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  1. Okay, here its the thread for our RP. I named it Running Scared because I thought it was cool, then I realized there might be a movie out there called that.. Oh well!
    Here is the CS for my character. Her family will be NPC'd by me.

    Name: Brooke Tomberlin
    Age: 21
    Personality: Brooke is outgoing and loves to have fun, she is spontaneous, she is quite smart.
    Background: Her family went on vacation the summer of her junior year in college, they went to Ireland. While there they hit someone that ran out in front of their car, horrified her family stayed next to the victim that appeared to be dying in the street. When the police arrived they were questioned for hours, the victim lived. The Tomberlin's were flown back to the states immediately even though the crash was deemed pure accident.
    Looks: [​IMG]
  2. "Hello?" Seamus's tired voice answered as the phone rang. Looking at the cloak, it was three thirty in the morn if he read american time correctly. He was in Brooklyn, where the family was reported to have lived. "Seamus. I want their hearts...don't kill the parents. I want the girl, the youngest. I want them to know what they've done...however, make the kill clean," a rough, raspy voice ordered grimly. Seamus closed his eyes, thinking of what kind of monster Aiden McMurphey was. Ordering the murder of an eight year old little girl who did nothing wrong was just...disgusting to Seamus. "Right boss. I won't let you down sir," he replied back, his voice unshaken...emotionless. Hanging up the phone, he laid in bed, unable to get back to sleep.

    Beep. Beep. Beep. A hand flew up from the bed to the night stand, hitting the buzzer. Sitting up, Seamus ran his hand through his thick auburn hair. Normally, it was spiked and looked nice, and his beard was quite a bit tidier than it was. However, he was just getting up. His muscular hairy legs were slumped against the ground as he sat there, too tired to do much. His bare chest bore multiple scars...tales as he called them. Tales of his travels and his troubles, lessons he'd learnt. Running a hand down to his stomach, he remembered the time he'd really almost had it; he was trying to clear a fence when a loud 'boom' had almost burst his eardrums. He'd been shot from the back, the bullet went all the way through, just barely missing his internal organs. He'd learnt the meaning of 'watching your back' that day. He'd been young and reckless.

    Standing up, he wasn't all that tall. standing only five foot eleven, he was about average for a twenty five year old male, weighing around one hundred and sixty. Mustering the energy, he walked into the hotel room bathroom and stripped. A shower was the best way to keep himself awake; it wouldn't be long until Thomas O'Leary came banging on the door for him. He was his IRA partner, who he was sure that the only reason he was sent along was to make sure that he did the dirty deed. 'Vulture,' he thought as he turned on the nozzle. The cold water made him jump but after time the water warmed up. Closing his eyes, he wondered what kind of person he was to ever agree to this. Though he was going to do what he could to protect this family, he still had to make it convincing. He would have to open fire on the family without trying to hit them...maybe even hit one in the leg with a bullet. He felt like vomiting. Shaking his head, he grabbed the shampoo and got to work.

    Pulling the door shut, he'd gotten himself ready for the day...ready to track the family down. No doubt they would be alerted by the news about the IRA making it into the USA, and would be given reason to be scared after discovering that it wasn't just any Irishmen that they'd ran over, but the boss's best friend.
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  3. Brooke laid in bed, her alarm had gone off hours ago, but she had no reason to get out of bed. She was still shaken up for their early departure from Ireland, what had started out as a wonderful family summer vacation turned into horror. They had been driving to some museum Dad had wanted to take them, Gloria her eight year old sister had complained about the fact that museums were boring that they should go to a movie instead. Dad had told her that they didn't have any good movies playing that were appropriate for a girl her age, Gloria threw a tantrum and Dad looked back for a second. That's all it took, a man had been walking on the side of the road, and had turned left to cross the street. Dad never saw him till he was hitting their windshield and then the pavement behind them. She remember it like it was yesterday, they waited for what seemed like hours for help to come, the whole time the guy looked to be dying. Brooke never wanted to see something like that ever again in her life, Gloria had been quiet and reserved the whole trip home and now she hadn't come out of her except to eat. Brooke heard her mother calling for her and she groaned, sitting up she slipped on her slippers and padded down stairs.
    Her mother and father sat in front of the TV, "What mom?" Her mother looked up at her and Brooke saw the fear in them, she hurriedly went over and sat down next to her parents and looked at the TV, they had a news station playing and it was saying something about the IRA breaking ground on US soil. Something about an accident overseas that had brought them over here in search of the ones involved. "I thought we were done with all of that, why would they come looking for us now? They sent us home." Her mother shook her head and got up heading upstairs, slamming the bedroom door, Brooke heard her mother wail at the top of her lungs. "Dad, what the hell? What is going on?" She stood up and looked down at him, fear began to creep up her spine. "Honey, the IRA is something else entirely. You need to go upstairs, get packed only what you need...get dressed and be back down here in 10 minutes. We are leaving." He got up, turning the TV off and headed upstairs to the bedroom he shared with Mom. Brooke ran up the stairs behind him, meaning to question him further but he turned to look at her and the look on his face sent her to her room to do as he had said. First she stopped off in Gloria's room, to see her sitting on her bed with a bag already beside her, full of clothes and belongings she wanted to take with her. "We are running away sister." Gloria's words were so matter of fact and adult like that Brooke didn't know what to say, she just backed up out of the room and went to hers, throwing her clothes in a bag and packing her personal belongings. She was back downstairs in 5 minutes, so was the rest of her family, everyone but her father looked scared, he just looked determined to keep his family safe.
    They all went out the door, throwing their luggage in the back and once they were settled in, they hit the road. Going...well who knew where?
  4. He knew the news would make the family fear for their lives and flee. Rightly so; he as well as O'Leary was after them. He pulled out a piece of paper that had their address on it. The tannish paper was all wrinkled and a little hard to read, but eventually, he was able to discover what it said;

    '1205 W. Central Dr'.​

    Written in bold letters, he pulled out of the driveway in his rental Ford Focus car. Peeling out of the neighborhood, the family had no idea that he was just minutes away from them. The hotel was just a few blocks away; and another advantage Seamus had was that he looked like he could be a businessman or even just a secret service man. That was until he spoke; he had a very heavy Irish accent. It would be a dead giveaway, and they would know who to look for. However, the family couldn't expect to turn to the authorities; the IRA was a strong force. they could break into prisons, hire hands...anyone really. So why send two men after someone? The IRA preferred their own hands for dirty work. He just hoped that he got to them before O'Leary did; and he prayed to whatever god these people might believe in that O'Leary wouldn't catch onto his deception.

    He was pulling up into West Central Drive within five minutes, having a lead foot. He was going slow up the street however to not only see the addresses, but to bide time for the family. O'Leary was going in his own car, probably close by spying on him. But there was no way that O'Leary could figure out what he was doing; Seamus had a good enough reason to go slow because of the address. The smartest move was wrinkling up the note before he left so that it was hard to read, ink smeared. But his heart sunk as the sight of their car was still parked silently in the driveway. 'Time to stir the pot and get these folks on their way,' he sighed as he parked next door. He got out and quietly shut the door, sneaking alongside their house to the back door.

    Giving a sigh, he slammed his foot into the door and broke the lock, the door slamming against the wall. He ran inside, and once he was sure that nobody could see him, fired some warning shots into the ceiling to scare the family...and to make a scene for O'Leary. "Alright folks...you have till the count of three to show yourselves!" he purposely made it so that the family could escape through the front door, so he could be seen chasing after them and so that they could get a head start. He'd bag his head against something to make it look like there had been a fight.​
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  5. Gloria had forgotten something, of course, and she threw a tantrum, they turned around and went back to their house. Dad made every one file out of the car and go back inside, "We stay together, not one second do we let anyone out of our sights. This is a dangerous situation." Brooke was staring out the living room window when they all heard the back door slam against the kitchen wall, her mother jumped and covered her mouth with her hand, Gloria had just stepped off the stairs with her teddy bear. Dad grabbed her and yanked away from the kitchen door and started shuffling his family towards the front door when a voice boomed from the kitchen along with some gun shots. Dad shook his head vigorously when they went to stop, like they were going to file into the kitchen like the booming voice had demanded. He ushered them out of the house and everyone shot back to the car. Brooke slammed her door and no one bothered with their seatbelts while Dad peeled out of the driveway, faster than ever before. He looked back in the rearview mirror, "Is everyone okay? No one was hit by a bullet were they?" They all shook their heads, to shocked to speak. Gloria hurriedly snapped her seatbelt in and Brooke followed suit. "What the hell is going on dad? Why are people kicking in our door and shooting at us?" Her father shushed her, "There is no time to explain yet Brooke, we have to get somewhere and draw out everything we have in the bank." Mother squeaked a word of protest but their father looked at her in such a way that she bit back any retort she was trying to voice around her fear.
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  6. It worked; good god this worked! Running after them, he tripped himself and fell flat on his face. Pulling himself up, blood dripped from his nose as he tore out the front door and aimed his gun at the speeding away car. Neighbors were peeking out their window at their neighbor's house, with what looked like a crazed man in the doorway of the front door. As much as Seamus wanted to smile at the fact that his idea worked, he knew that would tip Thomas off, and he couldn't have that. "God damn it!" he ran to his car and flung open the driver's door, not wasting any time putting the key in the ignition.

    It wouldn't be long until the police showed up; he had to get out of there. But it wasn't the police that had Seamus worried; it was McMurphey. Speeding after the Tomberlins, he knew that they had no idea what lay ahead of them. Pulling up quickly out of Central Drive, he could see their car. Without hesitation, he followed quickly. Another car was following him rather closely; looking in the middle mirror, he spotted Thomas with his eye patch and rough look.

    Now Thomas was no spring chicken; nor was he all that attractive. He had long, brown greasy hair, a biker's beard, one eye missing, his left eye to be exact, he looked like a mob boss really. And he was just about as dangerous as one too. Seamus had seen himself just how brutal this man was; he beat a man to death on a trolly for staring at him, and took his damn time doing too.

    Seamus had to make this chase look convincing. He sped up and rammed their car with his (defiantly not getting his deposit back), and backed up a bit to go for another round. He couldn't open fire here; it'd be much too damn dangerous. If he could just find a way to ditch Thomas, where he and the family could actually truly be alone, he could tell them what he was doing...and why. Why he was trying to protect them, why he was making it look like he was trying to kill them. Why...just all those damn questions.
  7. Brooke was scared, she had never once believed that a simple automobile accident would end up in a high speed chase for their lives! She swallowed back a scream when the care behind theirs rammed into them driving them forward, Dad let out a holler and punched the gas pedal down harder "Get down in the floor boards girls, you too Juanita. I don't need any of you getting hurt!" Brooke's mother Juanita started to protest but one look from her husband and she was obeying sliding down out of view of the windows. Brooke and Gloria had done what he said as soon as he'd said it. Her father, Joel, took the corner he was heading for sharply the tires squealing and the car felt like it floated for a minute, he was trying to lose their tail, Brooke's heart was pounding away in her chest and it almost hurt. She felt something touch her hand and she lifted her head to see Gloria, her eyes wide with fear, her other hand gripping her teddy bear so tight its head could have popped off. Brooke grabbed her little sisters hand and brought it to her mouth, kissing it, she looked at her and mouthed We will be okay, I love you. Gloria bent her head back down as silent tears filled her eyes, Brooke had a hard time not crying also.
  8. As they tore the other way, Seamus couldn't help but to be proud of his efforts for their lives. He was making this terribly believable. He knew the family might not be willing to talk to him; they of course believed him to be trying to kill them. As they sped off, and he turned, a huge semi-truck peeled out in front of Thomas. He could hear the brakes protesting against Thomas's car as as it swerved to stop.

    Smiling to himself, he continued on his mission. He had to drive these people out of this town...out of this state...away from the area. Because what this family didn't realize was that the IRA was a terrible threat to London, and the countries they visited. At some point the country of Ireland decided to protect others, to stop IRA members from getting on planes. Of course they found a way around that (obviously). Pressing harder onto the gas, he bumped their bumper once more, trying to get them to go just a tad bit faster.

    He didn't want anybody to get hurt or killed; he just wanted them to get out of this area before Thomas had the chance to catch up and realize what he was doing. Not that that would be easy to spot, but Thomas wasn't dumb. He was actually very smart, which made Seamus's task so much harder. Cars on the streets yielded to the high speed chase as their radios warned them not to block their path.

    "Do not be a hero. The authorities are on their way...stay calm." The radio was unconvincing to Seamus. People were sheep; they believed that just hearing a reason to be calm over a previously created voice was going to keep you that way. He could see the kids ducking down into the car. "Oh man that's stupid; if you guys roll you'll get them killed!" he cursed, he knew that he had to do something new. He'd drive them out of town and to the country side where he could pull them over and talk to them.
  9. Joel cursed out loud as the man chasing him and his family once again rammed their car, he pressed his foot all the way down on the accelerator pushing the car up past 100mph. He hated driving this fast with the kids in the car, but he had no other choice, if they stopped they would most likely be killed. Buildings were flying by at rapid speed, they soon gave way to nothing but trees. Joel was trying to lose the man behind them but so far he had kept up right behind them, every turn that Joel made he was right there behind him. There was no where to go but straight ahead so he kept going, he knew sooner or later they would be crossing the state line, and then maybe the guy would stop chasing them. He glanced at Juanita, she was a mess her make up running down her cheeks and her hair was tangled. Gloria and Brooke were doing okay, but they were still crying. Brooke looked up at her father and saw him glance at her, she wished that she could hug him she didn't know if they would make it out of this chase alive. "Dad, can we get back in our seats? My legs and back hurt..." Joel looked like he wanted to tell them no, but then he nodded slowly. Brooke and Gloria shot out of the floorboards and back into their seats, quickly fastening their seatbelts before they could be told to. Only Juanita stayed in the floorboard, she didn't seem to have heard anyone speak.
  10. He hated doing this; scaring a family, and innocent family, so bad that terror drove them to dangerous methods. But Seamus wouldn't let anything happen to them so long as he could help it. Even if that meant getting him and his mother killed, that would be one thing that would hang over the nations until something bigger came. People didn't like remembering the bad that happened in this world; they were always perfectly content with keeping their world this perfect and flawless thing, but truth was, there was a lot of nasty things out there.

    Looking in the back view mirror, they lost Thomas. For now. Speeding up a bit, he knew that they were close to the outskirts of the city; from there he could tell them what this was all about. But thinking back to it, that might not be a very good idea. In fact that actually might put them in serious danger. "God damn it anyways!" he cursed as he sped up, a now very real frustrated expression splayed all over his face. It was infuriating when something in your plans doesn't quite work out right.

    As they sped out of the city limits, suddenly he heard a 'pop' and a 'boom'; his back tire went out and he sped off the road. the speed he was going, it was a bad blow. The car rolled over and over again, landing on its side the fourth roll, there was no activity from the cab.

    Blackness; that's all Seamus saw was blackness. Did he just die? He had no idea. But as he blinked, light seeped into his eyes and he realized that he was in trouble. Blood blurred his vision, and suddenly he felt a very sharp pain in his leg. He gasped and tried to find his seat belt. With the car laying on it's side, once he unhitched himself, he fell to the far side of the car. Groaning, he blacked out again.

    This was an accident he never meant to happen, but at least it happened to him and not the family.
  11. Brooke didn't know what her father had seen that made him stomp on the brake pedal, but suddenly her and Gloria were thrown against the front seat straining against their seat belts. "What the hell Joel? Why are you stopping??" Their mother screamed at their father from the front seat, obviously very irate at his sudden stop. Joel was looking in the rear view mirror in horror, Brooke turned around slowly in her seat and looked at what her father was staring at. The chase had apparently been abandoned, but not by choice. The car that had been tailing them since their home, was in a field off to the right, and it looked like it had rolled out there. Its tires were still spinning, aggravated. Brooke started to unbuckle her seat belt, her father and mother yelled at her to stay in the car. Brooke wasn't listening, sure this lunatic had been chasing them, but she wasn't about to sit back and watch him blow up. She got her belt undone and opened her door, sprinting across the field till she got to the car. She could see the man, blood covering him laying upside down in the front seat. He was blinking and looking around, but didn't appear to see her just yet. "Sir? Sir? Are you okay? Can you move? You need to get out of the car...."
  12. Opening his eyes again as he swore he heard a voice, he looked up. There was a pool of blood welling from his stomach; upon closer look, the pencil that had been in his pocket was halfway in his belly. Looking up at her, he recognized her from the pictures from her house. "Y-you...your helping me? Why?" he asked, but his voice was faint. She was right, he needed to get up. He needed to get out, and get help. Trouble is, if McMurphey found out that he'd gone to the hospital, he'd send Thomas to finish the job and the family wouldn't have a chance. Grabbing hold of the driver's side seatbelt, he pulled himself up.

    Suddenly, the pencil broke in half and sent him into agony. Clenching his teeth, he hung there for a moment to collect himself. Now the wood from the pencil was barley sticking out of his belly. Pulling himself from the car to the other side, he dropped to the ground less gracefully than Brooke would. "Wise thing to do is leave me here. Get away from this city as fast as you can, I can't help anymore," he groaned. Blood still flowed from the wound; it was serious. It just barley missed the organ but he was bleeding bad.
  13. Brooke didn't quite understand why she was doing this, so when the man asked her why she was helping him she remained silent. She pulled her red hair back from her face and fastened it with a ponytail. She almost puked at the sight of all the blood coming from the wound in the man's stomach. Suddenly her father as at her side grabbing her arm and yanking her back away from the wounded man. "What the hell do you think you are doing Brooke? This man was chasing us, then you suddenly want to run over here and try to help him? What if this is a trap? What if someone is on their way right now to kill all four of us?" Joel was angry at Brooke, he wanted to back hand her for her stupidity but he held back his anger and just yelled at her. He looked down at the man that was now laying half way in the car and half way out of it. He felt a twinge of sympathy for the man and almost reached down to touch the mans shoulder to make sure he was breathing but yanked his hand back before he actually touched him. Brooke stood there dumb founded, "I don't know father, I just felt that....I don't know. Something is telling me that we should help him..."
  14. Not even bothering to look up, he slumped against the car again. He knew that he would probably die here; the girl's father looked rather unpleased that he was there, and worse that his daughter was trying to help him. But he was telling the truth about trying to help them. "You-you guys need to go now. If Thomas catches up with you, you don't have a chance of survival. At least, not Gloria," he made a point to say the little girl's name. he knew that it'd infuriate them that he'd mentioned her. But this was it; they had to know what and who they were up against. If they thought that all of this would blow over overnight, they were sorely mistaken.

    "Someone isn't trying to kill you three, they are trying to kill Gloria. I-," he started, but erupted into a very violent cough, "I was sent to try and stop that from happening. My name is Agent Seamus O'Bryant, and I'm in London's secret Agency." He adjusted himself so that he wasn't putting as much pressure against the pencil. He was in agony, and he wasn't even trying to hide it anymore.
  15. Joel wanted to kick the man laying there bleeding when he mentioned Gloria's name, instead he bent down and looked the man right in the face. "Don't you ever say my little girls name like she MEANS something to you. Do you understand me?" He stood up and looked at Brooke, he may not be happy with this man but he obviously knew something that would help his family survive. "Come on Brooke, lets get him up and in the car. We are taking him with us, your mother can stitch his wound up after she retrieves the-" he looked down at Seamus' wound "Pencil. He knows information that can help us..." Joel glared at Seamus, but then stooped and with the help of Brooke the got him to his feet. Once they were at the car, after a long and probably very painful walk, Brooke opened the door. Juanita was screaming, "Don't put that man in here! He tried to kill us Joel!" Brooke looked at her mother and said "Mom he says he is trying to save us, Daddy said we need to take him with us because he knows something that can help us. Your going to need to help him." Juanita looked angry but she didn't snap at Brooke like she wanted too, instead she laid into Joel. Who told her to shut up, that they were doing this and there was no turning back. "Do you not understand what is happening Juanita? Someone is trying to kill us because of the accident over there in Ireland. This man says he works for the London Secret Agency and he is trying to protect us. I am not sure about that yet, but he is gravely injured and our prisoner for now, till I find out he is telling a lie or the truth."
  16. As he listened to Joel, he felt light headed. "We have got to get out of here now sir, your little lass won't have a chance if we stall any longer," he told him. There was a seriousness in Seamus's voice that meant that they'd wasted too much time. It may have very well been too late; he knew Thomas was coming. He felt like screaming when they pulled him to his feet; the muscles working to help him walk, strained his wound. But he grit his teeth and walked with them. He knew that they'd question him without end, but who wouldn't in this situation?

    Sitting in the car, he slumped a hand over his wound. He figured that he'd have to dig the pencil out later, but right now really wasn't the time. He didn't even look at the kids, or anyone. Just closed his eyes and thought of home and how much he missed it right about now. he could hear car horns in the distance. They had to get out of there. Blood seeped through his fingers; he was losing too much blood. But he had nothing to put pressure on it, his clothes were stained with blood. This in all had not been a very good day at all. He couldn't even hear the argument in front about him, nor did he really feel anyone near him; he felt cold.
  17. Brooke made Gloria change places with her, so that Brooke was sitting next to the man and not Gloria. Gloria scooted up against the window as far away from the man as she could get and would not look over at the two of them. Brooke looked over at Seamus, she could see that the wound in his side was still bleeding and that he was trying to make it stop or at least slow down and was failing. Brooke took off her jacket, and reached over, taking his hand off the wound she immediately put her own hand to it with her jacket waded up against it. She pressed hard, but not hard enough to push the pencil any further in. 'I will try to help the bleeding as much as I can, but my mother is the nurse. She will help you better." Joel and Juanita were still up front arguing, driving to who the hell knew where.
  18. Seamus looked at her and all he wanted to do was push her hand away. He wanted to help them, but he didn't want to be buddy buddy with them or anything. He wasn't stupid; he knew they weren't doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. Either they were going to torture him or let him bleed out, but they wanted answers. And he was in no position to deny them that; if he did he could die quicker. He didn't want her help; he didn't want any of their help. Closing his eyes, he felt himself start to drift.

    As Brooke began to speak, he nodded. He groaned a little bit in pain as he felt her hand jam up hard against his wound. And whether or not she meant to push the pencil deeper, he could feel it move in. He instinctively reached down and pushed against his wound. There was an agonized expression on his face; the pain was keeping him from falling unconscious.
  19. Brooke didn't know what else to do for the man, she could tell that he was in horrible pain. She felt sympathy for Seamus, but she also was extremely angry with him. He had chased them out of their home this morning, and for what? To become her parents captive in the long run? She glanced at Seamus when he gripped his wound, inadvertently putting his hand on hers. She didn't try to move her hand, she didn't want him to bleed out. He was a rather attractive man, and she found herself wanting to believe what he told them. Her mother and father were arguing about something different now, when they pulled into a motel. "We are staying here for the night. We will all stay in one hotel room." Joel got out of the car and went in the front office, about fifteen minutes later he came back out. "All they had was a lockout room. One with a king size bed and the other with a double queen. I took it because we need to rest and eat, and get this man fixed up so that he can answer our questions." He put the car in gear and pulled it around behind the building, once he was parked he got out and opened the back door. This time Juanita helped him with Seamus, carrying most of his weight between the two of them and up into the room. The laid him on the double queen bed, farthest from the door. Juanita looked at his wound, "I need antiseptic, a pair of pliers, and a needle and thread. Oh and a wet rag." Brooke dug through her mothers, knitting bag while Joel got the rest of the stuff for her from the car. Once everything was gathered up for her, she began. "This is going to hurt." She grabbed what was left of the pencil and in one swift movement, pulled it out. Brooke automatically put the towel she had grabbed on the wound while her mother discarded the pencil and threaded the needle. She dipped it in the antiseptic and looked at Brooke and nodded, Joel quickly wiped the wound with the rag when Brooke removed the towel and her mother set to work stitching it closed. Once it was closed, Brooke laid a piece of gauze bandage over it and taped it down. "There."
  20. He let out a cry as they pulled him out of the car. The pain was so bad that he felt like vomiting. He let out a sigh of relief as they laid him onto the bed, but he knew what was to come. As his shirt was lifted off of him, revealing his chest, he felt his heart race as she ordered the supplies. His muscles tensed up as he prepared himself for the upcoming pain he'd be in. He looked up just in time to see it. As she stuck the metal pliers into his wound swiftly, he clenched his teeth and let out a cry, his hands clenching the blankets. His eyes watered with the pain of it's removal, his chest rising and falling swiftly.

    He passed out; the stitching, the extraction, it took it's toll on his body. When he finally opened his eyes, they had already bandaged him up. But he didn't dare move; he was scared. He was scared of what this family was going to do to him next. He would thank them later for the medical help, but he was still deeply concerned that his interrogation was yet to come. He had told them the truth, but he didn't know how much of that they would believe. In his opinion, it was a mistake getting a hotel room. He agreed with Joel's wife; Thomas could catch up to them here. But whatever they decided, he guessed. He couldn't fight Thomas off if he tried right now. He was dizzy from blood loss, and was in so much pain that he felt like he'd been hit by a train.
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