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    I'm looking for a few fun 1x1 RPs--emphasis on fun. I just have a lot of very serious RPs with very serious emotions, and I want something a bit more light-hearted than that. Can it get dark and serious? Yes, of course. Can it start out dark and serious? Maybe, if the idea is awesome enough. I just want to do something interesting in a setting we create that isn't dictated heavily on the need for drama and feels. Though they are both welcome in not-mind-numbing-amounts. Now let's get on with the show:

    R U L E S
    1.I will not RP with teenage members. Nothing against you guys. I'm sure you're awesome. I'm just not into RPing with people that much younger than me.
    2. Please PM your interest. Don't post it here. I'll miss it.
    3. I can write short posts (100-500 words) or long posts (800-1200 words). Let me know which one you'd like to do in your PM.
    4. My response time will vary based on the length of posts. Short posts: every day to every other day. Long posts: every few days to once a week.
    5. Please try your best to make sure everything makes sense. I understand mistakes. I make them all the time. But please have a basic understanding of spelling and grammar.
    6. If you lose interest, let me know. If you can't post, let me know. If you don't let me know I'm going to assume you're uninterested and I will drop our RP. I am lenient and will give you two weeks on this. After that, you get a nice PM and we're through.
    7. If I fail to respond to you within a week, poke me. Sometimes I enjoy breaking my own rules.
    8. I can and will do Libertine RPs. Please be an adult member (obviously) and mention that you want a libertine RP in your PM to me. The plots can range from 20/80 Smut/Plot to 80/20 Smut/Plot. Let me also know the ratio up front (so I don't get too excited to plot).
    9. I demand, like Liam Neeson demand, you help me plot. Even if it is a tiny plot or a huge plot. I don't like it when people just reply "yep" or "nope" to my ideas. It takes two to tango and two make a 1x1 work.
    10. I have the right to refuse you. Sorry. I'm not in dire need of a 1x1. If we don't seem to be jiving, I will refuse you.
    11. If you are interested in RPing with me, let me know what about this thread you want to RP. I can't work off of nothing. Sorry. I'm not that amazing. Haha. Kidding. I'm not amazing at all.

    N O P E S
    1.No rape, no sexual violence, no emotional violence. If your sole goal is to harm my character in such a manner, I don't want anything to do with you.
    2. Nothing bathroom related. I feel like this is a universal dislike but is added "just in case."
    3. No adolescent characters. Nope. All the characters need to be adults.
    4. No incest. Just. No.
    5. No furries, no anthros, and no intelligent animals (the latter one pertaining to our characters, not random intelligent animals that may show up in the RP).
    6. No "exceptions to the rule," special snowflakes, or Mary Sues/Marty Stus.
    7. No "Slice of Life" or "Literary" RPs.
    8. And absolutely NO master/slave or dom/sub RPs.

    Y E P S
    1.I primarily play male characters. That being said, I'll pretty much play any gender (even if there isn't one.)
    2. I RP MxF, M/M, F/F, or WHATEVER/WHATEVER. Just a fair warning: my F/F is super rusty and so I may be shy on jumping into that one.
    3. Romance or platonic. Either is fine with me. I don't require one or the other.
    4. Exploration. If you have some oddball interests/kinks/whatever, let me know. I may not be into them but willing to give them a try. Or if they aren't something for me, then I'll politely decline. And you are free to do the same.

    V A R I E T Y
    Here are some things I like to use to spice up an RP. They aren't mandatory. If you see something you like, tell me. If you have a suggestion, suggest away.
    1. Polyamory. Because why should just our lead characters fall in love and be the only ones?
    2. Older characters. When I say this, I don't mean characters in their late 20s/early 30s. I mean OLDER characters. Someone from their late 30s-50s. Let's not get above that, though. The character still needs to get around without a walker and a colostomy bag.
    3. Inhuman characters. Note: I do not mean anthros, furries, or intelligent animals. I mean characters that aren't entirely human but close-ish. Examples: kemonomimi, orcs, dwarves, elves, merfolk, centaurs, octomerfolk-things, nagas, satyrs, aliens, blue people, green people, people with wings, people with horns, maybe a tail, you get the point.
    4. Age Gaps. This is a weakness of mine. And when I say age gap, I don't mean like a teenager and a grown adult. I'm saying two adults on either side of the spectrum. I think the term for it is May-September(December?) romance. Blame Asher and Grant from Transistor for this.
    5. Size Gaps. Need I say more. Actually, I will. Please keep this within reason.
    6. Realistic Characters. Alright, hear me out for a moment. I'm tired of playing characters that are super sexy with a perfect face, hair, and manners. I'm not going to lie, I also suffer from the: must make them perfect syndrome everyone else does. I've applied six-packs and charming smiles to characters liberally. So, I want to play characters that aren't that. I like characters that are deep-down just not good people. I like chubby, pudgy, fat, etc. characters. I like jaded character. Unromantic characters. Characters with the charisma of a blobfish. Of course not all of these together, but something like that.

    G E N R E S
    > dark Fantasy
    > space Fantasy
    > modern Fantasy
    > space operas
    > space fantasy
    > cyberpunk
    > mechas
    > modern fantasy
    > futuristic
    > steampunk
    > diesel punk
    > apocalyptic (post or during)

    F A N D O M
    Just a note, these fandoms involve OCs only. We're not going to play canon characters (though they could be in the background, very background)
    > Dragon Age
    > Mass Effect
    > Fallout
    > Borderlands
    > Star Wars
    > MARVEL Comics
    > DC Comics
    > Saga Comics
    > Thirteen Kingdoms
    > Blood Blockade Battlefront
    > Dorohedoro
    > Attack on Titan

    I D E A S
    I'm going to be honest, these are not concrete. This what I've thought would be interesting. They are mere sketches of a larger plot. If none of these appeal to you, but what I've written above does--PM me anyway. I'm just putting these down here so my 1x1 check isn't completely barren.

    > Kemonomimi//Urban Fantasy// The idea is that everyone is a kemonomimi. Yep. Not just the chicks. Everyone. Also, everyone has a magical talent. Some are stronger than others, they are called Sorcerers (name liable to change). The sorcerers run the cities and have petty fights with other sorcerers. The idea is that our two characters work for a sorcerer, and they are given a problematic task to achieve that may or may lead to a sorcerer war.
    This is hella fluff. Sorry. Not Sorry. I'm thinking this can be a MxM. But I'm fine with whatever pairing.

    > Mecha RP// So I've been watching a lot of "Iron Blooded Orphans." The idea is that our characters are in a mercenary militia on an alien planet. They use mechs to complete their jobs. We can decide how things go, but I figure the plot will be that a mission goes south and they are caught up in a horrible political scandal.
    There are no preferences with this RP. I'm leaning more towards a male cast, but I'm not stuck on it. If more than one person is interested, it may be a small group RP.

    > Comic Book RP//
    DC: Sebastian Dark: A magical character that uses necromancy to achieve his goals
    DC: No One: A alien born woman who uses her super strength and flying ability to defeat enemies.
    MARVEL: Mayhem: A female superhero that is physically stronger than anyone else and requires a power suit to suppress her ability.
    MARVEL: Blackjack: A mutant who's power is a bit unknown. He works as a gun for hire and has a poor relationship with the X-Men.

    Seriously, if you have an idea... just let me know. I'll add more to this if I think about it. And I have no idea why everything is so pink.
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  2. I'm still seeking an RP. This is a bump for all things NOT MxF. Sorry, I'm full on this. I would dig a MxM, but I'm open to anything.

    Also anything Berserkish-Dark-Fantasy, that Mecha Plot I Mentioned, or Superheroes would be loved.

    But I'm always down for your own ideas. Let me know.
  3. Still looking. MxM only. I'm about to close up shop. Just wanted one more game.
  4. Looking for a 1x1 RP that isn't about extremely pretty people doing extremely pretty things. I need some gritty variety in my life. I'm looking for most things, but I will lean heavier against MxM. My MxF (me as the M) and FxF quotas are filled.
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