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  1. It was a Saturday, close to six in the evening and Jessica Lucas had been home from college for exactly one week. The time away hadn't been eventful thus far, and the nineteen year old blonde hadn't done much besides watch Netflix in her old room, which had been partially taken over by her younger sister. Coming home hadn't been Jessica's idea, but bother her mom and dad had practically begged her on four separate occasions as the semester got closer and closer to ending. Jessica had wanted to stay with her friends and finally relax without a paper or another assignment hanging over her head, but she had felt obligated to come back to town and spend most of the summer with her family. They had largely ignored her presence thus far, which had resulted in binge watching Parks and Recreation into all hours of the night.

    Sitting at home wasn't Jessica's scene, but the town that she had lived in all of her life wasn't appealing anymore, nor were the friends she had come to shed since graduation. The ones who hadn't moved onto better things were largely unchanged, and the ones who had gotten out when they could had enough sense not to come back for any extended period of time. The next best thing to do was hang out with her younger sister, Ashley, but the sixteen year old wasn't interested in that sort of thing, now at that age where she could finally stand apart. Besides, Jessica wasn't useful to Ashley and her friends since she wasn't old enough to buy them alcohol yet.

    Are you going to do anything today?”

    From her bed, Jessica looked up to see her mother standing in the doorway. She was an older woman who still looked good for her age, her long blonde hair done up in a loose ponytail and a pair of sunglasses rested on her head. By comparison, Jessica looked like a younger version of her mother, their hair was even done in the same style. “No?” the younger woman answered. She was in the middle of slowly painting her fingernails as Ron Swanson gave a soundbite of infinite wisdom from her glowing laptop screen.

    Her mother, Susan, heaved a sigh and entered the room even though she hadn't been invited in. Always cleaning, the woman picked up discarded clothes from the floor and tossed them into the hamper on the side of the room before taking a seat on Ashley's bed, which faced Jessica's. “I got a call from that young couple, the Fannel's, you know them,” Jessica didn't, “they need a babysitter for tonight, theirs canceled at the last minute. I told them you'd come by in an hour.”

    That was the last thing that Jessica wanted to be doing, and the look on her face conveyed that. Susan frowned, “you're getting paid.” That hardly mattered when Jessica could have stayed in her room and not be annoyed for free. However, it was something to do and the blonde was not stranger to babysitting. She had done it all through high school, preferring kids over getting a real job that would have taken away from homework time and her social life.

    Alright,” she agreed and closed her laptop with a certain finality.

    The Fannel family didn't live that far away, and Jessica opted to walk to their house instead of drive. It was still early in the summer, and a walk home wouldn't be a chore when the humidity hadn't yet set in for the season. Jessica was dressed modestly, a pair of shorts, a green tank top and ponytail that took a little more effort than piling her hair onto the top of her head. When babysitting, it was important to never look too appealing, as many wives liked to gossip with other insecure women, and gossip had meant no calls, which meant no money. Jessica was smarter than that, but she also had close to zero interest in any of the men that those insecure women were married to. She was there for the kids, most of them were good, easy to get along with and Jessica was naturally good with them. If she had any interest in getting married or settling down so soon, she would have made a decent mother.

    At seven on the dot, Jessica was walking up the steps of the Fannel's house and ringing the doorbell. She shifted her weight from foot to foot and passed her cell phone from one hand to the other as she waited for someone to come to the door. Her mother had neglected to tell her anything about the family, as she was under the impression that Jessica already knew them. She was a little nervous about it, but put on a smile when the door was opened.
  2. Behind the door, there was the sound of little pattering feet from behind the door. The sound faded off to the back of the house and it was quiet for a moment. Before long, there were heavier footsteps coming over to to the door and it was Matthew who opened the door. His eyes landed on Jessica and he seemed a bit curious.

    "You must be Jessica, yes?" He raised an eyebrow curiously and opened up the door wider to let her in. Pushing the door closed behind her, he smiled lightly and started to lead her towards the living room. "Make yourself at home. I'll go get Florence." He motioned to the couch with his hand and started to walk off, turning the corner as he went in search of his two year old child.
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