lonely doesn't last forevern (rp with Lewi)

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  1. There he was, the lone hermit, in his little home area in the woods keeping to himself as he usually would. He never would leave ever since that incident happened causing him to shut himself out from the world. He stayed in his home and only studied magic.
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    Kieara was a new person in the town close to him. She had no idea of him. However she was looking for the miller that lived near town. She needed some flour to do some baking. She stumbled across his home wondering if this was the place. So she came up and knocked.
  3. The man jumped slightly after hearing knocking on his door. "Who could that be?" He asked himself as he went over to his door and opened it slightly. "Hello?" The man said seeing a girl. "What do you want no one ever come here" The man said
  4. She jumped a little at his hatefulness and she spoke. "I was looking for the miller?....you're not him?" She asked him softly and held her basket in both hands in front of her.
  5. "No I'm not the miller he the other way" The man said before closing his door. "She's probably not even from around here...I had no right to snap at her like that" The man said to himself as he went back to studying magic.
  6. She frowned. This man seemed so lonely out here. Perhaps tomarrow she'd come visit him. She smiled and she headed off to the millers already preparing her thoughts for tomarrow.
  7. The man sighed as he closed his book and turned off the light. "I'll continue my work another day right now I'm tired..." The man said to himself as he headed off to sleep
  8. The next morning Kieara returned. She had a basket of warm Danishes she'd baked some apple cider and some fresh preserves. She gently knocked on his door and waited.
  9. The man woke up after hearing a light knock and got up before opening his door slowly. "Hell-" The man soon stopped shortly after seeing it was the girl again. "Listen I'm sorry but I am probably not who you are looking for" The man said
  10. She smiled. "Actually you are." She said sweetly. "My names Kieara. I noticed you lived so far out here and I figured it gets lonely sometimes...so...I brought you some breakfast." She offered the basket. It was still warm.
  11. "I actually chose to be alone...and yes it does get lonely being out here but I am used to the empty quiet here" The man said looking at the food. "Thank you but...you didn't need to bring me food" The man said as he was about to close the door
  12. she frowned softly. "I wanted to..." It wasn't exactly a short walk from town to bring him something. She spoke. "Well, I won't bother you then. Have a good day." She left the basket on the porch.
  13. The man stopped feeling bad before opening the door again. "Hey wait...listen I'm sorry I'm not used to talking to other people...or other people actually going out of their way to bring me breakfast..." The man said
  14. She smiled. "It's alright. I will return tomarrow for my basket." She spoke and she gave him a charming grin. "Enjoy." She turned back around and headed off needing to get home.
  15. "Alright...bye" The man said bringing the basket into his house before sighing. "She actually went out of her way and brought me something to eat..." The man smiled before he ate one of the danishes
  16. She kept her word. The next day she was back. This time she'd brought a pair of warm men's gloves. The winter was almost here and it was supposed to be bad. She gently knocked on the door. She'd sewn them herself.
  17. The man grabbed the basket and opened his door this time having a small smile as he gave the basket back. "Thank you for the food yesterday it was good" The man said. "I forgot to give you my name yesterday my name is Kira" The man said
  18. She smiled in return gently taking the basket. "My name is Kieara. Nice to meet you Kira. Here. I made you some gloves. I know it's supposed to be a harsh winter. Out here by yourself I am sure chopping wood happens often."
  19. "Actually I don't chop wood...I keep warm by using m-" Kira stopped there before thinking about something before he continued. "I use magic to keep warm" Kira said
  20. She smiled. "So you're a wizard. That's fascinating. Even a wizard needs a good warm pair of gloves though to protect his hands so he can cast spells in the cold." She offered them to him.
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