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  1. @Akashi @Redsun_Criminal @Ichigo @Jessica2477

    1. Enjoy the RP!
    2. Please don't drop out. This isn't going to be a very long RP and it has a set end point, so stick with it!
    3. I'd say no powergaming etc, but the players are in no position to do that in this RP :D Otherwise, don't control other people's characters without permission and we'll all get along fine :P
    Character Sheet: (Copy the entire code and replace any bracketed parts with the information. Doing that should prevent BBCode screw ups) (Of course, you may add other sections if you want, but feel free just to do the bare minimum. I think it'd be more fun to reveal all that personality stuff IC anyway :P) If you want to use a color for the bold parts other than white (as I often do), simply replace the "ffffff" part with the color code of the color you want, which can be found in the 'custom' part of the text colour chooser.
    [B][color=#ffffff]Name: [/color][/B] (Type Here)
    [B][color=#ffffff]Age: [/color][/B] (Any age is fine)
    [B][color=#ffffff]Appearance: [/color][/B] (Any format - image, description, anime, real, I don't mind)

    What would you do if you woke up one day, and everything was gone? You get out of your bed, and everything around you is overgrown, wrecked; as if no one has been here in hundreds of years. You wander around a bit, and find 4 or 5 other people... and no one else. You start up your phone, which has about 50% battery, and check the internet - of course, it doesn't load. You suspect that you and these people may be the only humans left on the entire planet.

    Suddenly, you hear a faint crow-like shriek and a shadow swoops across the sky far too quickly to make out what it is. In the distance, you see an overgrown skyscraper collapse, followed shortly by the sound of an explosion. It collapses vertically in a very controlled manner, and one of the other people jokes about a "Ghost demolition crew - can't pass onto the next life until they finish destroying their building."

    This group of people is comprised of the last humans in existence, and will detail their investigation of their situation, and this so called "Ghost demolition crew".

    This is a mystery RP and more a short story, in some ways, so expect quite a linear plot. The characters actions will influence the path taken and the overall outcome, however, the story will be quite guided by the input of me, as the GM.

    Coming Soon
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  2. real life/art pics or anime?
  3. Either is fine. I'll be using anime, but this is the kind of setting where either will fit.
  4. Its weird if someone has a real life pic and someone has an anime pic.
  5. May I join? :D
  6. Sure!
  7. Name: Mio Coarizake
    Age: 15
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  8. Name:Max Ruiz
    Age: 40
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  9. So far we have a girl whose faceclaim is an avatar and a guy who looks like Obi Wan Kenobi... this'll be interesting :P
  10. Name: Brigid Roszel
    Age: 17
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  11. XP
  12. Hmm, dunno who that one is, but that's a very nice hat.
  13. not sure if that's a hat or a hood...(hoping it's a hood)
  14. That material is wicker, or something similar. It's not flexible enough to be a hood... What she's wearing is something like this: XD
  15. Ah, I see it now. I believe you're right.

    In spite of the picture, my character will probably be wearing a hoodie during the rp... cuz I liek hudyz...
  16. Am I going to be the only adult? D:
  17. ...hanging around with a bunch of teenage girls D:
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  18. ...at least he looks like Ewan McGregor...
  19. I mean your character is almost 18 soooo.... I'm just kidding XD
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