Lone White Wolf

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  1. ***~~PARTNER NEEDED~~***

    The full moon hangs high in the clear night sky, visible just over the tree line. A light breeze rustles the leaves from the wide range of tall trees making up the forest.

    The uneven running of a lone wolf is heard rushing through the trees. She pushes past the brush ignoring the stinging and pulling of the thorns and branches. Her fur, once silky and glowing, clean from debris, is now tangled and dirty, bloody, some wounds still seeping blood. Akira, is her name. Akira squeezes between two closely growing trees, trips from a root sticking up from the ground and yelps twisting her hind legs ankle and tumbling landing on her shoulder. She pushes herself up gritting her teeth and runs, not stopping for another few hours of running.

    Akira collapses in the late night, underneath a tree, knowing she is safe, the rouges lost her trail. She'd been on the run for some time now, and it's taken a toll on her. Her bones can be seen through her fur, she's always weak and shaking from exhaustion, and little, very little food and water. A light streaming of water is heard from a nearby river, she can hear it and her throat seems to feel drier than ever. She whimpers as she realizes she's too weak to get up again. Her chest heaving and wounds bleeding, her body aching and burning all over, she begins to fall unconscious, into a deep sleep. Right before completely falling into dreamland her ear picks up the faint sound, of a twig snapping or branch moving possibly? "..noo..." She whimpers. Falling asleep, she hopes to get away, for the rouges to stop, to actually feel safe again, find help, or, if whatever was creeping up to her, for it to just end her.

    [Here's a description of my OC if it helps->
    Name: Akira
    Species: Wolf
    Eye color: Gold-Green
    Fur: Pure white fur, no markings.
    Rank: Lone wolf (Alpha's Daughter )
    Notes: Is an Alpha's daughter. Her pack (Moonstone Pack) was killed by rouges who are now after her. :3]
  2. Name: Macë
    Species: Housecat
    Eye colour: Silver-Blue
    Fur: Black with grey streaks
    Notes: A lone cat born in the wild, she hunts for herself but will help other if needed.

    Macë prods Akira with one paw, dropping a dead squirrel in front of her. "Oi! You alright? You're kinda in the way of my path up the tree."
  3. Akira twitches, coming back into consciousness slowly. She suddenly jerks upright and growls snapping at Macë not realizing what she is still in a slight daze. When her eyes focus she stops herself from lunging at her, confused. "U-uhh.."
  4. Macë sits there, unfazed, as she looks Akira up and down. "You're a wreck. What happened?"
    She lowers her head, her teeth ripping into the squirrel. She tears a bit of meat from the body, pushing it to Akira. "Eat first, before you tell me though.
  5. Kii devours the meat in seconds. "..thank u... I shouldn't be telling u all this but- my pack was killed by rouges, a ton of them, they are after me now because I'm alpha's daughter. Im the only survivor from my pack that i know of.. That's the basic summary. Who are u?"
  6. She smiles. "The name's Macë. I'm a cat, as you can probably tell, and I figured that you'd need some help. You seem pretty harmless, considering the rest of the wolves that come by here."
  7. "..hey Macë. ...Hey I'm NOT harmless!" Kii growls. "Wait, what other wolves have come by he-" She passes out again before she finishes.
  8. Macë rolls her eyes, prodding Akira with a paw again. "There's a whole pack around here. In case you can hear me."
  9. Akira remains unconscious.
  10. Macë glances around, then grabs branches and leaves and proceeds to rub her scent all over them and Akira, then placing the vegetation over the wolf to mask her presence. She rolls and pushes a few medium-sized rocks near Akira to make it look even more natural, then nods at her work. Macë climbs the tree above Akira, laying on a branch and going boneless. She sleeps.
  11. Kii wakes up again after a while. "..what is that smell? Wtf is on me ?" She says confused. "..Macë" She groans realizing it was probably her.
  12. The cat is asleep on a branch high above Akira's head, looking like a black smudge against the night sky.
  13. Kii looks up and sees the cat. "Hello? Macë?"
  14. The cat stretches her head out, peering down at Kii. "Myyyaaoo?"
  15. " Why are u helping me?" Kii asks as she sits up and stretches her sore stiff muscles.
  16. "Cause I don't like it when anyone is hurt. Hell, I'd help humans if I needed to."
  17. "Thank u, your very kind" kii smiles.
  18. Macë smiles back. "I try to be. You hungry?"
  19. "..I'm oka-" Kii's stomach growls interrupting what she was saying. She looks down. "Heheh.."
  20. Macë hops down from the branch, trotting deeper into the forest. "Alright, stay here. I'll be back later."