week. Why can't you make a perfect attendance."

    She just looked down and immediately went to the locker room and stuffed her things inside her locker. Stepping out whilst putting her apron on Elvin barked an order to her. "Go to table six and table eight." Krystal wanted to argue because she was assigned by the dessert counter today, but she knows to well to just shut up and just follow.

    Heading to table six first she took out her order pad and pen and took down the two young female's order. They where giggling and looking at the man across their table, which was table number six. "I'll have," giggle, "the club house sandwich," giggle. "As well as the mango juice," giggle. "I'll have the same," giggled the other young female. There was an irritation growing in her, but she just bear and ignore the costumers.

    Turning to table six, she saw a man with light colored hair and a well built figure. No wonder the young ones were giggling. She immediately looked down to her order pad, in fear he'd get angry. That was the last thing she needed.

    "What can I get you sir?" she ask, her gaze on her pad, her hands ready to write his order.
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  4. Vence glanced up when a waitress finally came to his table, but instead of showing displeasure of having to wait so long, he simply smiled at her. His smile was genuine and a bit dazzling, only complimenting the light color of his hair and his emerald colored eyes. He had been unaware of the giggles behind him, having been too focused on what to order from his menu and arguing with his stomach.

    "I'd be very grateful to you if you could bring me the chicken breast sandwhich, but hold on the mayo, and I will like the small dish of tomatoe soup on the side." He answered her. "It's a bit chilly outside and I could use something to warm me up. Oh, and a glass of iced tea please. If you could bring this to me in under ten minutes, I'll be sure to leave you a nice tip." He winked at her, closing his menu and handed it to her for her to take.

    She was a bit curious, he thought. Kind of cute. Why was someone like her working as a waitress? She looked like somebody who could do so much more with her life, but it wasn't his place to say or to pry. Everyone had their reasons. She could be going through a tough time for all he knew, that's what usually drove people to the waitressing business.
  5. Quickly she wrote down his order, not wanting to stay longer. She knows he's looking at her, she could feel it, but she didn't dare look from her order pad. "I'll just be repeating your order, chicken sandwich, no mayo, tomato soup, and a glass of ice tea," she cited. Not once did she look up after she spoke. Instead she curtly took the menu from him, and went on to make the two table's order.

    Krystal work quietly as she made drinks, She returned to both of her tables drinks at hand promising to return with their food as soon as she can. She started making the salad, at the same time finishing up both the sandwich orders. She hurriedly put them all in the tray and returned with the food. "Here you go ma'm, two club house, if you have additional, just give a call," she didn't wait for a reply, when obviously the two immediately dug in and entered a conversation. Obviously of the man on table 6.

    She walked to her other table, carefully bringing the soup on the trey. "Here's your order sir," she said. "Chicken breast sandwich, no mayo, and tomato soup," she laid down the plates in front of him. "If you have any additional order, just holler," she smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes, and her gaze wasn't on him, it focused anywhere, but his face, and it looked distant.

    She, passed time with cleaning the counter, the table, fixing the condiments, and everything else. There wasn't much costumers yet, the rush hour hasn't begun. It's better to clean now while there's not much people. Passing tables with finished costumers, she took the dirty trays, from two tables that hasn't been cleaned, and placed it on a tray. She was distracted with thoughts from her dreams. Krystal wasn't careful enough, and she tripped on one of the chairs and dropped her trays and breaking the plates and glasses. She quickly went down on the floor and gathered the broken pieces. She heard her voice, coming towards her yelling. "What the fucking hell happened Krystal!" his voice was big and high, and she flinched. Tears brimming by her eyes, she's doing everything she can not to cry. "Those are coming out of your paycheck Krystal, it will, I tell you!" her boss added.
  6. Vence stared after the waitress with confussion as she walked away. Had he somehow offended her? She wasn't looking at him the entire time... He shrugged it off, thinking that she probably just had other things on her mind, since she seemed a bit distant anyway. He waited patiently for his order, and when she returned to give him his food, the thanked her only to still be given the cold shoulder. Ouch. Now he was sure that he must have done something that she didn't like. But what? He noticed that her eyes did seem a bit distant, maybe even sad...

    But she was already gone, not having responded to him once. He sighed and let it slip, instead focusing on the food in front of him. He smiled. It all seemed delicious. He dug in, sometimes dipping his sandwhich into the soup, continuing to eat away the hunger inside of him. He was right. The food was delicious! His stomach had finally stopped it's whines and complaints, growing satisfied with every bite. He had just finished his sandwhich and was finishing off the soup when he suddenly heard a series of crashes.

    Alarmed, he turned his head to see his waitress kneeling on the floor, trying to clean up broken pieces of glass while her manager stood over her, yelling at the top of his lungs. He frowned. That wasn't very gentleman-like at all. He could see that the girl was fighting back tears, the poor thing. It wasn't her fault, it wasn't like she had deliberately break those glasses, then he heard her manager yelling something about her paycheck. Oh no. The girl only made like $2 an hour, why take everything she had?

    Not wanting to hear anymore of this, he stood up and rushed over to her rescue. "Please." He said kindly to the manager, giving him a smile. "Allow me to pay. She's worked so hard and treated me so politely, I'll be happy to cover the expenses."

    He had a well paying job, so he didn't mind at all paying for the broken dishes. It wasn't that many anyway. He knelt down in front of the girl. "Let me help." He said, picking up the big pieces of glass and set them on a tray. "If you get a broom, we can sweet away the smaller pieces. You don't want to cut your hands, after all."
  7. Krystal immediately looked up at the man who she served earlier. Pay? "No!" she instantly disagreed. "I broke them, I should pay them," she said, suddenly her tone became soft. "You don't have to trouble yourself for my mistake." Krystal blinked away the tears. She can't, don't, want to look weak in front of other people, and doesn't want a stranger, entering her bubble. Not that she's snub, but she's afraid of people suddenly become close to her and then hurts her in the end.

    "And who are you to pay for her?" she heard Elvin say to the guy. "She's lazy and she needs to be thought a lesson, it's only fair she pays it sir." Elvin is a hard and harsh kind of man. Prideful as well, and doesn't take embarrassment easily. Krystal finished picking up the broken pieces and laid the tray on the table beside her and turned to the man, who was kind, despite not acknowledging much of his efforts to like kind. "Sir, please, you don't need to, this is my fault for being not careful at work. I was distracted sir," she pleaded. "I am thankful sir, but you don't have too." She was scared. Elvin takes care of his costumer and any potential regulars, and he wouldn't show anger towards them, but he will show those anger to his employees.

    "Look Elvin, just take it from my paycheck," she turned to her boss. "Don't bother the man, and I don't want to be a bother to him as well." She's stepping out of her comfort zone, being quiet and reserved. "Please, just take the pay from me." Not wanting to say more, and for sure Elvin would agree with her, to just torture her, she took the tray of broken pieces and just walked away. She took a quick back glance at the man, who was kind enough to help.
  8. Vence was very surprised by how reluctant she was to have to make him pay for the dishes, watching her hurry off after explaining many times to him and her boss that he didn't have to pay. He sighed and gave a light shrug. "Ah well, that's a real shame, but alright. I'll keep my money." He said to the manager.

    He had given up easily, seeing as how the Manager was pretty cruel to his employees, or it could have just been her. He wasn't sure, but either way, he saw that even if he paid then it would only cause the girl more trouble. So he didn't press on the matter. Something had suddenly caught his eye, and he knelt down to pick up an object, standing back up and looked it over. It was her waitress book, all the bills and such in it. She must have dropped it when she tripped. That was no good, she needed this.

    He smiled at the manager and waved a hand. "I guess I'll be going now." He reached into his pocket, taking out his wallet and counted out the money, then handed it to the Manager. "Here is my pay." Then he walked away, though he went in search of the girl first.

    When he found her, he casually strode over to her, smiling as he handed her her book. "Here, I believe you dropped this. I believe I mentioned something about leaving you a good tip..."

    He said no more. Once she took the book, he turned and left without another word or waiting for a response. He made his way out of the diner and outside, walking down the sidewalk as he began whistling a small tune. He had left her a nice little gift within her book, not wanting to have had her manager see it. Inside the book was a $200 tip.
  9. She was wiping away wet dishes, when he found her, and she was rather shocked that he would follow her. "What?" She didn't know she dropped her order pad, only realizing it when he gave it back. She whispered a thank you, but he just turned his back to her and walked away. Kyrstal looked inside, curious as to what he meant by good tip. She saw a $200 dollar bill and her throat seemed tighter, she was speechless. To her good tip mean a dollar or two, but 200? She felt this was the payment to her accident earlier, and she doesn't want that.

    Kyrstal, ignoring her boss who ordered her to serve another table, ran out of the door and tried to catch up with the light haired man. She saw him in a distant and ran after him. "Hey!" she shouted, as she ran. Several people looked at her, but she ignored them. "Hey you! Sir!" she shouted again as she neared him. Krystal reached out to grab his arm, almost stumbling a little in the process. "Sir, wait..." she panted, trying to catch her breath.

    "This is ridiculous sir," she held up her hand which contained the $200. "This is very, very..." she paused. She wasn't a runner, and she's isn't physically fit. Running wasn't her forte, nor is jogging. She never build her body to run. "Sir, I know you mean well," she finally said after several moments. She looked at him, his eyes, were soft to the sight, so does his face and features. "I know you mean well, but this amount of money is ridiculous. It too huge," she honestly said. "No sane man would give such a tip. Besides, I didn't do anything to earn such a large amount of money. I'd rather you not give it, because I wasn't exactly warm and welcoming when I was your waitress."

    Her eyes looked innocent, as if she was a child. Her voice, though quiet, held firm to her statement, like it's the only truth to her words. She was honest, not prideful, in wanting to return the money.
  10. Vence stopped when his arm was suddenly grabbed, and he turned to see the girl from the restaurant standing there, holding up the two hundred dollar bill, explaining that she didn't want it. Geez, this girl was being stubborn, couldn't she just take a generous offer? He turned completely to face her, smiling as he lifted a hand to lower her's that held the money.

    "It's really not a big deal." He told her. "Please, take the money. I don't need it, nor do I really want it. Money does crazy things to people, and you seem in more of it than I do."

    He moved his hand away from her. "Hmm, so you need to feel like you've earned it? Well, how about I return tomorrow and you give me your best service?" He asked. "How does that sound?"
  11. "It's not that I am not grateful," she said. "But, earning the right thing is better for me. I don't want to look prideful, but I know when I don't deserve something." Krystal explained. She had a long history that keeps on crawling up to her. Parts of her past she things will be a permanent thing on her, that, she will never deserve anything bigger than what she actually has now.

    Krystal thought about his offer, she wanted to earn things that equals to the things she do. "Alright," she finally agreed. "You can return to the diner, but I don't think a one-time return can equal to $200 dollars. That amount of money I earn after two months of work." It was true, Elvin pays her and the others cheap and it's always, sometimes, barely, enough to get her by. "I will only accept it, in my terms on how much each service cost. If you don't agree, then you don't get to give it. Like you said, money does make people go crazy, and I don't want to go crazy," than i already am, she thought the last part to herself.
  12. Vence listened as she spoke. She seemed like a very nervous character, and really didn't like taking other peoples' money without earning it. At least she was honest. He could understand why she wouldn't take it, he was even shocked to find her chasing after him so far till she caught him, wanting to return such a big tip. Other people would have just taken it without another thought about it, getting their greedy hands on it and keeping it for themselves, probably only to throw it away on something useless.

    "Alright, that sounds fair to me." He said once she finished speaking flashing her a grin. "It's a date then. I'll see you tomorrow and the days prior. You, madam, have a regular customer on your hands."

    He waved a hand in farewell, turning once again and walked down the sidewalk. If it made her feel better about the money, then he could come every day to the diner. Who knows? Maybe he'll come back later tonight. It was still pretty early.
  13. "Alright," she replied. "But it is not a date, you're paying for my services. There's a difference." She nodded her head. "And thank you for understanding," she replied.

    Krystal, returned to the Diner greeted by a shouting Elvin. She just remained quiet, tucking the $200 dollar away from view. She'll keep it and never spend, until she knows she'd earned it. She worked vigorously throughout her shift, smiling happily to her costumers. Rush hour began and she was rather busy, she forgot about the man from lunch. It's not like he's memorable, but there is something about him, she doesn't know what, but she feels excited about him coming again.

    During Lunch Rush, the regular male costumers, like the other days, kept on hitting on her. She just smiled, sometimes if its unbearable, she would ignore them. It's not like she can slap them in the face, that'll just be trouble. But they leave tips for her, and they know her best that they'll only give the right amount. She's rather strict about it. Give the right amount, or not give at all. Sometimes some tried to give a little extra, but shell just return it to them, the next time she'll see them.

    Hours passed, the Lunch Rush hour finished, and now the whole diner is preparing for the Dinner Rush. She was wiping out tables and placing utensils in the right place. Elvin left after the lunch rush, as he always do and was replaced by Jenkins, an older man, and rather nice. He and Krystal have a civil relationship. He is a lot nicer than Elvin.

    About half an hour costumers started to grow, and the other waiter, Drake, hasn't arrived yet. She can still handle it, but once rush hour starts, she'll be needing the help. Krystal was taking an order when the door rang several times. She didn't look who entered but continued to take orders.
  14. Just like he promised, Vence had returned to the diner, walking in and glanced around. They certainly looked busy... He hoped that he wouldn't be much trouble being here. He walked over to a table and sat down, waiting patiently as he looked over the menu, trying to decide what he would want this time. This place was really nice, he wouldn't mind making it his regular spot. He had just recently moved to this town due to a job relocation, so he was still learning where everything was and just what exactly this place had.

    He glanced up to see a couple of guys whispering among each other, some pointing at the same girl who had served him earlier that day. They were wiggling their eyebrows and chuckling. Ven frowned, then sighed with a roll of his eyes. Some men really were simple minded and rude. They weren't exactly hiding the fact that they were checking the waitress out. He hoped that they wouldn't cause trouble for her later. Glancing around the room again, he noticed that the place was a little short staffed. Was she here all by herself? Certainly she wouldn't be able to handle this kind of rush for much longer if she was on her own... You can be good, but no one could be that good, could they?

    He heard the door ring as someone came rushing in, being out of breath as he rushed behind the counter. Oh, that must be the other server. The guy got his apron on quickly and set off onto the floor, going to tables to take peoples' orders and trying to catch them up. Well good, at least the girl had some help then.
  15. "Krystal," Jenkins called her. She turned around as she finished taking the order of today's dinner special. "Can you handle three more tables? Three new came and your companion over there is not entirely handling his four tables well." Krystal just gave the thumbs up. "Table three, six and nine Krystal, thank you." She rang the orders from four tables she's currently handling, before going to the three new ones she was given. Table three was a couple, and she easily converse with them, but ended it to go to the next table.

    "Can I get your order?" she said smiling as she looked at her costumer, her gazer from her order pad to him. She once again, saw the man from earlier. "Wow, never thought you'd return that quick," she stated. "Have you decided your order yet?" she asked.
  16. Vence had been so busy looking over the menu that he wasn't paying attention much to his surroundings, and so was caught by surprise at a sudden voice that spoke to him, tearing his gaze away from the menu and looked up at the waitress who had served him earlier that day. He smiled in greeting and lifted a finger to indicate that he needed just one more minute, then glanced back at his menu. He only needed to confirm something, then he was finally ready.

    "Sorry about that." He said, closing the menu. "I'm ready now. I'll have the T-bone steak with a side of sliced carrots please, and a glass of pepsi." He handed her the menu. "Why of course I'm back, I just missed this place so much." He replied to her earlier comment jokingly, his eyes lit with humor.

    "Oh, and my name is Vence by the way. Vence Harver. Nice to meet you..." He trailed off, squinting at her name tag. "Krystal."
  17. Krystal jotted down his order quickly. "I did expect you to come but not so quick as tonight," she honestly said. "But no worries, I'll be giving my best service." Krystal smiled at him, soft and genuine. She took the menu off the table. "I'll ring in your order and I'll be back with your order soon."

    She walked smiling to her next table, full men. "What can I get you gentleman?" she said. "You on a plate of bed if possible," said one of the them. Her smiled disappeared at the comment. "I'll have Chicken Special hold the mash," ordered one, his voice polite. "And I'll have the Dinner Special," said the other. "I'll have the special too," said the man who has tried to flirt with her. "Noted," she simply said and walked away.

    Krystal rang the orders and prepared the drinks. She returned to the tables bringing the drinks first, then quickly returned to the counter and first took the order of her first table. She moved quickly as the rush hour starts to kick in.

    She brought the couple their plates and returned to the counter to take the steak and carrots to Vence smiling. "Steaks and carrots," she stated as she laid down the plate. She returned to the counter and took the specials to her last table. "Chicken special, and two Dinner Special," Krystal laid the plates as she stated the order.

    "I'll holler for the dessert later," the one who tried flirting with her said. Krystal just frowned and walked away. "Bastards," she whispered.

  18. Vale had heard the comment from Krystal's next table and instantly frowned. Well that was crude... To him it wasn't exactly flirting, but full out hitting-on, though he suppose it was the same thing. Still, if a person was going to flirt, they could have said a million of other things first. That was just taking it way too far, basically the guy saying he would want to sleep with her. You should take the lady out first and go out with her for a while before ever thinking of anything like that. It was clear he just wanted to get laid.

    When Krystal returned with his food, Ven smiled in thanks to her and gladly accepted, not wanting to keep her since she was so busy. He began to eat, keeping his eyes on the table with the flirter, making sure that he didn't try anything. The other guys seemed ok, but you couldn't be too careful. Men tended to take advantage of waitresses and could get pretty bold, so it was best to keep a close eye on them. He hoped that nothing like that will happen.
  19. She took two more tables as the rush hour took is peak. And another two as it continued. The male from her third table called her, order pie with whip cream, with a side comment of, "along with you biting into me." It became downright ride from then on.

    As much as she can she tried to avoid that table. But when they call in an order she had no choice. It wasn't the first time she had such costumers, but it never meant it was tolerable. She continued to serve and clean tables.

    Krystal was tired but she just bear it. Krystal passed by Vence's table as she bid good bye to the couple from her first table. "Will you be ordering anything else?"she asked, her gentle voice ringing.
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  20. Vence shook his head in answer, feeling very full and satisfied. "I'm good, thank you very much. I'm sorry that table over there was giving you so much trouble, though." He said, his eyes glancing over at the table with a displeasing frown, before returning his gaze to Krystal. "I'll finish the last of my food then be on my way."

    He only had a few more bites left and his glass was still half full. He planned on leaving a tip for her once she wasn't around and hopefully wouldn't get it till he leaves, not wanting her to chase him down again. He planned on only leaving her a ten dollar tip this time. He hoped that wouldn't set her off too, it wasn't really too much to have her overreact, or hoped that she would consider his two hundred tip being all of his tips and won't accept any more money from him. So he decided to wait, plus he wanted to make sure that the guy at the other table won't try anything on this girl or give her a hard time.
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