LokixThor Arranged Marriage

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Hey there fellow fans of Thor and Loki. Alright I'll get down to the details.

So im looking for someone interested in doing a ThorXLoki and they play Thor. I would play Loki and you would play Thor.

Loki was never taken by Odin back at the end of the first war. So years later, Thor grows up alone and when it is time for him to become king during the ceremony on Asgard the casket is stolen by Loki and two other frost giants who are killed during the heist. Thor and Odin go to Jotunheim to get it back where Lafey confronts his mischievous son and Odin and him decide the best way to restore peace is to marry the two sons and as there is no female Jotuns, Loki is capable of getting pregnant (Though that can change if anyone is un-comftorble with that). The two are worst enemies but have to learn to get along.

The plot isn't set in stone so if you have any other LokixThor ideas then Im in.
Not open for further replies.