Lone Digger (NOT COMPLETE)

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  1. Welcome to Lone Digger a Bar/Dance Club.

    first floor contains the bar area and smoking area.


    Second floor contant a the Dance club

    Third floor contant the nasty and we would wish you keep it there please and thank you!



    Owner: Nathaniel (Nate) (AKA ME)

    Bartender: (Open)

    Dancer: (Open)

    Guest: (Always open)
  2. Charater Sheet:

    Real age:
    Background: (Not needed)
    Race Background: (Slightly needed)
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Nathaniel (Nate)
    Age: 20
    Real age: 20 million years old
    Race: Angle? (WHO KNOWS!)
    Plant: Espia (Es-Pee-A) Aka Heaven
    Appearance: Tattoos all on his arm and back, about 5'9-6'0, black baggy top,
    Weapon: Spear (His spear can multiply)
    Ability: Immense Endurance, Immense Speed, Levitation, Metal Beaning
    Job: Gate keeper of heaven and hell(Former), Owner of Loner Digger
    Rank: Ranked 'E And S' Angle(Former/Still is in a way), Wanted man, Owner.
    Background: haha -Blows smoke- like I'll tell you shit. Get out of my sight.
    Race Background: N/A (Ill talk about it later when I have something for him XD you can do this!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.