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Helloo I hope you're having a lovely day.

Yes the commissions status is open! I had to update rules and examples so what you see here is what you get.

I am currently offering digital art commissions, and before we get all excited let's get some rules out of the way.

What won't I do?
-Anything depicting hate

What will I do?
-Cat girls/boys etc.
-Moderate gore/blood

I reserve the right to refuse any commissions that I feel do not fit the rules!

So what does this all cost?
A bust/portrait is 20 USD
Halfbody is 25 USD
Fullbody is 30 USD
Each extra character is +15
Large backgrounds are +10
Design cost (should you wish for me to design the subject) is +10
I am now offering a character sheet deal which consists of two flat coloured full bodies and a full shaded portrait. It is up to you if you want text included or not, and this is 50 USD. The addition of a character designed is 10 USD on top of that.

Now that those are out of the way how does this work?
I require half of total pay upfront. Turnover time is 1-2 weeks, If you have a deadline let me know, and if the project will take more than 2 weeks I will let you know. Once the first installment of payment is made I will begin a sketch, that sketch will be shown to you for approval. If you like I can share regular updates with a watermark. Once the project is done I'll send a watermarked version your way, and once the final installment of payment is made I will send off the unwatermarked version.

Payment will be via paypal only at this time.

2 minor edits and 1 major edit is allowed before the price is bumped up.

I reserve the right to post the finished project on DA, social media, etc. It would be lovely if you gave credit wherever you repost the piece. Let me know if you have an account you want credited.

What do we do now?
You may message me here but I vastly prefer to be contacted via email When you contact me please include the following
Your Email (so that we can talk privately and exchange files)
Information on the subject of the piece (the character) Including references and descriptions. Specifics are welcome.
Project type (bust/halfbody/fullbody)
Purpose of this project (ie. will it be printed and thus needs to be a certain size?)

Anything else?
I have 2 slots open at a time so I don't overwhelm myself. You may request more than one piece but they will be counted as separate projects and will each take up one slot.

That's a wrap, have a lovely day!

I'll try to post regular recent examples but here are a few to get started.
Erin CS.png
Amanita signed.png
Keien WIP8.png
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The party F.png
A Christmas present done for my friends of our DnD party.
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Now really new but new here nonetheless.
I've been neglecting this thread and focusing on other things but here's a new piece.
As you can see commissions are still open and I'm a bit desperate.
Eliance 2WIP.png
Almost forgot to post this LOL.