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  1. t y l e r
    Gym class.


    Tyler hated gym class. Not only was he terribly uncoordinated, he was also greatly unfit and was scared of getting hit in the face with a ball. But, it was mandatory, and the brunet was not exactly the rebellious type, so he sucked it up and tried to not accidentally kill himself, or someone else.

    The class was playing badminton today. Due to the debacle of the Great Tennis Match a few months previously, in which two 'teammates' had a massive fight that got them both expelled, the teacher now sorted the class into pairs for such games. And, of course, due to his terrible luck, Tyler had been paired with Cedric.

    He picked at the fraying hem of his gym uniform shirt as he walked over to Cedric. The memories of their adolescence were still fresh in Tyler's mind, but he guessed the other boy had forgotten them by now. He was forgettable, after all. And Cedric had a girlfriend.
  2. Cedric
    Gym. Gym was Cedric's favorite class, and the only subject he managed to always make an A in. In all honesty it was the highlight of his day, a class in which he was friends with every other student. Well, every other student except for one, and that one was Tyler.

    It wasn't that Cedric didn't like him, or that he didn't enjoy seeing him every day, the only issue was that Tyler just never seemed to be excited when Cedric was paying attention to him. That's why, when Cedric heard his name being paired up with Tyler's, he couldn't help but feel his stomach twist in knots. Gym was supposed to be a hype class, where you ran around and set yourself free but it was clear that gym wasn't Tyler's subject.

    With a sigh, Cedric glanced towards their teacher. He knew that this was punishment for his rowdy behavior after the game last night. So what if he got a little excited and threw the ball so far that it broke the scoreboard? It wasn't his fault he didn't know his own strength. His eyes turned onto the other boy as he tried to smile, "Hey there Tyler, are you ready to play today? You're my partner, so you know we have to win."​
  3. t y l e r
    Tyler could tell Cedric didn't want to be partnered with him. That was fair. He sucked. Tyler grabbed a badminton racquet, having half the mind to say "It's just a fucking game, dude." He refrained from doing so. Tyler made his way to the court and took his position.

    He tried. He really did try. He just was naturally uncoordinated. He managed to score a few points, but the only reason he and Cedric won the first game was because Cedric was just good at it.

    "I'll, um, stay out of your way next time," sighed Tyler as the match ended. "Sorry for clipping your shoulder."
  4. C e d r i c
    Cedric was working extra hard to make up for all of Tyler's mistakes, it involved a lot of running in front of his partner to hit a few extra points, but overall it wasn't so bad. The only issue was that after the game he was absolutely exhausted.

    Leaning over himself with his hands on his knees, he was panting softly. He reached up to furrow his hand into his own hair to fix it, but then he smiled at Tyler. "It's okay, it wasn't that bad." That was a lie, but he wasn't going to worry about it since they won. Placing a hand onto Tyler's shoulder, he showed him a happy face. "You just need a little more practice, you know?" He was snickering.

  5. t y l e r
    Tyler could tell that Cedric was bullshitting around to not hurt his feelings -- and he was snickering at him -- and that pissed him off. "You know, you don't have to be such a cunt just because I'm not good at sport," he spat as they made their way to the next court for the next match. Tyler then said the one thing jocks hated to hear. "It's just a fucking game."

    Aggravated, Tyler took the shuttlecock and whacked it with all the strength he could muster. He was really pissed, and he scored a point. Why did Cedric have to be such an asshole to him? Because he was gay? Because he had kissed him as a kid? He needed to get over it.
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