Lonely Voyage

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    System auto-start, engaged... Self Power supply, 85%, acceptable. Begin self movement tests...Movement functional. Begin scanning on ship condition...conditions subpar. Damage report...severe. Former capacity...200 humans. Positions...unknown. Current capacity...1 human. Current status...cryo-chamber hibernation. Commence wake-up procedures?...Affirmative. Begin procedure immediately.
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  2. For as long as they had been on Earth, there was always something different about mankind. No other species had quite conquered as they had and their alien intelligence and curiosity had enabled them to multiply throughout the land like none other. When faced with the inevitable conclusion of finding every nook and cranny their planet had to offer, there was only one place left for mankind to explore – up.


    The cyro-chambers were as silent as the endless night the ship sailed through. Day in and day out it had remained that way, holding its inhabitants in cyrosleep. It had been programmed to hold them until the ship had reached its destination but the sudden psssh of the doors told of a change in the plans. The cyro-chamber’s doors slid open slowly and with a whirr and a few resounding clicks, it presented its only occupant to whoever had authorized wake up procedures. It was reminiscent of a tomb and a corpse, and a corpse was all what the person might as well have been.

    A few moments passed before she let out a shuddering gasp, slowly refilling her lungs with air. She gulped it down greedily; eyes still glued shut before she made a move to sit up. Her mouth moved as if to speak but her rusty throat made no more than a squeak until her fourth attempt. “H-Hello? Where am I? I-“ She coughed, trying to lift herself off out of the cyro-chambers with her clumsy hands. She managed a quick peek into the glaring light before shutting her eyes once again. “Is anyone there?”
  3. Procedure... Success. Commence scanning... Complete. Subject... Female. Inqiury noticed. Respond?... Affirmative. Articulate response.

    "Generating response... Android model #1338. Human Female vital signs... Stable. Proposing question... May I be of service?
  4. Even now in her befuddled state she could sense something was wrong. It was eerily silent and the robotic voice emanating from the self-proclaimed android was anything but the human it was trying to sound like. She shivered, becoming aware of how cold it was in the room and her loose clothes designed for cyro-sleep weren't helping matters. "Yes! Yes, you may. Can you help me get up?" She squinted around the room, gradually getting used to the light. With every breath she took life began to flow back into her system, making her arms and legs stronger - not enough to climb out of the chamber herself yet, but enough to stop the shaking.

    "Cyro... chamber... Unit #87?" Though her voice remained hoarse from the long periods of unuse, the words seemed familiar to her, stirring fragmented memories from deep within her mind. "We left the planet... when? There were others." She shook her head, trying to clear her mind but it only served to make it worse. "Android model #1338, huh? My name's-" She frowned. It was there, dancing on the tip of her tongue. She racked her brains again to no avail. The gaps in her memory seemed to be present at random, as she could faintly recall the names of her fellow astronauts but not her own. "We can get to that later. My name should be on top of this unit's door." She reached out her slowly steadying arms towards her companion, ready to find out what was going on.
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    Request issued... Request complete.
    Scanning Cryo-chamber... Success. Information...
    "Miss, no information salvageable within Cryo-Sleep-Chamber #87. I apologize. Any other assistance needed?"
  6. "No information?!" Clutching onto the android's arm for support, she stood up on wobbly legs and slowly shuffled around to the front. It was true - the label she'd thought to be there was non existent. "I don't remember anything! What's going on?" The rest of the room was silent and though she could not see inside all of the pods there was no faking the empty presence she felt. There's nobody else on board, her consciousness whispered. No one but you and the android. "No. No! There has to be others. Calm down F-... F..." She let out a growl of frustration. Her name was on the brink of her tongue and yet what with her panicked state she could not blurt it out.

    There were other things that she could remember however, such as the existence of a captain. If she was going to get any answers about the ship, it would be at the head of space ship. "We gotta get to the captain's quarters. Or something, I don't know! Do you know anything about this ship? What happened to everyone?" With every minute that passed by she became more and more aware of the coldness of the ship and she looked around for something to drape over her thin clothes. Along the way she tapped on the rest of the cyrochamber pods but like her conscious had suggested, there seemed to be no persons inside.