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  1. Our story takes place in a small town in Illinois, Shieldsbrooke, closed off from the hustle and bustle of the city and away from most of the commotion. It's quiet and quaint, and not an area of heavy criminal activity...

    Or so you would think.

    None of the townspeople realize how crime-ridden that Shieldsbrooke really is. It seems perfect, but little do they know that the mayor has been stealing money from them for years. He's cheated, lied, and stolen his way into office.

    Even killed for it.

    A parent of five beats her children. She burns them with cigarette butts and spanks them until their bottoms bleed.

    A cop steals drugs from the evidence room at the precinct to sell back to the dealer's that he took it from.

    Here's where we come in.

    Everyone knows the story of William H. Bonney. He was a vigilante and an outlaw, and he died in the late 1800's. He was a dangerous man, quick to kill all who crossed him. But what if he were to be... resurrected? What would happen today if a new group of vigilantes were to break out? New "Regulators". That's who our characters are. You play one of seven Regulators, a horse-riding Robin Hood come to town to get rid of the bad guys, a.k.a, the money laundering politicians, the crooked cops, and the abusive parents/spouses etc.

    You can play two characters, but only one Regulator. Your other character can be a love interest to one of the other Regs, a villain, or just an innocent citizen who watches first hand as our heroes wash the town of its evil-doers.


    All of the Regulators are male.
    No present-tense posts.
    Please no Mary Sues/Gary Stus.
    No meta-gaming.
    No God-modding.
    If you'll be gone, tell me!!

    Character Sheet

    Appearance: (If you use a picture, no anime. Please stay reasonable and some-what cowboyish.)
    Age: (Between 17 and 25)
    How Billy recruited you: (Please, again, be reasonable. Don't go overly cliche on this.)

    Here are the slots open. I am going to be Billy the Kid, so there are 6 Regs and 6 Side-characters left. I'll list the characters as they come.

    7 Regulators

    Billy The Kid - Drexy4ever

    7 Sides

    One reserved spot - Drexy4ever

    Post your CS's below! I'll put mine down later. Can't wait to get this ball rollin'!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.