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    What would you do if you woke up one day, and everything was gone? You get out of your bed, and everything around you is overgrown, wrecked; as if no one has been here in hundreds of years. You wander around a bit, and find 4 or 5 other people... and no one else. You start up your phone, which has about 50% battery, and check the internet - of course, it doesn't load. You suspect that you and these people may be the only humans left on the entire planet.

    Suddenly, you hear a faint crow-like shriek and a shadow swoops across the sky far too quickly to make out what it is. In the distance, you see an overgrown skyscraper collapse, followed shortly by the sound of an explosion. It collapses vertically in a very controlled manner, and one of the other people jokes about a "Ghost demolition crew - can't pass onto the next life until they finish destroying their building."

    This RP would detail the story of the last humans on Earth, as they uncover mysteries such as "What was the shadow?", "Who keeps demolishing buildings" and "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?"
  2. (Placing my interest here)
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  3. My interest is piqued.
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  4. Sometimes I daydream about that kind of thing, it would be so surreal.

    You have my (tentative) interest
  5. Tentative? In what way?
  6. tentative in the unsure way Well... the idea is definitely interesting, that's for sure. I just meant tentative as in liek, I don't know if I could join because I have another rp going and I'm a pretty new roleplayer and I don't know how the group will turn out and I'm generally nervous/unsure about things at first...

  7. Interested..
  8. Don't worry about it :P This'll be a pretty easy RP since it's quite short and it's a mystery RP, which means the characters will mainly just be along for the ride.

    Anyway, we now have enough people so I'll be making the OOC now!
  9. I'm going to wait a bit before posting a cs. In the meantime... does the RP start shortly before the event or afterwards? and if after, how long? And where are we? (unless we don't know, or it doesn't matter)

    Sorry for all of the questions >.>
  10. It'll start a little before waking up - I'll describe some stuff (which'll probably make a noise) and characters will wake up from there. For sake of convenience, they're all going to be waking up in an individual room in an old burned out overgrown apartment building, and meeting in the lobby. Or more running into one another coincidentally actually. Where they are doesn't matter.
  11. Ok sounds good
  12. Maybe some of our characters know each other already? I wouldn't mind being related to someone...
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  13. For plot purposes, I'm afraid that won't be possible. You will have scattered memories of the other people (such as walking past one in a busy station), but you won't know them properly. I'd really love to explain why this is necessary, but it's one of the most important plot twists :D
  14. Alrighty then. Sounds exciting ^^
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