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  1. So I have no time at all, so I need a patient partner. Even with time, you will find that I might take a long ass time to get a post up.


    • I want a partner that is loyal enough to last the whole rp, sorry, that sounds really rude but I have people disappear on me and some were really cool. After three weeks without notice I will assume you dropped, ignore you and get rid of the thread, just so we are very clear.
    • I don't care for the length, I need something reply to. I don't think a cliffhanger is nice, so please don't.
    • I don't care if you are a beginner or have been at it so long you are really Intermediate, I care that I don't have to question you as much as you question me.
    • If I have an idea, don't tell me that doesn't make sense....I will never say that to you, just ask for an explanation. I will explain the best I can, otherwise just say no, it will help us both with a headache, I know I am not good with communicating my ideas like I am thinking of ideas.
    • I do one liners when I have very little to put in or my detail inspiration is low, which happens if your post puts me there. THIS IS A HEADS UP!!! I would love to be challenged, make me think and when I get a plan I promise it will be worth the wait.
    • Obviously, talk to me, I know we hear this a lot, but if you can't rp because you have a bad day, your mood is not up for it or your personal life just won't let you, PM me, I will listen. I am empathetic by nature, sorry, but I will try my best to be sympathetic. It's not that I don't care, but I'm that person that wants to be physically there to threaten people on your behave then just talk shit about them. I will get attached and I will give you as much focus in anything you want to talk to me about. WE DON'T NEED TO RP EVERY TIME WE ARE TOGETHER!!!!
    • I play either character, but honestly, I like my males better. There are some ideas that I will only play females but they are far apart and if you want me to be male then I will try my best.
    About Me

    • I will never abandon an RP. It might take me a while to think of something to keep it going but expect a reply. You can nudge me if I am taking too long too. But I will not Nudge, I refuse to nudge you every few days because I see you active everywhere else but out thread. I will ignore you.
    • I don't give second chances anymore, they never work. The only thing it does is make me frustrated and upset and I blow up on everyone, which is not fair.
    • I am going to school, work a full-time job and part-time at another job. I am very busy with my little people. I will tell you if I think you care, that I will take longer than a week, which I try not to do.
    • I LIE!! I don't mean to, but when I say I am working on a reply, I usually am, unless something comes up or I am just exhausted. I will try to post but chances are it will take me a few days.
    • You want to Vent or just talk, I am all ears. But that doesn't mean I will continue to let you put down my ideas. I will think of yours and ask you do the same for my thoughts. We are not the same people, we have different opinions, some stronger than others, but I rather learn why you think your way than put you down for it.
    • I rp almost everything unless fan base rps are OC, I just can't. Sorry, I wish I could, but I can't. I'm too picky with characters that I observe and I am terrible at playing anyone other than my own OC.
    • I have a short memory. That might be a reason I am taking so long. I have hundreds of characters, a few characters I use more than once but usually I don't.
    Looking for

    • Someone that is....honestly just someone that can make sense in their replies, which is just about everyone.
    • I hate Godmodding, you are not perfect and neither is your character. I have a god with the inability to relate to humans. Basic flaw for a god, but it is a flaw. You are not the best because you are great at everything, you are the best because you get the job done. This is what will make me completely unable to answer sooner rather than later.
    • I am not good with Smut, but I am not against it either. I don't by critic comments, but belittling is just asking for me to ignore you or punch you depends how close you are.
    • New to rp, to the site, or not, I don't care I can be patient just want you to be. As I started I don't have as much time.

    • M was a part of a space crew that moved through space to explore and find things that humans haven’t located yet. Y was on a luxurious ship just floating around on a celebration that was caught off guard. On Y’s ship there was an asteroid shower that they got caught in. The ship was destroyed, Y got separated from their family on the escape and ended up alone, in a shape suit, since the pods were all taken and just managed to escape being smashed. In the debris, was all Y survived with and they ran low on oxygen, leaving them to believe they were going to die. M’s crew found the debris and went through it, to see if maybe it was foreign. It wasn’t, but on the scouting M spotted Y and brought you back to the ship. Y is immediately recognized by the crew as an heir of one of the seven colony leaders and one of the wealthiest of those colonies. M was raised on earth, they know the colonies, but other than that, Y is just a guy that M saved. Y is held in a healing room, for a few days, M being the only one that goes in and out, since M is immune to many diseases that now pledge the human people who are now in space. There is nothing M can pass to Y, making her the safest. M doesn’t talk much to Y because of how high up the food chain M keeps being reminded. Y is sweet and humble, even with Y’s wealth and does their best to talk to M. M tells him what he wants to know, before rushing out. Until one day, Y is waiting for M in full health and won’t allow M their silence. Y wants to understand M, M walks different, looks at Y different, M acts more shy than anything else, something Y isn’t used to seeing. M is forced to have an honest and long conversation and Y starts to like the idea of M smiling and is interested in the fact that Y learns M is from earth. On the trip back to Y’s colony M and Y spend a lot of free time together, mostly when M isn’t busy with what M does. They get close and when Y is returned they ask M to stay with them. M agrees and slowly they fall in love, but Y’s sister hates M, because they are from earth. Y’s sister is unwelcoming and many time Y doesn’t see it, because she only does it when she is alone with M. M is trying not to cause trouble, but Y’s sister is forcing M to make the choice of doing something about it. (This is about romance, some adventure, fantasy and jealousy. Want to try this four different ways, so this is open for at least the four, M=female/male, Y=female/male, M switched with Y. But I want this as a MxF)
  2. Good evening/morning/night, I am (a) Ghost. I am still new here and trying to figure out how to pm someone since I can't seem to find it or read over it in the rules and introduction things since I tend to do that once in a while, so I hope you do not mind me doing this here. I will tell you things about me based on what you have said above, if you have any disagreements or comments feel free to make them. After reading (if you do) I ask that you please tell me whether or not you are comfortable or disagree with anything so it will help me understand why you chose what you did. Sorry if this drags on. Have a good day.

    I shall let you know right off the bat that I fall in and out of reality at times do to manic depression though I will try to keep posted on that however sometimes I just don't feel up to that, If that does so happen and i may seem active that will not be the case, I usually don't reply to people. I know you do not like doing this, however, please blow my messages up whenever you can after two weeks of my inactivity or lack to reply to teach me a lesson on falling behind because I absolutely despise losing someone to my own miserable mistakes. I do work full time and often fall asleep as soon as I get home since I have no real responsibilities besides my work and rent. If you are uncomfortable or disagree with this I fully understand and you may tell me so, I will be saying this multiple times here. I never do one liners and it is very rare of me to put only one paragraph but that would only be if I feel pressured into replying to something when I'm not in the mood for it. I'm sure you understand the situation. I do not so care to talk about my personal problems and when I do it is because I have done something I feel I shouldn't have, however I have trust issues and would need to know you a bit before hand, in which I plan on doing with most to all of my rp partners I may get here anyways. I am best at males so if it is romance you would like I am most comfortable with male and male, if you are not than I do not mind trying a male and female though it is difficult for me to play as female, I have tried, they usually end up in the background. I am very open minded and hardly ever put down an idea, I may want to contribute to said idea, however, if I do "put it down" It just means that I am highly uncomfortable with it or do not understand it after asking and getting the best explanation you can give me for that idea. I make a lot of overpowered beings, however, they are not godmoded, I do make them have many weaknesses; i.e one of my demons Nagi is a man wh*re and when he is flirting is his most vulnerable stage as well as his human stage if you catch him off guard, his brother is just too sympathetic, etc. Though Nagi does act like he is the best he really is not. Another character of mine also acts like he's on top of the world but he's just a spoiled brat with an allergy to the sun (hard to explain).
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