London: The Omen of Farsted

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    This world is full of mystery and strange happenings.

    Where the grime and spit sink to the bottom and the privileged travel to the top.

    Many scrape by in this world only to be able to eat.

    Otherwise the people search for false hope to be able to claim their fill.

    Now there is a new smell to the city instead of it's normal sickly smell.

    There is a subtle fragrant odor, something is... different.

    This Gaslamp fantasy is based around a series of murders that have recently occurred within the town. Many are pointing fingers when they have now clue who the murderer may be. All of the police are baffled and dumbfounded at this case and cannot find the killer. So, Judge Albert Turpin has issued a one thousand pound reward for whomever finds the killer. IF he/she is able to bring the killer back alive the reward will be tripled.

    Appearance(A picture is preferred.)
    Place of Residence:
    Weapon of Choice:

  2. Question: What are your limits for what's allowed as far as the gaslamp fantasy?
  3. Think Sherlock Holmes, The Brothers Grimm, Stardust. Things like that, otherwise just look up Gaslamp fantasy on Wiki. It gives a good description of the sub-genre.
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    Laura Telly Adams


    Laura is curious and very adventurous, she loves to get herself into trouble, and she loves to solve mysterious all by herself. She has a fiery temper that she tries to keep in check, and she is a bit of a seductress as well. She has trust issues, but falls in love easily.

    Place of Residence:
    668 Merrile Lane


    Weapon of Choice:
    Her fists, or a small dagger strapped to her leg

    Laura grew up with her detective like family, and was always a curious girl, and managed to get herself in trouble throughout school and her beginning years of life. She was very educated, because her life was easy, being her parents were quite rich. But she always wanted an adventure to develop in her life, and she got it when a string of murders were reported in her local area.​
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  8. Name: Zeth Ryeal


    Appearance:He is Caucasian (white), about 6 1/2 feet tall. He has a slender physique.
    Zeth has a bit of a big head, his ears are normal sized, and he has a regular-shaped nose
    He has brown, messy hair that gets into his eyes at times. Zeth has brilliant blue eyes that are pretty easy to read.He has a red shirt with blue pants and brown boots. He also has a black trench coat.

    Place of Residence:
    15434 Varden St

    Personality:He always tries to make everyone happy, despite his quiet nature.
    He isn't one for relationships, he feels he would just mess it up, due to his logical thinking.
    He only is sarcastic with his close friends. Although, he isn't the most emotional person.
    If he begins to feel extremely powerful emotions, he begins to slowly loose his sanity.

    Occupation: Police Officer

    Weapon of Choice: Pistol

    History:Ever since he was young, he wanted to do something great in his life.
    He began to show skill in martial arts once his parents entered him into it.
    When he finally began to work with weapons, he showed even more skill, particularly the sword.
    Zeth was also doing great in school, he always was more advanced than other kids.
    He never was the most social person though, others often teased him, but Zeth really never thought much
    of it.
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  12. Name: Leona Jones
    Age: 19
    Appearance: ​
    Place of Residence: 328 austin c.t.
    Personality: Very nice and likes to have fun. She's a little naive though so she tends to get into trouble sometimes.
    Occupation: Librarian
    Weapon of Choice: pocket knife
    History: Leona grew up with two very loving parents, which was rare to have in the area where she grew up. She always adored to read books so her parents made her room into her personal library, which is why she became a librarian. She also loved to help other people and sing. She was in her church choir and she volunteered whenever she had the time.
    She was home-schooled, so she was pretty isolated and never really had any friends. That's a main reason why she was so excited to leave her home and explore the real world. ​
  13. Name: Raven Grimm homles

    Age: 16
    she has long black hair, pale skin and black eyes.

    Place of Residence: 1342 town-village
    Personality: she act like a kid when she not working. she can't talk and is really sirous when she at work
    Occupation: ​
    Weapon of Choice: dagger
    History: she was found on Holmes avenue that how she got her name and because she is good at mastery. She never liked anyone too. she silent and can't talk. she always had paper with her. she wanted to find her mother but never could. she frigged out 20 mastery's for the police.

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