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  1. As the title said, does anyone interested in Log Horizon RP? I know, I know that most of you will said that's an SAO rip-off but still there are actually a lot of differences between SAO and Log Horizon. Link below will guide you but watch the anime was to be suggested

    If You haven't know then here's a link to guide you or to know more about LH: http://log-horizon.wikia.com/wiki/Log_Horizon_Wiki

    Almost every source (plot,background) were taken from the link up above


    Elder Tale:
    Plot: Elder Tale is the world's largest and most popular MMORPG in history that has earned a dedicated following of millions of players over the course of its 20-year history. There are 13 server spread through out the world, from America to Oceania.

    Elder Tale was originally an American MMORPG created by Atharva Inc. Over time, as Elder Tale's popularity grew, the number of servers expanded up to 13, when Elder Tale became a fully-global MMO with a server on every continent. Each server has its own company running the game, coming up with their own special events,classes, and subclasses. However, transferring to another server is as simple as taking a Teleport Gate or a Fairy Ring to another server.
    Ever since the original release, Elder Tale received numerous updates that vastly improved the game's content and graphic engine,but during the release of its twelfth expansion pack, Homesteading the Noosphere, thousands of player from around the world who were logged-on at the time of the update became trapped in the game. Players call this event the Apocalypse. It is currently unknown whether the people from the real world knew about it or not.


    Plot: The Event took place a week after the Apocalypse, people started to find their way out or took wise action to read other's move. You are a newbie who just started playing Elder tale at that time (talking about luck huh?), now it's up to you to be a legendary hero that bring people out of this nightmare, be ruler of the city, or be the bad guys.

    Server Location:
    North America
    South and central America
    Middle East
    Western Europe

    Character Creation:
    Logging into Elder Tale is similar to all MMORPGS by registering one's profile and email adress. Then after registering, the gamer begins to create their character. They can adjust their characters' appearance of their own choosing if they want to be of an opposite gender, a character similar to their real life bodies or an entirely different one.


    After selecting a race, the player can choose a class of his/her choosing. Once a class is being selected, it is permanent. Each class has unique strengths and weakness.
    Characters in Elder Tale can have one of over 90 different subclasses. While classes cannot be changed after being chosen, subclasses do not have this restriction, making it possible for players to change their subclass, provided that they are willing to lose all subclass experience points and skills to switch. Due to the dangers of hunting and fighting with one's own body rather than controlling a character from a computer, many players were willing to switch over from combat to crafting subclasses. This in turn has made collecting ingredients that much harder. Experience points for subclasses are independent from those of the major classes and are relatively easy to acquire.

    People of the land are also capable of having subclasses that serve as their occupation or status. Some subclasses, such as Elder Maid and Rose Garden Princess, are Lander-only.

    Gave-derived subclasses can be divided into three types: Production, Role-Playing, and Titles. There are also special Player-made contracts that can grant subclasses to People of the Land.

    SO... what are you going to do at the RP:

    -Basically trying to level up your character and decide your own future... although events are available (still thinking about the main plot)

    -EXP base was implemented to this RP, how do we get EXP?
    By posting to the thread or killing a monster. Posting thread would gain according the number of paragraph you posted, each paragraph will be awarded 10 exp. Killing normal monster would only gained 5 exp, while killing a boss would give a 50 exp and killing an epic monster would get 150 EXP

    All of the EXP are out of 100

    -Item drop!
    Roll the dice as you killed the monster and if you get 6 then item will drop.

    -Creating shop!
    If you have enough money, then you can buy land to create any business or you own home (so you won't need to resurrect on the cathedral)

    -Die isn't an option
    As you see from above character won't die but they'll lose their memories(SPOILER!) they would automatically resurrect on their last city's cathedral

    -Creating new subclass
    Yes same as the anime, by doing some action you can make a new subclass such as chopping 1000 wood would earn the subclass 'Lumber jack.'

    You'll be initially get 10 extra stat point to be distributed among the 5 main stat.

    -Level up
    Each time you level up you would gain 3 extra point to be distributed among the 5 stats

    OOC if you interested (i'll 'beautify' the sheet later on):
    Real Name:

    In Game Name:


    Sub Class:


    Base Stat:

    In game Inventory (all of the starting equipment):
    -Survival Knife/ Survival staff/ Survival Sword
    -Farmer's shirt
    -Leather pants
    -Worn out sandals

    So... are you now interested?
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