Logic's Writing Challenge #1: Bittersweet Endings

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  1. There are many scenes in movies, video games, books, etc. that make us feel really sad but happy yet because of the outcome in the end for the main character. Or even a side character. So, your goal here is to make a meaningful bittersweet ending to a story. Make the audience either silent with emotion or verbal with phrase, make people want to beat you with the feels stick. It could be anything, get very creative while doing this. I want to be surprised by what I read.

    The main goal:
    -Make it a meaningful ending suiting to the story
    -It has to be at least a paragraph long, if you can pull it off in one paragraph and impress me with it you get a bow
    -Include the plot, like the summery you read on the back of a book


    Landon was a typical adolescent, the tender age of thirteen he was. His father had been a merchant on the high seas when his ship was attacked. Everyone on board was killed, including Marian Landon, Gale Landon’s father. His mother had been very ill after the birth of his baby sister Sally just short of a year ago. This left thirteen year old Landon alone; no other family members came for him. They took Sally away from him, and left him to die in England.
    Years pass, and Landon is actually a very infamous pirate of some sorts. He does everyone’s dirty work for a quick coin, and goes to sleep with a clear head. But it isn’t long until he recognizes one of his targets to be none other than Sally Mae Worthing, the daughter of the high duke. But he is sure that she isn’t there on her own wish, so, instead of planning to kill her, he plans to rescue her and take her to a new life.

    The Ending
    Rain beat down heavily as a frail figure pulled himself along the beach, leaving a blood trail as he went. All he could smell was iron…all he could taste. His wounds didn’t hurt anymore as he rested against a palm tree, clutching his side. He was wearing almost nothing but a simple brown tunic and lighter brown leggings. His eyes searched for her; Sally. He knew that she was here, waiting for him. Hiding; but from what?

    Looking up at the rain, he closed his eyes as the cold droplets of water showered his face. It wouldn’t be long until those guards showed up, but that was the point. If they had been half as interested in Jenna and Tex like they were with him, they’d have won the battle for the island. He could rest assured that his idea had worked and that Tex, the man who had been the first victim to Landon’s selfishness, and Jenna, the love of his life could finally know freedom after being locked up for four years in that prison, full of death and disease. He could never bring life back into their baby, but Landon could assure them that they would live a happier life out of the darkness.

    It was getting hard for him to breath; exhaustion was taking the toll on his body. He’d lost everyone…everything. He tried so hard…so hard…to keep Sally from harm and to raise this island into a people’s republic. All he was met by was death and tragedy, mistakes and misfortune. He gave a slight cry at the memories, the only pain he’d feel before he died. Suddenly a warm feeling worked its way into his body, and he felt as if he were pulled out in some way. Opening his eyes, all he could see for a brief second was a very bright light, unsure of even the colour. Looking back, the guards finally found him leaning against that palm tree. He looked as if he’d just fallen asleep. He felt like he should have panicked over this, but felt a strange sense of calmness wash over him.

    Turning, he walked towards the light and got the feeling that he wasn’t alone. The strong smell of pine and wood hit his nose as he finally dared to look. His heart skipped a beat when he recognized those who now stood in front of his very eyes. Marian Landon, his father who’d been slain abroad, Victoria Landon, his mother who’d died of a fever, James and Kennedy….Sally. There Sally stood; the sickness that had taken her didn’t seem to have left that haunted look it had given her while she drew breath. The depression, the darkness, felt lifted from his heart. Yet, his mind traced back to Tex and Jenna, his best friends. They would be expecting him back, needing him. They were like the family he lost, and now they’d lost him.

    He would never return to that life again, and one day, he would see the young woman named Jenna, the girl he called, “Daughter.”