Long Lost Items of Old

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  1. Once upon a time you had this ITEM. This Item was your most favorite and awesome item and you loved it dearly.

    But then one day you lost it.

  2. I had this switchblade once, It was one of those ones that shot out from the top, I think they call them stilettos?...really badass. Anyways, I let this dude that used to be my friend borrow it -idiot- and he took it into court with him and got it confiscated when he went through the metal detector. I was so angry and frustrated with him. I hate him for it to this day.

    Also, the original Starwars action figures I had as a kid. FML, I have no idea where they ended up.
  3. A ring my mother gave me. :[ It's so pretty and means a lot to me, and I went and lost it. Something that small will probably never ever turn up again. For all I know, it could be in a disposable vacuum bag or... On someone else's finger. FFFFF-

    Also, my copy of Fable. Lent it to a friend um... 4 years ago, I think. She lost it. I'll never get it back. Which SUCKS because I loved that game. ;__; It could run so awesomely on my new computer! *grumbles about having to buy a new one*
  4. My innocence. D: