Logical yes?

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  1. Add your own logical ramblings.

    The Facts:

    1. God made woman out of one of Adam's ribs.

    2. Women are glorified ribs.

    3. Ribs are delicious.

    4. Delicious things are meant to be eaten.

    5. Women should be eaten.

    6. Don't look at me like that; that's sound logic.
  2. Of course it's sound logic we already eat out women.
  3. I don't care how logical it is, I won't eat women unless they want to be eaten. (I thought I'd post now, because I've seen that these threads get off topic really fast)
  4. Cannibalism is wrong in most cultures, yo.
  5. heres some of my others please let me know which ones your pushing like about if you like them

    Title: Shizuo amv
    song: would you love a monster man
    artist: lordi
    anime: durarara!!! (may contain spoilers)
    character: shizuo

    This is to satisfie all the shizaya fans out there

    Title: *Shizaya AMV*
    Song: all about us
    artist: t.A.T.u
    anime: durarara
    characters: Izaya and Shizuo

    Title: Ryuga ~Bayblade AMV~
    song: pyromania
    artist: cascada
    anime: Bayblade metal masters, bayblade metal furry, bayblade metal fusion
    character: ryuga

    Title: I will never fall ~Ryuga AMV~
    song: I will not bow
    artist: Breaking Benjamin
    anime: Bayblade metal masters, bayblade metal furry, bayblade metal fusion
    character: ryuga

    Title: Sword Art Online ~Kirito AMV~
    Song: Tell your heart to beat again
    artist: danny gokey (my favorite artist)
    Anime: Sword art online and sword art online 2
    Character: Kirito/kazito

    Title: zeros world
    song: world war me
    artist: see it in izaya one that i first posted
    anime: code geass (both series)
    character: zero/lelouch

    Title: Death Note AMV ~Light Yagami~
    Song: world war me
    artist: Theory of a deadman
    anime: death note
    character: kira/light

    Title: We are family ~team 7 amv~
    Song: we are family
    artist: keke palmer
    anime: naruto
    character: everyone mostly team 7

    Title: One life ~Anime Mix Amv~
    Song: one life
    artist: danny gokey
    animes: Inuyasha, Code Geas, Naruto, Bleach, and fairy tail

    Title: Kakashi Hatake Amv ~colors~
    Song: Colors
    artist: Crossfade
    anime: naruto
    character: kakashi

    Title: Vegeta and Trunks amv
    song: My demons
    artist: Starset
    anime: dragon ball z
    characters: trunks and vegeta

    Killua and gon amv
    song: my demons
    artist: starset
    anime: Hunter x hunter
    characters: killua and gon

    ~gajeel amv~
    song: my own worst enemy
    Artist: casting crowns
    Anime: Fairy tail
    Character: Gajeel

    naruto and kurama amv
    Song: Second hand heart
    artist: danny gokey
    characters: Naruto and kurama
    anime: Naruto

    (two more for first page let em know when your ready for more)
  6. Well...If you go according to the Book of Genesis the First Chapter of Creation man and woman were created at the same time. However, the second story in which more people are familiar with then I guess you can go with the chain of logic, though there's always Lilith who was Adam's first waifu....
  7. ...Sorry. Not a reader of The Good Book, so I don't have a clue where you're going with that, Rory.
  8. Eh, don't worry. None of us ever do.
  9. This is kind of like that "Women are the root of all evil" equation.... Brilliant!
  10. Le sigh. We are not the root of evil, men's DESIRES are!
  11. The John Cena theme?

  12. Hey now Chaos I do :P

    And don't worry everyone is just confused around Rory XD

    Mmmm yes I suppose you are correct Kimama however women also follow through with men's desires so you are just as much as fault. But ya know whatever. ^_^
  13. Rory probably reads it every night before going to bed.

    (And before fapping.)

    Never heard of Lilith in the christian bible. But the tanakh doesn't equal the old testament so much...
  14. Okay, now I don't know what YOU'RE talking about. I hate being a spiritual empty shell.
  15. "...Lyra and I wish you were closer."
  16. Trying to catch up on what's going on with Soneri and Liliya. x-x
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  17. No, no it doesn't. And Lilith is never addressed directly in the Tanakh. She's present in the oral tradition that goes along side of the Bible in Hebrew lore. And of course, going all srs in this thread, women characters in Genesis are equals with the male patriarchs, so dere.


    *Goes back to arguing with Kimmie*
  18. The most logical thing ever! You get a karma cookie!
  19. Headphone Jack (HDJ) is an RP about a country that has outlawed music. Some of the world was vaguely outlined by the GM, but most content is player-driven. In this thread, HDJ members can post their own wiki entries of notable things in order to maintain continuity in this ever-expending, player-driven world.


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