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  1. The Iwaku Show is looking for some creative input for its logo. Let your ideas flow and come up with spectacular examples. The winner of this little contest here will have their logo displayed on the Iwaku Show every time along with their name. (unless of course you would like to remain anonymous then just pm me for further details.)

    So get them minds working to create a nice and grand logo for us to sport on the Iwaku and hopefully it will attract more people to the site ;).


    -Lettering: At the very least I and S should be used in the logo. This way people can link the picture with the words Iwaku Show.

    -Color Scheme: Although Iwaku has always sported a nice black and white logo for awhile it would be nice to seem some color. (Remember the logo does not and probably shouldn't be "FAAAABULOOOOOUS")

    -Size: Remember this will have to fit in something 640x480. So please try to keep your picture to correct size.

    Thank you all participants.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  2. Any deadline for this?
  3. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    "Treat it like it's a game. She likes games," Crossfire said with a smirk. Virtually everyone else in Hushcobb would've been surprised the serious man could smirk. But Engel was virtually family. That just meant she had the rare luxury of being annoyed with him and that idiotic grin of his.

    "Treat it like it's a game...easy for you to say," the surgeon grumbled. With a sigh, she trotted off after the Hennessy girl.

    "Um...Erika?" she ventured uneasily. The girl was mercurial to say the least. Engel had a finger on the trigger of one gauntlet, just in case. Fortunately, when the teenager spun to consider her, it was with curiosity, not rampant insanity or bloodthirstiness. "Uh...." Games, huh. Let's see how she likes this game, Engel thought. Aloud, she rushed out, "I bet you can't kill more monsters than Crossfire!"

    Erika grinned. And then grinned wider at the challenge. "Is that so?" Around her floating not only the six guns, but several street signs, a lamp, and several other rather heavy pieces of scrap she telekinetically hoisted from the ground. "Mr. Tall, Dark, and Gloomy's pretty good polishing off that gun of his...but only a woman knows how to make it fire, catch my drift?" She cackled at her own off-color joke.

    Engel ducked as a street sign spun past her, only to carve through a small pack of fishmen on the approach. It seemed Erika was putting all her chips into the pile and all too eager to wage a one-woman massacre on the monsters infesting Hushcobb.

    "That was...surprisingly easy," Engel muttered.

    "I told you it would work."

    Engel virtually leaped out of her boots and spun angrily at Crossfire, standing right behind her. "Son of a bitch, Taka!" she shouted, using the man's real name. "Don't scare me like that!" He raised an eyebrow at her from behind his sunglasses. "Never mind. I forgot who I was talking to. Ninjas are louder than you are."

    "...Hayato was quieter. Except around you."

    Engel paused at that. Those damned sunglasses made it impossible for her to read the older man's mood. Her own mood became somber at the name. Hayato had liked games, too. "Now's not the time to reminisce," she said softly, but with finality.

    "Indeed." Crossfire pointed. "It seems Hennessy is not the only convict who escaped."

    Engel followed his finger. The Jersey Devil was facing off against several agents...and a youth that seemed to phase right through the objects the creature threw at him. Then the boy phased into the Jersey Devil, with the massive creature suddenly behaving erratically before it crashed into the ground; the boy tumbled out of it, none the worse for wear.

    Crossfire's hand moved to another location. They were on the edge of the suburbs, where housing for many of the agents was set up. A nest of vampires was crawling over one such building, but they seemed to be vigorously scrapping with a humanoid...that was capable of shifting his body into whatever form or weaponry he required.

    "Wyatt Pasternak and Zeroth," Engel said, recognizing the youth and the shapeshifter from their files.

    "Our agents are being overwhelmed," Crossfire said in a tone Engel recognized all too well. Between Crossfire and Hayato, the former was the smarter one, the tactician in the family. This was his tactical acumen at play. "Hennessy, Pasternak, and Zeroth might be the key to turning this battle to our favor. While disorganized, we will surely fail - but if we can recruit Pasternak and Zeroth in addition to Hennessy, we might just be able to save the town."

    "You better get to Zeroth, then," Engel said. When he looked at her, she explained in a deadpan, "Come on, Taka - it's you. If I was a kid and you came up to me, I'd shit my pants. I'll take care of the boy."

    A ghost of a smile played across his lips.
  4. I'll see what I can russle up.
  5. Just 8 more days including today. Soon we will see what everyone has created.
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