Log Horizon

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  1. Found out about this anime today and was wondering if anyone has heard of it? It seems interesting, but I want some opinions before diving into it.
  2. It's arguably the best "Trapped in an MMORPG" trope anime yet.

    Shit's all over Sword Art Online while paying good homage to .hack//sign

    Definitely worth a watch. S2 is supposedly doing well too.
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  3. why is trapped in an mmo even a thing??

    you only need one, maybe two shows about this concept

  4. Because it's a concept that's not often seen, so when it does come around people act surprised.
  5. Because the guy who wrote log horizon has been playing MMOs since I believe Ragnarok Online and knows what he's talking about. He's also planning on a table top version of Log Horizon. (He's also done three Q and As in a certain english website.)
  6. I watched the first episode and now I'm in love
  7. I will warn you that it spends a good amount of time later in the first season without much combat at all.
  8. Started as a Light Novel, got some mangas and an anime (duh), and a recent TTRPG version (which some fairies are translating recently).
  9. definitely worth to watch if you love all the talking, (more to talk than battle scene) though the story development are way more great a bit more realistic than other trap in the game genre

    ( try Ixion saga for non stop lol)