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  • -I am a stay at home mom of four kids who are currently on summer vacation. There will be times where it takes me a while to reply, and other times when I can reply at the speed of light. I am looking for a partner who has some patience. I can promise at least one post a week. Sometimes more, but at least one a week.

    -I will only play a female main character in a romance pairing. I will not double with new partners. Sorry, but I will only play a male character in a romantic pairing when and if I am completely comfortable with my partner.

    -I am trying to challenge myself and improve on my writing in the process. I consider myself an advanced writer and am looking for an advanced partner. I write a minimum of four paragraphs per post, more if I'm motivated and would like a partner who can do the same.

    -I am aggressive, but I also enjoy plotting out the story with my partner. I'm always open to ideas and changes.

    -I don't chase after people about posting, but I won't snap at anyone if they give me a nudge about posting either. I usually make an effort to keep people updated by status or blog when I'm having trouble writing or real life is kicking my butt. If you don't hear anything from me, just give me a poke.

    -RPs are always more plot than smut. I will fade to black or play things out depending on my partner's comfort level. I simply cannot do a roleplay that is majority smut though. I lose interest fast if there's no story. The most a rp will be is 60/40 Plot/Smut, but usually somewhere around 80/20, depending on the plot.

    -I prefer playing multiple characters. My main character will always be female though.
  • These do not necessarily have to be in the roleplay, but I do enjoy them.

    -Romance! This is the only one that is an absolute must!
    -Drawn out tension
    -Innocence corrupted
    -Forbidden love
    -Tension (I can't add this one enough!)
    -Age gaps (Nothing under 17 and no more than 20 years age difference)
    -Master/Pet (Will not do Master/Slave!)
    -Unhealthy relationships
    -List of things I'm open to and what I am not.
  • -Someone who can post at least once a week. More is welcome, although I cannot always guarantee I can match posting speed.

    -Someone with patience! As stated before, I have four kids. I also have a husband and a small zoo in my house. Real life isn't always kind to me when it comes to free time. There will be days when I can post as soon as I get a reply, and others when I can't even afford a minute to look at my computer.

    -OOC chat is optional, but I do like hearing from partners.

    -Someone who will hope move the story! I'm aggressive, but I don't want to make anyone feel like they can't add their own twists in the story.

    -Someone not afraid of lengthy posts. .
  • [spoili]Character: McKenzie Donaldson

    Pairing: MxF (Looking for M)

    Themes: Age gap (No more than 11 years), Adultery[/spoili]

    -Fluffy version-

    She lived next door to them since she was ten years old, just a normal kid running around in the backyard with her older brother playing with their dog. He never really paid too much attention to her until she turned sixteen and started to babysit for him and his wife on their Friday date nights. The first few times he was oblivious to her, always handing her a twenty dollar bill before seeing her safely to her house next door, but gradually that began to change. A few months into their new Friday night routine, he woke up from a fantasy, one staring the teenage girl next door and from there he couldn't get it out of his head. He found himself trying to find ways to get her alone, offering to drive her to school in the mornings when he saw her walking, and making up reasons to have her watch his kids even though he never had to go anywhere. He figured it was a phase that would work its way out of his system, but as time went on his fantasies about her only grew wilder.

    After her eighteenth birthday, he began to test the waters a bit, seeing how receptive she was to any advances he might make. He'd flirt innocently with her whenever he was out of earshot of his wife, throw in a few touches that could be taken however she wanted to. She never really gave him enough to make heads or tails out of, but she never pushed him away either. He decided to take a chance one night while his wife was out of town for the weekend. Insisting that he couldn't handle his kids alone the entire time, he asked her to stay over to help out to which she willingly agreed. The first night he spent trying to work up his nerve to make a move, reading every little response to see how far he could push his luck. He was surprised to find that while she was reluctant, she never turned him down. The next night he finally gave her a proposition; one time only and they could both act as if nothing happened afterwards. Surprisingly she agreed, although exactly why he never asked.

    They both moved on from that night, pretending as if it never happened, at least until his wife was diagnosed with cancer. With his wife sick and the girl next door in his house nearly every single day to help with the kids, the fantasies are back with a vengeance. Try as he might to continue with the façade, each day it becomes harder and harder to ignore his attraction. He's left with two choices; tell his wife the truth and get the teenager out of his life for good, or do what he can to rekindle the spark between them.

    The plot remains the same. Husband falls for his babysitter, but quickly becomes obsessed with her. Knowing that his wife will never allow him to see his children if she discovers that he's having an affair with his teenage neighbor, he comes up with a plan to get his wife out of the picture while keeping his children. Using his own affair, he begins to plant evidence of his wife's adultery; buying burn phones with her credit card, searching for plane tickets on her laptop, and creating profiles on dating sites to give the appearance cheating. The plan is simple. Build up enough evidence to make it look as if his wife ran off with another man, then make her disappear.

    [warning= red]This plot will contain murder, multiple partners, and other dark themes. Must be willing to play multiple characters![/warning]
  • [spoili]Character: Miranda Shuller

    Pairing: MxF (Looking for M)

    Themes: Cheating, Jealousy[/spoili]

    Miranda is all work and no play, and her best friend Alexis is sick of it. Try as she might to get her best friend to go out and have some fun, Miranda always claims to be too busy for anything. When Miranda is set to win an award for one of her poems, she is intent on going it alone, much to Alexis' chagrin. Refusing to let her friend go solo to the event, she enlists her older brother to help her. Knowing that Miranda won't feel intimidated by the thought of going with her brother who is already in a relationship, Alexis sets the two up, all parties assuming that nothing will happen. However, things take a turn when the two not only hit it off, but things get serious between them quickly.

    Convinced that he would be happier with Miranda than he is in his current relationship, he's all set to end things with his girlfriend. However, when Miranda acts as if nothing has changed between them, he begins to question if he'd imagined it all. For weeks he pursues her, stopping by her house to help her out all the while trying to figure out if she was feigning her feelings for him or not. She comes clean with him, admitting her feelings but still refusing to continue any sort of relationship that might end up putting Alexis in a tense situation. He eventually convinces her to continue seeing him, promising to keep up the appearance that there is nothing going on between them. He'll stay with his girlfriend and keep their relationship hidden from Alexis until she feels comfortable revealing the truth.
  • [spoili] Character: Rose Tyler[/spoili]
    Rose was preparing to take the big plunge. In six months, she was going to be married to her boyfriend of three years. As her final celebration of single life, she goes on vacation with her friends. The trip was intended to be spent gossiping, hanging out at the beach, and partying into the night with the girls, but on the second night there she finds herself alone at the bar while her friends are off hooking up. And then he walked in. There was an instant spark between them as they bantered and drank together, but as the drinks go down, bantering turns to flirting, and flirting leads to waking up in bed together the next morning. Her options are to sneak out and pretend that nothing happened, but Rose quickly discovers that it's not as easy as she thinks. The last few days of her vacation are spent sneaking to meet up with her mystery man, neither one giving up any personal details. When she returns home, she is once again fully committed to her relationship, and prepared to finish up the final plans of her wedding and leave the mysterious man to remain a distant memory.

    However, life quickly takes a turn when the man she thought she'd never see again shows up at her work, and her boss announces that he will be taking over her department. To make matters worse, the company has just landed the biggest deal in history, requiring Rose to work directly beside the man she tried to leave behind. The two try to remain professional, but as their days in the office begin to stretch far past five o'clock, and they're forced to spend less time at home and more time at work, it becomes harder and harder to forget the people waiting for them at home.
  • [spoili]Character: Leilani (Lani) Reid[/spoili]

    Raised by strict, religious parents, Leilani and her stepbrother had little opportunity in their lives to have fun. Their social lives are nonexistent as was their love lives. Both finally reaching the age of eighteen, they are fed up with their parents' overly stern ways, but have no way of breaking free of their tyranny, not if they want to continue with their education. On the eve of their first year of college, their parents decide to take a vacation, leaving the two stepsiblings alone for an entire week. In a normal situation that would lead to quite a bit of partying, but with cameras all over the house, trackers on their phones, computers, and vehicles, the two are virtually on house arrest even without their parents' presence.

    The first night of their parents' absence, Leilani wakes up to find her stepbrother in her room, doing something she knows would end up unleashing hell on both of them. Rather than throw him out, she succumbs to her own curiosity and invites him into her bed. The two quickly agree to use the opportunity of their parents' vacation to explore all the things they've been told were forbidden, but would forget about it and go back to normal when they returned. For a week the two run as wild as they can, giving into every possible urge that they've ever had. But when their parents finally return home, it's not quite as easy to go back to the way things were before they left.

  • -Queen (Or Princess) x Knight (Have an idea for this one)
    -Princess x Prince
    -Assassins x Target
    -Beauty and the Beast

#00688B If you're interested, please send me a PM. I ask that you include your favorite author in the subject line so that I know you've read through everything.

Current Craving: Plot 4
Open RP slots: 1
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Added a few more ideas. I have something of a plot in mind for them, but they aren't fully fleshed out.
Still looking for one more! Hoping for a nibble on plot 4, but will do any of them.
Looking again! X_x