LogicfromLogic's Guide to Happiness

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  1. So, there are many problems we run into in our lives that we feel puts a halt on everything. From the girl struggling to cope with a break up to the man fighting a divorce with his wife, to the elderly woman who just lost her husband, to the young child that found out he has leukemia, life is hard. Sometimes we wonder about how we are actually going to move on with our lives, or ever going to get through it. Happiness seems like a hopeless dream now. I mean, who could ever be happy again after so much has happened? You are alone, hurt and nobody understands it.

    But, there are many ways to get back to a new life. Things won't be the same again, but you can try your best to live a happier life. Now my advice isn't going to be the best for everyone, or anyone perhaps. But I can try to lend it, in hopes that is does help someone.

    So, what is my advice? I'll break it down into steps. (I'm not saying that advice is going to cure cancer or anything like that, nor settle a problem, but to help you get through it easier)

    Step 1

    Step back, breathe. Clear your mind of all the doubts you have, and think of what used to make you happy. and then clear that from your mind once more; who you were ten minutes ago isn't who you are now. Now think of what has recently made you smile, laugh. If you haven't, think of random things. Do you like coffee? What about puppies? Go out and do something you feel like you would enjoy. And really put your heart into it; ignore those negative thoughts that drag you back to whatever is troubling you.

    Step 2

    Write whatever you did down to every last detail you can remember. Put the journal up for about a half hour and return to it, read what you wrote. Draw a picture even, if it feels like you haven't been able to fully feel it. But read that every day, and add new experiences to it. It is important that you only write down your good experiences in this.

    Step 3

    Get another journal and write down every bad thing happening in your life. Everything; talk to it like you are talking to a therapist, or like a close friend. Let yourself cry about it, or let your emotions out. And then put the journal somewhere you can't get to easily. The expression of negative emotions is vital to the health of the mind, and helps you see happiness again.

    Step 4

    Find out what makes you love life. Instead of stewing on all the negative things, look on the other side of the coin and look outside. Maybe there's a snowman in the winter that looked cute, maybe it was the nice fall breeze or the warm feeling of the sun in summer. There is always something good about the day; what is good about yours? it's hard to see it when we are stuck in a depression, because that hangs over us like a storm cloud. But learn to be the sun in the storm.

    Life gets hard, but there is always a reason to smile. At least, that's what I've always found. I hope this helps all ya'lls. I've always found happiness in humour.
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