Long Term Partner(s); If the plot's good, anything can happen

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  1. So, here's the thing. I love to write. I am looking for somebody to challenge me, and be fairly active. Fairly active, in my opinion, is at least one post a day. Length is not an issue, I want substance. I am looking for somebody willing to do romance and drama that might end in the bedroom. I'm posting in Libertine because of the tension, and possibilities involved in what I'm looking for.

    I'm looking for some pretty intense character development, and some long term rps that are full of life.

    Genres I'm interested in:
    Sci-Fi (Depending on the plot.)
    Modern (Depending on the plot.)
    Dystopian/Utopian (Depending on the plot.)

    I have a few rps going that I'm enjoying, thus far, but looking for some more.

    Post here if you're interested, or PM me, and we'll discuss plots, and worlds.
  2. Forgot to add: I mainly rp female characters, because my males just aren't believable...
  3. I'd love to roleplay with you if you'll have me. I have no problem playing a male! And I am pretty much up for anything you want to throw at me plot wise.
  4. Still looking for a few more partners.
  5. I'm interested ^^
  6. Fantasy is always fun.
  7. Well, I'm always up for a good apocalyptic RP. So, if you're interested or have something in mind then just send me a message
  8. Go ahead and pm me and we'll discuss plot