Loki x Angrboda [MXM]

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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Dark Fiction, Dark NonFiction, Eh a dash of romance here and there is appreciated. If it has a good plot, I'm in. Horror is also welcome.
Hello there, I'm Sav and I'm looking to do a 1x1 RP concerning Loki, set in the Marvel Universe with a few twists here and there. According to Norse Mythology, Loki was married and had 4 children which were all banished. His third wife was a frost Giant named Angrboda.

I've fallen in love with the Loki and Angrboda pairing and I'm searching to find a dedicated partner.

All I ask is that my partner can match my lengthy and detailed replies--at the very least, make an attempt. Decent grammar and spelling, and they must be familiar with the Marvel movies and a little bit of Norse Mythology.

Pairings: MXM OR MXF

Alright, before I'm swamped with MxF, I want to let you all know that I've had horrible experiences with MxF in the past, I tend to always be the male--Which I don't mind, but the female characters... I'm not even going to get into it. Just know that If I turn down your MxF request, it's NOTHING personal, I'm just very picky about my MxF.

Also, I have so many very dark and gritty ideas for Angrboda, so if anyone's interested in doing a mxf with me as the f, that'd be really amazing, but I'm versatile.


For the mxm pairing, Angrboda would be male. This pairing would also contain mpreg If your interested let me know, but I don't do Seme and Uke pairings, only Versatile! I'm sorry, but unless you can assure me that your uke won't be some flimsy, stereotypical, 'can't help myself' character, no thank you. Vers. relationships are much more realistic, I assure you, plus they're more fun to RP. Heh.

For details on the plot PM ME! or leave a message below, THANKS!
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