Logic's Search and Quest for a roleplayer

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So! I have a terrible hankering for a certain type of roleplay. Mainly one kind lately.

I have this idea for a criminalxcriminal (or criminalxagent).

Criminal x Criminal

Two warring groups are fighting over territory in a large city. One member from a gang (The Lazuli) wants nothing to do with the fight, but because his family is deeply involved with this gang, he really can't escape the fighting. So one day he drives off on his motorcycle to get away from it all for a day and runs into the other group's (The Bloodlets) leader's daughter (or son if you want to do an MxM) who quite coincidentally also just wanted to get away. They end up deciding to meet each other every day here, or whenever they can, to help find out how to end the feud.

Criminal x Agent

A man from the Lazuli has been captured by the feds and is put into prison. However, one of the agents in the Behavioural Unit is convinced that the gang warrior could help him/her/other in the case against the Lazuli's leader. The man agrees and the two travel together, but soon the agent realizes that they'd bitten off more than they could chew when the leader turns out to be the mayor of the city, and that not even the gang member knew.

The only rules I have are these:

-Absolutely no rape, incest, water play or bathroom stuff
-You write at least a paragraph. I really don't like working with one liners or three, but I can settle for the smaller paragraphs.
-Please keep OOC in messages, not in the reply.
-No anime pictures please

I prefer this in Libertine section but might do a fade to black for sex scenes. With the right writing, I can do more explicit scenes, but I'm starting to phase them out. Talk to me if you want to do more explicit and I will work with you on it!
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