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  1. Recently of late I've experienced a lack of RP's that I was into. I just want something to pass the time and maybe brush up on my writing skills. I tend to post more than three paragraphs depending on what happens during the story. I would like to have someone of a couple of people match that just so we can get the plot going :) One thing you need to know...I do tend to mess up on my commas and I may have a typo or two. (I check over my work, but I do miss sometimes) It may not be perfect, but I prefer that over a one liner anyway.

    Please no oneliners while we're on that topic. Thanks.

    Also, if you want to do a Romance I prefer to do MXM. I also tend to play the role of the uke/bottom normally as I'm not really accustomed to playing the dominant role. (I'm still working on it :)
    Anyhoo, I prefer to do fandoms though I may do a couple of original ideas. Below is a list of what I'm currently interested in: (Note: I prefer to do OC's)

    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Darren Shan series
    Lord Of the Rings
    DragonRiders of Pern
    How to Train Your Dragon
    Supernatural (Show)
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    American Dragon Jake Long
    Hunger Games

    I may add more later. As of now I have to go. Thank for reading!


    Here are some of the Genre's I play:

    Historical Fiction (I'm willing to do research)
    Light Horror
    Science Fiction
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  2. You seem familiar o.o

    Anyways I'd be up for a Digimon or Percy Jackson. If that is cool?
  3. I do??? Yeah, I'm cool with that. I'm up for Percy Jackson :) Did you want to PM?
  4. Harry Potter or How to train your dragon?
    Pokemon or Digimon is pretty cool with me too^^
  5. How about How To Train Your Dragon? I haven't done that in a while and I want to branch off again :) Did you want to go over this in PM?
  6. Cool x)
    Yeah, sure
  7. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Maybe Fallout Equestria too if you've read that fanfic)

    I like both of them but i kinda cant choose (I don't want a cross over between the two though)
Thread Status:
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