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  1. Downtown was the heart of Republic City; a bustling melting pot reflecting the architecture, food and culture of each Nation. Automobiles and motorcycles raced along the congested cobblestone streets, and there was the ever constant rumble of the railroad tracks. Here, the most refined and well-respected nobility mixed with the poorest vagrants. Filthy street children flocked each corner, begging coin from the high society ladies on their way to fine dining and theater. Amid the towering high rise buildings, massive police airships drifted in the sky, promising to defend civilians, reminding criminals that someone was always watching.

    Everyone knew, however, that Downtown Republic City belonged to the Triple Threat Triad. Their presence was everywhere. No one – shopkeepers, civilians, or the Metalbending Police – could escape the tight control they wielded over Downtown. Some believed the Triple Threat Triad’s reign lowered the outbreak of violence, for outside criminals were too fearful of the retribution they would receive from stepping on Triad turf. Others maintained the organization were vicious gangsters who abused their bending abilities and endangered the streets they supposedly protected.

    Either way, the Triple Threat Triad ruled Downtown, and they weren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    Raijin ‘Rainmaker’ Yukata parked his motorcycle, which he affectionately referred to as ‘Baby,’ by the curbside of a popular shopping district. He was tall and lanky; his impossibly long limbs should have made him look incredibly awkward astride that motorcycle, but he instead appeared perfectly relaxed and at ease. Like many residents of Republic City, he was of mixed ancestry, born to an Earth Kingdom father and Water Tribe mother, though he inherited most of his appearance from the latter. He had the dashing good looks of nobility, with slicked back black hair and cerulean-blue eyes which were piercingly bright against his coffee-colored complexion. He dressed elegantly in a three-piece suit, with a white high-collared shirt and fitted gray vest and trousers. The long, blue duster jacket billowing behind him and his knee-high black boots added a touch of grittiness to his person that made it evident he didn’t belong to the aristocracy.

    He dismounted the two-wheeled vehicle smoothly, and smirked as he noticed several shopkeepers peering hesitantly out of their store windows. Apparently, the roar of his motorcycle was familiar enough to alert them of his arrival, and make the vendors nervous.

    He wasn’t here to collect protection fees, not today. He was simply going to meet a new initiate from the Triads, size them up, and begin training if he deemed them worthy. At merely 22 years of age, the Waterbender was one of the most notorious enforcers in Republic City. He didn’t impose an intimidating figure, and was too genial and charming to be aggressive, but ‘the Rainmaker’ was a lethal Waterbender and martial fighter, deftly using his grace and fluidity to turn his opponent’s strength against them.

    The Triad bosses set his meeting up in a popular Downtown restaurant called the House of Flame, famous for having a kitchen comprised entirely of Firebenders. While the Waterbending Fire Department frequently had to make visits to dispel the accidental flares scorching the kitchen, the restaurant boasted the best cuisine and fine dining in the city, and typically had month long waiting lists.

    As he approached the restaurant, Raijin could see a line of aristocrats forming outside waiting to be permitted entrance, well-dressed men in immaculate suits with their decorated wives or mistresses in flowing ball gowns at their sides. Without a word, Raijin casually bypassed all of them; he received his fare share of glowers and indignant comments, but no one attempted to stop him because his blue duster marked him as a Triad bender.

    Once he slipped inside the House of Flame, the maître d recognized him straight away, and began bowing repeatedly, his manner flustered and exaggeratedly polite.

    “Mister Yukata! It’s a pleasure to see you, sir. Come follow me right away, your guest is already here!”
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  2. (( Sorry it took so long - I was having a difficult time with the introduction. v.v' Anyways, I have a reference picture for Isao/Kazuhiro, if you'd like to see it. ))

    Isao Aoyama worked for the Republic City police force. The male was 24 years of age with a creamy, hazelnut complexion and a head full of thick light, ashy brown hair that was often only brushed through, the tresses a bit shaggy and long. He had light, icy blue eyes that were framed by short darker lashes and darker, slightly slanted eyebrows to match. His face was usually always clean-shaven and was naturally stoic and serious, perhaps a bit playful. He stood tall at 6'0" with a body of athletic build and was most often seen in professional formal wear.

    He was born in the Southern Water Tribe but in search of a new and secure job when he was eight, his father, native to the South but a non-bender, moved him and his mother, a firebender, to the great Republic City, the largest and most modern city of the United Republic of Nations. The streets were always busy, clamored especially Downtown, but the bustling of it all was able to give Isao's father a job and his family a home.

    Surrounded in this new environment, Isao was able to crack down on his firebending skills by being taught through his mother. Having a natural talent for it, the boy was able to master most of its power and in return was granted the ability to generate lightning, a skill common in the grand city and allowing the teenager to start his work at an electrical power plant. But soon he found that he had a very specific set of skills, and in conquering them, he found his passion to set his career in the police force.

    Now, Isao Aoyama has been granted with a very complex and dangerous mission.

    To infiltrate and take down the Triple Threat Triad, a notorious criminal organization that reigned over the Downtown area in a thick blanket of power and fear, entirely led by one man; Lightning Bolt Zolt. Isao managed to set up a meeting with one of the Triad's members that scouted for new recruits, having the date located in the House of Flame, a famous restaurant with exquisite dining. From inside the deluxe restaurant, the firebender could spot the long line where wealthy men and women waited to dine.

    One thing about being undercover is that you could be anyone. As long as you fit the job description. For Isao Aoyama, those specific set of skills came in handy. He was given a completely new identity, one that he learned and memorized and succeeded in being. And as he waited inside the House of Flame, he was no longer Isao.

    He was Kazuhiro (referred to as Kazu) Aichi. He had the same colors as Isao, only his face was graced with a light stubble. The man's hair was shaven off at the sides of his head except for three braids on each side and leaving a bit of a wavy mohawk as a strip - this was styled in order to get him more 'in character'. It definitely gave him stares that yelled out, 'Are you even supposed to be here?' But his attire shushed the mouths from whispering as he was dressed in a spiffy - albeit slightly casual - suit of dark greys, blacks, and rich reds. But like Raijin, Kazu also wore knee-high boots, black with red trimming. Unlike Raijin, however, the firebender only dressed to to let his recruiter know he was in for it, not to tell people of his status.

    Both of his earlobes were stretched, but not hugely, and in place held hand-carved black horn crescents. On his left ear, he wore a long, silver ear cuff.

    Kazuhiro Aichi was his own person. Isao Aoyama was no more.
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