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  1. It is not unknown to many that times have been tough for me and while I have enjoyed my time as a part of this community I am more formally stating that I am likely to be absent.

    Due to recent events my eyes have been opened to the fact that I need to focus more on reality.

    Many of you I love, many I may have been unfair to, many I wish that I could spend more time with and many I have never had the pleasure of meeting.

    I will say this, to the people I did have the pleasure of meeting; thank you. For the good times and the rough, thank you for being there for me in times when I had nowhere else to turn and those who are new and looking at this, know that this place is thriving and no matter where you turn somebody is listening.

    It has not escaped my attention that many of my demons have to do with loss and I've come to realise that nothing is truly lost unless you wish it to be. There are instances where yes I have grown apart from people here and I want to tell them that I love them and I always will.

    And a note for those who wanna drag me out of the dirt from time to time, I might be around to Chat RP a little or occasionally in the Cbox (If any of you want to drag me out of the dirt for a little while, feel free. I'll tell you if I can't)

    In no particular order.

    You were a great roleplay partner for the time that I knew you, thank you for opening me up to a new world and I am sorry we don't speak often any more. I hope that your child is well and that you are enjoying life, maybe I'll even message you one day!

    For all of the times you were, are and ever will be wonderful. I've always had a soft spot for you and I've missed you, be well my darling.

    You big pain in the arse, I love you to death and always will. My king. My friend. I'll keep in touch.

    Note: To those reading this who are not Astaroth, call him dad. He loves it.

    @Seiji @Moonlit_Blade @Kooriryu @Xnijmai @Dawn @Anglkate @October Knight @Fijoli
    My partners in crime, I love you guys. You've been hella ace, defo keeping in contact with yo.

    SCOOT got you on FB, can't get away from you. Will see ya around as always.

    We've had some interesting times and I am glad to have the privilege of knowing you. I'll poke you on Skype when I can too! Stay cool and keep your chin up aye?

    Nametwin! It has been a pleasure to share music, laughs and even chill. You're amazing, never let anyone tell you otherwise!

    @Esthalia & @DawnLight
    I'm forever going to spam you and send you emails, like it or not. Love you for life!

    @Dawn and @Tribs
    I will never forget the day you two supported me when I was upset. Thank you, for everything. You are both amazing and I hope we stay in touch. Make sure to send my love to Kehvarl as well. Stay win guys.

    You and I need to hang out again, message me yo. You're ace, keep it real.

    You're a pain in the arse but you're my pain in the arse. Keep it real, you got this dude. Believe. If you need your arse kicked in gear you got me on skype, you know I'm there.

    You my darling, we have not talked as much as I might have liked. I know you were wanting too and I am sorry I did not provide that for you. You're a lovely young girl with a load of potential, remember how win you are and go get them girl.

    It's been a pleasure, seriously. Thank you for the opportunities, thank you for the different outlook and opening my eyes to how ignorant I have been about the world. We've had our tiffs like fire and water, but we figured it out. Stay awesome (Might see you around the Inn occasionally, might have to drag my arse out.)

    @Diana and @Vay
    Thank you. For your patience, your time, the brief moments in which I got to speak to you. I wish I could have roleplayed with you more. Every time I wanted to start anything with either of you I would get dragged into some bizarre situation or it didn't happen because I was thoroughly knee deep in things already and so, I must also apologise. You are both fantastic people and I wish I had gotten to spend more time with you.

    Don't be a stranger, we've had some long talks and deep discussions. Keep it real dude.

    @Alan & @Turtle
    It's been a fun one guys, you're cool. Was win chilling with you in DnD and I hella hope the best for you guys. Hopefully see ya around.

    @Renegade Proxy
    Keep it real, keep it strange and stay win. We've had our tiffs but I'm glad to know you're about again aye? Cheers for everything dude.

    There is so much respect for you aye? With Ilium an juggling life. Thank you too for your patience with me, I'm sorry i couldn't do more. Stay amazing man.

    *Gives you a packet of Haribo rings* The marriage was never real! Haha but nah, cheers for the laughs. You're great fun.

    @Pastor Choi
    Goodbye Clara.
    (You'll find my arse again)

    Stay free sweetheart, you've been win. Hope to see ya around.

    @Rain of the Night
    The bromance that never happened. Keep it cool man, cheers for everything.

    And to anybody whom I might have forgotten, sorry. It's been a long day and contrary to popular belief I am no machine. Know that I adore you and those who I do, you know who you are.

    So... this is sort of see you around or see you when I see you.

    Peace out.

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  2. see you doll

    Seriously though, you gotta do you, buddy. Best of luck with everything.
  4. Farewell, Ayla. Our paths will cross soon! ^-^
  5. Take care of yourself, y'hear?
  6. Take care of yourself luv xxx
  7. You know where to find me!
  8. Take care ^_^
  9. Take care of yourself.
  10. Stay out of trouble, Ai!
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