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  1. If an RP is crossed out it means I'm currently playing that with someone else. HOWEVER if they don't reply to me for a while I'll open it back up for someone else.

    Hello everyone! I’ve been on IwakuRoleplay for a little over a year (RPing a lot longer than that) and I’m looking for some more RP partners. I have a few criteria, but I’m usually willing to go with any ideas people throw at me. There are a few things I can’t/won’t write.

    1. I can’t play a romance with M/F. Not because I dislike it (I love reading them) but I’ve found that I get bored quicker, and I’m not very good at it. Apologies.
    2. I won’t play romances with any charactersbelow the age of 17. This means no high school RPs if the characters are in the lower grades.
    3. I only RP on threads. Private message RPs make me uncomfortable (I’m fine hashing everything out through PMs or keeping in touch through them.) this is mostly due to bad experiences with PM RPs in the past.
    4. The only problem I have with sex scenes is Urine or bodily function fetishes-ew-
    Speaking of romance…

    I like to concentrate on the plot rather than the romance or sex in these stories. That doesn’t mean I’m adverse to sex scenes at all. In fact I quite like having the ability to write scenes that are darker in nature, or have backgrounds that I can expand upon easier. That is the whole point of Libertine after all.

    I play switch. That means no top or bottom roles. Both characters will play both. One of them might be top more often, or bottom more often, but I enjoy writing characters that don’t have a set stereotype.

    No naïve and shy characters (when it comes to sex). They can be one or the other or even be frightened of sex, but I can’t carry out a sex scene with a character that basically just lies there while my character does all the work.

    Criteria for RP partner.

    1. Please be willing to hash out ideas with me and to input your own. All of the ideas below can be changed so we’re both happy.
    2. Please don’t make me carry the whole story by myself. I’m both aggressive and passive depending on what is going on in the story, but I want to know you're invested as well.
    3. Let me know if you’re getting bored, or have a great idea of where to go with the story, or if you are uncomfortable with anything. I want to know trust me! Most of my ideas are just basic plots seriously.
    4. I like to be in touch throughout the RP (we can use PMs).

    Alright let’s get away from that heavy stuff. Anything else I’m fine with. (This means dark, comedy, blood gore etc.) Here’s some ideas I’ve been playing with. All of them are currently MxM. Let me know if you have any ideas other than this too!

    *= I have a character created already (It’s a basic character outline. History etc. hasn’t been created yet. Will wait for your character and your input first)

    Crossed out title= this means I am RPing already with someone for this story.


    Government Agency – A government agency has been created to control the magical world. They have both scientifically upgraded people as well as the strange creatures and wizards that are a part of the world. They mostly try to stop crimes that happen with magic; this would include murder, experimentation, stolen property etc. We could play two partners maybe? Or an undercover agent and a criminal

    Ghosts – Several hundred years ago a king sacrificed his people in order to get the power of the underworld. Unfortunately there was a side effect to the spell, he was able to get amazing powers, but he ended up sacrificing his life as well. Trapped in the underworld as a spirit the king was certain he’d never return to the world above. Until he was summoned by a foolish wizard. He was easily able to over power and kill the wizard, unfortunately he was caught within the powers of the wizard’s friend. Now he has to deal with the fact that he can’t use his otherworldly abilities at all unless this mortal okays it. This is seriously just a small outline. I’d like to play the king, but I don’t have a character made for him. We can hash out details or changes to this. It can also be modern or medieval.

    *Experiments – A crime organization has upped the stakes of a territorial war when they begin human experiments on volunteers (and not so much volunteers). Soon they have become the foremost Crime syndicate in the city. Though some other groups have tried to replicate their experiments they have been unsuccessful. The law enforcement however, has been a little bit more successful. Creating a team of super powered humans in an effort to combat the syndicate, but the syndicate wasn’t as perfect in their experiments as they want their rivals to think. One of their early failures is still on the loose and he’s just run into a member of the new law team. I have the failed experiment created already. We can work out the kinks, and powers. This can be a modern sci-fi or take place far in the future.

    Character for Experiments (open)

    Name: Wahyu Wiebe
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28 years old
    Species: Enhanced human
    Appearance: Most of his body is covered in scars or tumors due to his healing ability (which copies past injuries everytime it works). Half his face is also covered in them. Causing him to cover it with a mask. Hi
    Eyes: Graphite-grey
    Hair: Ash-blonde short, only on a portion of his skull.
    Height: 6’ 0”
    Body Build: Built like an acrobat, tonned muscles, but not over the top. His muscles tend to be in his upper arms and legs.
    Personality: A smartass. Wahyu is sharp tongued, happy-go-lucky. Or at least he seems to be, and for the most part that's true. But he's also deeply vulnerable emotionally. He tends to think the worst about himself and the people around him. He does have some hope or sentient beings however, which causes him to at times do very kind things for others. His defense mechanism is to either physically or verbally attack the person causing him pain. He gets excited about things very easily, he also gets angry about little things. Wahyu would be considered a slut, but he doesn't get close emotionally to people he sleeps with. He's also very shy about showing his body to anyone and refuses to take off his clothes in front of people for any reason (even during sex). He's determined, and very loyal once he likes someone. He doesn't follow social convention or rules. He's considered rude and abrasive when most people first meet him.
    Power: Incredibly enhanced healing, slight enhanced speed, and strength. Incredible acrobatic ability. (Might add more depending on what we decide to do.)
    Likes: Spicy food, television, violence, cartoons, slapstick, romance, soap operas, he's a geek when it comes to comics and sci-fi. Martial arts, sword fighting.
    Dislikes: Manipulative people, martyrs, god-wannabes, the new Star Wars trilogy (I, II, and III), child abusers, animal abusers.

    Star Wars – I’d love to do something with OC Jedi, fallen Jedi sith etc. I have no plot in mind, but I think my character from the Experiment idea would work as well here with a bit of tweaking. Or I can create a completely new character! Also, I am adding that the timeline should either be during Star Wars: The Old Republic era, between episode III and IV or a very very long time after this newest trilogy.


    *Rivals – In a school created to teach fighting (Either for the army or a group of mercenaries) the students are taught both magic abilities, guns, and swords. Many have an affinity for one specific element and one weapon. But there are dark secrets both inside its walls and outside in the real world. For two of the students, who have been rivals for their entire school career, they’ll have to put at least some of their differences aside in order to figure out what went wrong with the graduation test and what it has to do with the rest of the world. I only have a vague idea of what this should be like. I have the character already created. He’s a bit of a bully and would be considered a top student if he cared enough about it. I’m thinking his rival would probably be an outcast as well that could be a top student as well if not for something (either he doesn’t care or has a problem with one subject).

    Character for Rivals (open)

    Name: Serafeim
    Nickname: Sef
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Bigger build, with broader shoulders. His muscles are lean from sword fighting.
    Hair: Golden blonde. Short slicked back or messy
    Eyes: Chartreuse (green)
    Height: 6’ 2”
    Element: Fire
    Weapon: Bastard sword
    Personality: He’s a bully, but only to those equal to or older than himself. He tends to protect those whom he considers weak, or younger. He’s good with kids, but bad with adults. He hates authority and tends to be blunt to the point of being rude. He doesn’t really care about others feelings and will say point blank what he is saying. As a consequence he doesn’t get along with very many people. His grades are low due to getting in trouble with the teachers. But he is someone who tends to see things for what they are. He isn’t easily manipulated, but he can become obsessed if he has a problem or riddle in front of him. If he’s interested in something he doesn’t let go easily. Independent, he has quite a temper. Though getting him truly angry is difficult he always acts a bit grumpy and superior. He sees most people as idiots that he could care less about.
    Likes: Sword fighting, fire, fighting, being out in the sun, the trumpet
    Dislikes: Authority figures, those who pick on anyone weaker, manipulative people, idiots
    Basic History: Sef was put in charge of the student run security force in the hope that he’d stop picking fights with older students. Instead Sef took the position seriously, though most people assume he took it to be able to bully people more. Often times the student run force is more likely to look into grievances then the main security force. He’s well-liked by the students that are part of the force, but hated by the rest of the school. He has only one person he considers an equal, his sparring partner.

    Mind bonding – In the year 3015, a devastating war some 200 hundred years ago has caused humanity to rebuild. Though they are still more technologically advanced than they previously were they have lost many accounts of the past. A detective has been chasing an internationally known thief. This thief is known for never killing, and attempting not to hurt while grabbing his targets. He has the strange ability to seemingly appear out of no where. He’s also over-confident as shown by the fact that he sends out a note on what he is going to steal. While chasing each other the detective and thief end up stumbling into a trap that ends up with their minds being connected. Suddenly the detective’s world view is crumbling as he realizes that magic might exist. This one will be a little different as our characters will know each other before we start Role Playing.
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  2. Id be happy to rp with you, I'm not really looking do put much time into a sex/romance rp right now though as I have one going on for me. I really like the idea of your Rivals Rp, and if needed there can be a smaller amount of romance and things among those lines a guess. Anyway Pm me
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  3. Interested in Government Agency and Mind Bonding. I have a slightly insane character I wanna try out