Loméndor - A nontraditional elf roleplay

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  1. This is ONLY inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's elves. IT WILL BE MOSTLY ABOUT ELVES BUT INCLUDE OTHER RACES.


    So my sister and I wanted to start an elf based RP group with the idea of delving more into interpersonal relationships within their world. The elves will be of variety and there will be other races for them to interact with. Do not expect this to be the elegant, brilliant elves you see from most others. We want to look at/show their emotions. The setting will be medieval fantasy(obviously, lol) and mostly a social with drama and the like.

    We do not expect this to be so straight forward and serious. Actually, we're hoping for some really fun and probably random characters to happen along and join in to cause some havoc with the elves! Maybe it's an elf that's bathing in the fountain, nyah?! The other possible races would include but are not limited to~
    Skin Changers
    and more to come!! Anyone interested in a nontraditional elven roleplay then?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.