Lonely World

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Warmaster Death

Original poster
"Another day another night inside a lonely world
Another game another fight inside a lonely world
Another wrong another right inside a lonely world
Such a lonely world, such a lonely world" -
Lonely World - Limp Bizkit

I hate this fucking place, during the day its empty and silent, during the night its empty, silent and dark, well, unless you consider the light from lit ciggerettes, cigars and the my torch to be anything other than a spit in an ocean of blackness.

i cant beleive its been two years since everyone just dissapeared, i mean literally you wake up, get dressed, drive down to tafe (like uni for tradies, waiters and the middle class academics) wondering, shit, the roads normally packed this early, why are there no cars on the road? park me car, pay for a parking ticket and walk up to tafe, still without a person in sight.

i waited three hours that day, before deciding to go for a walk, found no one was anywhere, i mean there was not a fuckign person anywhere, yet all the shops were open, like the owners opened up then just vanished.

a coupla weeks later all the electricity that wasnt hooked up to solar panels started to die, and by then i was well adn truely over being all by myself in the world, i mean you can only take a leak in the middle of a road in broad daylight so many times before it gets old.
now, years later, when the sun sets, i just sit in a dark room, the only light coming from my lit ciggerette, still wondering where the fuck everyone went.
i mean sure, some nights i spend bawling my eyes out, thinkign about my family and freinds, dissapeared in the blink of an eye.

that shit doesnt stop getting depressing, adn i've found that no amount of booze, nicotine or anything else will do.
and i do mean anything. the shit you find when you go through whats left of people when they dissapear.
drugs, takeaway leftovers, i mean you can tell almost everything about the person by that shit.
their gender, age, familial status, their favorite foods, their sleeping habits, drug dependancies....and some of the shti people keep in their houses......well, suffice it to say, im hardly suprised by peoples eccentric left-behinds anymore.

some might say that I'm living a dream, no one to annoy me, everything in the world is mine, huh, i could go around the world doing whatever i wanted.

well, anything that didnt involve other people.
and thats the hard bit, i mean there's so much im not gonna experience, that first kiss, relationships, getting pissed with mates, all that stuff, gone forever.

but i dont dare kill myself, ecause every night when i lay my drunken head to the table, i hope and sometimes even pray that I'll wake up to find that my solitude was jsut a bad dream.

just a bad dream

yeah, right. like thats possible.

This is a concept I hope never happens WMD....

Wonderful plot, I love it!