Long term Elder Scrolls/Fantasy RP?

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  1. I have recently been playing ESO and would like to start up a long term RP that takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe with a small group of about people. Unfortunately, I indecisive as to what the plot could be, it could follow one of the games, or it could be just some misc. adventures. It doesn't even really have to take place in the Elder Scrolls universe really, I would just like something of that setting.

    Anyways, anyone here interested in helping me with this idea?
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  2. I'd be interested in helping hash out an original, fantasy plot.
  3. I'd be interested in helping! I love ES universe stuff, and definitely love me some fantasy. So I can help either way.
  4. I'm interested, I have a couple ES characters I could use :3
  5. I'm definitely interested if you'll have me. I haven't played ESO, but I have played Oblivion and Skyrim.
  6. Yes. I've wanted a decent TES-based game for a while. That series has so much lore that it could support just about any kind of story we want to tell.
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  7. Alright then, looks like I do have some people interested. I'll try to put together a plot that can fit in the SA universe since the lore is already.

    Any specific elements or perhaps a preferred era to narrow the possibilities down?
  8. Personally, no.. the only thing preferred is the race/role I'd play.
  9. Is this interest check still a thing? Because, I'd be game for this.
  10. Count me in! TES lore is amazing.
  11. Yes this is still happening. Sorry for the lack of feedback, I haven't been at a computer for a few days.
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  12. I'd be intetested is a TES roleplay. I'am a big fan of the whole Elder Scrolls games. Been playing since Morrowwind.
  13. A quick check, how many people are currently interested in joining?
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  14. Okay, counting off.
  15. Number six, coming out of nowhere!
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