Lonely Melody

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  1. The melody drifted over the park in a lazy crawl reaching as far as the wind dared to go. The melody so sad the birds glided smoothly to the soft stones of the path to watch as the bow swept swiftly over the taunt strings of the violin. The moonlight lit the park dazzling the water in a glittering dance even making the strings ligt up a silvery metal.

    He played letting his mind drift as the notes created themselfs with his hands as their conductor, his short blonde hair was spiked with rain the drops forming trails down his face as they mixed with his tears. His once silken shirt clung to his skin and his black pants.
  2. The pitter patter of raindrops on the gazebo roof couldn't cover the melody of the violin. The sight of the park was the reason she came everyday, but the voice of the beautiful violin made her stay this evening. She sat on the bench, her peach colored sundress sprinkled with water spots, her back leaned into one of the beams of the gazebo, as she closed her eyes with a content sigh. A nimble hand tucked a long blonde lock of hair behind her ear letting the notes follow into her ears like sweet whispers as she listened, eyes closing as her head lulled back into the beam letting a stray raindrop fall onto her flushed cheeks. "Such beautiful music..." murmured from her soft pink lips.
  3. Letting the song drift to its lonely sad ending he let his limbs fall to his sides, his eyes drifting closed as he just let his last tear drift down his cheek. He let his rubbery legs buckle as he hit the ground slowly crumbling in exhaustion. He searched his mind for a reason why he had to get up but none came to mind, he felt empty unable to move. He let his head fall forward to look at his violin that lay in his lap the wood was taking in water but would not allow the water to take in damage. "Aye, Ya be the best friend aye eva had, what'cha say to one last melody ol'buddy?" his voice was horse but still held hints of his husky accent, he lifted the instrument up to his chin and played with the last of his energy till he passed out with the fever that over took him.
  4. Her eyes drifted open as silence filled her ears instead of the beautiful music. A small frown formed on her pale lips, slowly she stood up and walked to the ledge of the gazebo looking around for who was playing, she wanted to hear more. Slipping off her sandals she steps off of the ledge letting the wet grass caress her feet as she walked, she didn't mind the feel of the rain of her skin or her dress she just wanted to find the master of that lovely violin. Upon hearing those sweet notes again she ran towards the music, by the time she found him he was passing out into the grass. Quickly she made her way over and knelt down next to his body "Hey! Are you alright?" she asked frantically, gently she turns him over and props him into her lap, lightly patting at his cheek and cold feel his fever hot against the pads of her fingers "Wake up! Wake up!" she looks around calling out for help.
  5. His fingers held tightly to the violin even in unconsciousness. He loved his violin, he had it engraved when he was young but it was ever so warn. Sora D'La Cruz. In the back of his mind he heard a girl frantically calling for him to wake. Stirring he looked up at the girl, "Aye, am fine sweetheart let me get my rest" he tried to say but it only came out in a mumble to low to make out. He was hot and the rain wasn't helping, he only wanted to sleep.

    A man in a long black suit held an umbrella as he searched calmly for his master, upon hearing the frantic sounds of a woman shouting for help he went to investigate. "Miss, Are you alright?" he asked before approaching. His hard hazel eyes drifted to the man she held and he sighed "Ah, I Believe you have found the master." In an instant he had a sleek black cell phone out of his pocket and speaking quickly into the phone. Within minutes an ambulance speed into the park.
  6. Leaning down she tried to make out what he was saying, sitting back up she looked around wondering if anyone hear her cry for help to see a tall man with an umbrella. "Y-Yes, I'm alright." she replied meekly, but upon hearing the man call him his master she was very confused "What's going on?" she muttered to herself very unsure on how to handle the situation, she took a moment to think it over and gazed down at the man in her lap. Before she could ask anything about who he was or what had happened an ambulance came into view.

    Her heart sank thinking something terrible had happened to the man and looked up at the one with the umbrella "Is he going to be okay?" she asked as a few men took him from her lap and into the ambulance. Hesitantly she stood up and took a few steps back as a frown pulled at her lips, she played with her fingers nervously as she watched the car drive away and whispered, "I hope everything is alright."
  7. The man in black walked up behind her offering her the shelter of his umbrella, "Would you mind coming with me, miss." he gave her a soft business smile and motioned towards a black SUV parked on the other side of the park. "The master would be very disappointed if his savor was to be left after helping him, we can get you clean clothes and a warm shower to wash the rain away." he was all business but he never dealt with women before it was an unusual experience. "I apologize. I am Master D'La Cruz's superviser Marcusa Delaroni, a pleasure to meet you." he didn't give her much time to respond as he spoke but held out his hand in greeting.
  8. Gaped up at him a bit intimidated but tore her attention over to the SUV "I um... I suppose. But you don't have to give me clothes or a shower, I just want to make sure he's okay." her fingers twist against one another still nervous and a bit uneasy after what just happened, she nibbles her lip in thought as she looked over the car but her attention was brought back by his introduction. "Oh." hesitantly she placed her hand into his in a soft hand shake "Nice to meet you. I'm Elizabeth Maleto. I'll come with you to see him. Thank you for the kindness." she offered a smile as she brushed a few droplets from her cheek "Do you think he'll be okay?"
  9. He lead her to the SUV in silence debating her question as he opened the passenger door. "I have known Sora since we were young he has a unique habit of ignoring the weather." he made a slight joke as he talked in a softer more admirable tone. Sora and Marcusa grew up together in the large mansion that was Sora's home, Sora was the child protogy of two now passed musicians that ruled the classical world Maria Delaqari and Edward D'La Cruz. Marcusa had grown up to be trained to tend to every need that Sora would have, but Sora never thought of him as a servant always a friend and a business partner. "He'll be fine after some sleep and a little medicine he's tougher than you would think, Miss Elizabeth. And yes, I insist you have a shower and fresh clothes meeting the Master with wet clothes would certainly cause a problem." he tried his best to relay the information in a light tone but it seemed more lethal than he wanted it to.

    Meanwhile back at the D'La Cruz estate the ambulance parked in the frount of the long marble lined drive way, empty of its passengers as they were already inside. Doctor Menez stood over a sleeping Sora as he examined him. "Seems like another high fever nothing to serious he'll be waking soon. The xeralline i gave him should bring his fever down with in the hour." Xeraline was a fairly new but very effective drug for migraines and fevers the scientist of D'La Cruz Industries had created and their biggest supporters bought plenty keeping money in pockets and their CEO and Director out of major trouble.
  10. Blushed at his statement of her wet clothes, she didn't mind the rain and would forget how wet her clothes and hair would become. Hands laid lightly in her lap softly as she sat int he SUV, looking out the window as they drove to the mansion she stayed quiet. Upon seeing the mansion her eyes went wide and her mouth agape as the mansion came into view "That's... Oh my gosh..." she murmured to herself. Leaning into the window never having seen something so miraculous. She as almost afraid to get out of the car once it stopped in the driveway. She had come from the other side of town, always lived in small apartments and had only seen pictures of places like this. Biting her lip as her bare feet touched the marble she had realized how she must look and began doubting if she should be here.
  11. Marcusa was quiet as he opeed her door then led her threw the building to a blue lined room. "Here is your room, Miss Elizabeth. The shower is their and is fully stocked. Clothes will be brought to you when your finished." He turned on his heel and left without another word going straight to Sora's chamber. Breifly speaking with the doctor before frowning down at his master and old friend. "Your allot of trouble Ray even made a girl worry." Sora stirred blinking polor ice collored eyes at Marcusa.
  12. He left before she could manage out a thank you, after a moment she turned in a circle slowly as she looked over the room. Walking over to the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror and realized how she must look. She took her time cleaning up enjoying the warm water and on her cold skin. Getting out of the shower she dried herself off, her once flat dark brown hair from the rain was now wavy and flowing down to her lower back. At the closet she looked through the clothes and picked a yellow floral sundress, she adored them, and was surprised that it fit her well. She decided to stay bare foot, unlike dresses she enjoyed any chance of not having to wear them. Peeking her head out of the door way and looked down the hallway, stepping out she closed the door behind her and slowly made her way down the hall.
  13. The door to the bed chamber was open ahead of her, soft whispering drifted around the house. "The master is so carless." "You know he loves his music but maybe he'll give up one of these days" "Oh no, Elenore he'd die holding that violin." came the whispers from a nearby room where the maids were cleaning and gossiping. Marcusa apeared spontaniously to her left, "Miss Elizabeth." he greeted "May I help you?" he swiftly glided towards her, his black talored suit fit to perfection. "Master D'La Cruz would be honored to meet with you now."
  14. Green eyes went wide and a soft squeak escaped her lips as she jumped from his sudden appearance. "I uh... No, sorry I was just looking around." taking a step back as he came closer thinking she was suppose to stay in the room and was in trouble. Before she offered to walk herself back to the room she was told that he wanted to see her, staying quiet for a moment before giving a silent nod.
  15. Marcusa turned on his heel redirecting his slow walk towards the open door. "He is awaiting your arrival, Miss Elizabeth." He gave her time letting her decide when to enter, more giving her the freedom to run then to enter. On the far side of the room Sora picked up his violin tracing gental hands over the taunt stringsbefore lifting the curved wood to his chin and began to play. The melody was soft and inviting but short and to the point, he was checking for damage that the rain could have cause but the wood held up even in its wear.
  16. Blinks and quickly followed behind as he began walking away. Standing outside the doorway she glanced up at Marcusa and then at Sora before stepping inside. Quietly she made her way to the middle of the room, her hands hooked together in front of her as she spoke, offering a soft smile "It sounds beautiful. How are you feeling?" she was glad to see that he was awake and at least looked well, he had her very worried at first "You look a lot better."
  17. He didn't look up as he set the violin down on a velvet stand. "Aye, that she is." He gave a quick shrug streching his shoulders before turning to her. "Ay Hear yer the one who came to me rescue?" he asked it more of a question then a statement since he wasn't sure if she was the girl he heard. His eyes were full of greif but his face was as blank as a new sheet of paper. He wore low cut jeans and a v-neck shirt that was a perfect fit. A soft chuckle left his lips when he saw she wore no shoes but he shifted his veiw before she would be able to notice.
  18. "Yes." she replied softly "I heard you playing and wanted to see who it was, I loved the songs. But when I got to you, you had fallen, I swore something was wrong." tucking a strand of hair behind her ear she heard the chuckle and frowns looking down at herself. Did she do something funny or say something funny? Her fingers pressed at the fabric of her dress flattening it out nervously "I.. I think you're very skilled." she added with a blush rising to her cheeks quickly.
  19. Leaning aganst the wall he shook his head "Aye am not as skilled as ye might think." glancing down at his intrument a slight grin crossed his lips. "Me Viola is the mastermine be hind the music, I am simply her hands." Sora looked up at her "Sora Ray D'La Cruz a pleasure." He introduced not remembering if he had done so.
  20. As he introduced himself she stepped towards Sora and extended her hand "Elizabeth Maleto, its nice to meet you." Marcusa hadn't shook her head when they met so she wasn't sure if Sora would do the same. "I was wondering... What song were you playing before?" she was curious and loved the sound of a stringed instrument.