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    Elder Tale is the world's largest MMORPG to date, with a server in each country. On the Japanese server alone, there are 100,000 active players and 1.2 million created characters. 2 years after the creation of the original game, a new expansion pack was released, called Homesteading the Noosphere was released. On this day of release, around 30,000 players were logged onto the Japanese server and found themselves unable to log out, in an event known as The Apocalypse. They were physically transported into the game world, which now serves as their reality. This RP will follow the story of a small, newly created guild of low level characters taking up residence in Akiba.

    More info: http://log-horizon.wikia.com/wiki/Elder_Tale

    Since it's a small guild, a balance of different characters would be preferable, so to begin with, there should be one of each "type" - that is, one tank, one healer, one DPS and one mage. Anyone afterwards can be any class. I'm gonna say the max level is 40 as well, since it's a low level party.




    Noteable other: (Things like special quest rewards, Overskills etc)
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  2. Name:
    Shirayuki Momoka
    (Yuki for short)






    Special Quest Rewards:
    ~ Kurimuzonkirā (In English: Crimson Killer) ~
    This is a special sword that she obtained while in the midst of a quest with some of her closer friends. Unfortunately, they had all died while she was left alone to fight the boos by herself. This sword holds great value in her eyes. It was the only special quest reward she has ever gotten and she obtained it by herself. The sword will glow red when she is enraged or intensely focused. It will slightly increase her speed and her reaction time. The sword will illuminate more and more, depending on how many enemies she can kill in a chain. While it glows more, the effects of the sword are increased.​
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  3. Looks good. I don't think the 50ft radius is OP at all, since quite a few boss monsters are larger than that. I'll get mine up in a sec.
  4. Name:
    Kuroaki (Kuro or Aki for short)
    39 (2114 XP from level 40)

    Race: Foxtail
    Class: Sorcerer
    Subclass: Food Fighter

    Noteable other:
    - Due to her race, every couple of levels, she randomly forgets one of her main-class skills and has it replaced with another skill that originates from a different class.
    - Additionally, every 10th level, she grows an additional tail. She currently has 3. These tails can be toggled for convenience while seated.
    - Pseudo-legendary item gained as an event quest reward named Alchemist's Bracer. When out of combat, she can cast a spell but instead of firing it, have it store itself inside the bracer. This can stack up to 3 times with any one spell. If a new spell is stored, it will replace the old one and begin the stack anew. The spell stored inside the bracer may be cast as a skill while in combat. If so, it will cost half MP and will have half cooldown.
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  5. Wait, is this a year or so after the Apocalypse? Cause Overskills weren't really a thing until long Round Table and such, unless you count Cooking as one of them.

    While I'm at it, Under the Stars, you mentioned that all her close friends died during a raid or whatever. But players dying in Elder Tale doesn't really matter, because they'll just resurrect like any other MMORPG, so...does that mean she was partying with NPCs?
  6. Yes. I know that that is the case. She just fought a boss by herself and she finds that it was her first personal accomplishment.
  7. [​IMG]
    "It's just a game. Why so serious?"
    Name: Cororo
    Level: 35

    Race of Ritual
    High Magic Damage
    Low HP


    High HP
    High Elemental Resistance
    High Evasion
    Low Defense
    Low Mana Pool

    Magically Enhance Pre-existing Equipment

    Build - Ki Striker
    Cororo is an odd example of what a Monk would be. Instead of going the route of a physical DPS with high evasion, he’s opted to go for a much more dangerous and admittedly gimmicky route of a magical burst Monk. While most of the Monk class’s skills are centered around doing physical damage and chaining skills together, there are a special set of skills that scale exceptionally well with high magical stats. Called the Four Symbols, it’s composed of Suzaku Ascent, Seiryu Descent, Byakko Fang and Genbu Fist, and, when used consecutively, is finished off with the Secret Art: Kirin Roar. All this ends up with a five-skill nuke that surpasses even that of a Sorcerer, as long as one has followed the haphazard build path that Cororo created.

    That’s only the tip of the iceberg though, as, due to the passives attached to the Four Symbols, Cororo also gets elemental damage bonuses to lower cooldown skills such as Tiger Echo Fist, Wyvern Kick, and Lightning Straight, as well as prominent elemental resistance bonuses for Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning elements. This, combined with the Monk’s Covering and Cororo’s possession of three movement skills, Phantom Step, Flash Burst, and Turning Swallow, makes him a highly agile tank, capable of absorbing lots of elemental damage despite having low HP.

    It could be said that he’s a light tank, really, capable of moving quickly on the battlefield and doing tons of damage, but suffer from long cooldowns for his full damage combo to be up. If paired with an Enchanter or a Bard specializing in Cooldown Reduction, the Ki Striker would be ridiculously powerful.

    Well, only if he also had the proper race, build, and equipment.

    And he literally will not be able to take any physical attacks from bosses.

    Weapon - Dragon King Gauntlets (Formerly known as ‘Wyvern Tooth Gauntlets)
    Utilizing his subclass of Sigilmaker, Cororo was able to inscribe a rather interesting effect onto the Wyvern Tooth Gauntlets, a level 32 Production-class equipment made from Wyvern drops. The effect in question is the ability to convert the entirety of his physical damage stats into magical damage stats, and thus making him a ‘pure’ mage, instead of a hybrid. Needless to say, it was definitely worth it, taking the Sigilmaker class, even though the majority of effects he can do are either stat-switches or minor elemental procs.

    Naturally, to celebrate the success of that particular enhancement, he renamed the gauntlets into something cooler.
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  8. Oh I didn't realise that. It's supposed to be Day One when we start, but I thought that the Overskills were developed pretty quickly. I'll remove that then.
  9. imagesX3E2KD31.jpg



    (High Healer Build)


    Noteable otherStaff of Sakura
    A staff was made out of a cherry blossom tree blessed by the goddess of nature, Kaya-Nu-Hima. Known to give the owner enhanced regenerative powers when fighting in an area with lots of nature due to the blessing of the goddess. Also has enhanced magic due to the blessing of the goddess. In return of this blessing, the goddess will be able to call upon the owner in times of need.
    She got the Staff of Sakura from another player before the apocalypse who left the game for their family and decided to give it to a newbie who seem like they needed it. ​
  10. Alright, editted out the Overskill, and it seems like we have all the main roles filled out now.
  11. They all look good. Now to start the IC as soon as I find out what a Magical Device does!
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  15. Im still working on this guy

    got to go to my job now I will finish him tomorrow


    Race: Half-Alv
    Class:Summoner (custom build)
    Subclass:[BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=#00ff00]Dragon Warrior[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    Noteable other: The Staff of Seth is a legendary staff that can summon animate beings by means of the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water)

    (Things like special quest rewards, Overskills etc)
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  16. Augm3nt_13, known more commonly as Aug, is a level 39 Half-Alv Summoner trapped inside the game Elder Tale. One could argue, however, that Aug has become more of a master Mechanic than a true summoner. Aug was one of the first within Elder Tale to realize that players could now create items that did not previously exist within Elder Tale. Not only that, he began proving that the low-level items with flavor text he had available to him could actually be tested and proven as true facts within the game. Forsaking leveling in favor of inventing what he could in this world, Aug realized that he could create mechanical creatures that he could then summon, modeling them after real-world creatures. Venturing from that though, Aug found that he could create prosthetic appendages for creatures, and if summoned, the game Elder Tale considered said upgrades to be part of the creature summoned. Aug spent his time experimenting on People of the Land, creating prosthetic appendages for them and testing what the game would accept. Over time, Aug realized that he had limited himself greatly. Being stuck at such a low level limited his available resources, thus limiting what he could test and experiment with. Starting not long ago at a mere level 27, Aug rushed through levels quickly with his powerful, mechanical summons, and continuously upgraded them via summoning them to and from his shop using new items and resources he maintained. Gold was often given to blacksmiths to forge pieces he needed, thus meaning Aug rarely has an abundance with him. As a matter of fact, Aug is after fortune as well as levels, realizing that he cannot create what he needs alone. As a mechanic, he often requires a blacksmith or even tailor to assist him. Because of this, Aug has set out to join a guild in hopes of earning the trust of others with production subclasses that might help him. Over time, and through frustration, Aug has also developed an overskill called <Summon: Gears of Necessity> that simply allows him to summon any tools or any of the assorted gears from his workshop or home, and works by allowing him to summon something that's not a creature—thus using a spell in a different way than intended.




    Summoner (Custom Build, Machine-oriented)


    Class Note
    The mechanic and summoner class have almost been woven into one. Mechanical prosthetic appendages created by Aug often run off the mana of a creature independently, and use so little even weak critters like rabbits could have replaced legs that function. The power of a prosthetic this is proportional to the creature. In the case of creatures that are entirely machines, they are ran often powered by batteries, which due to his low-level are currently quite weak. After a battery is drained dry of its electric power, a mechanical creature begins to draw on Aug's MP to run, thus making his mechanical creations cost more MP than a regular summon, in addition to the spells he casts. This relationship between his class and subclass blurs the line between the two.

    <Summon: Gears of Necessity> Allows Aug to summon tools and/or gears from his workshop and/or home (location is subjective, as Aug can summon any tool he needs if he recalls immediately where it was last) to use at hand. Does not count as one of his registered summons.

    High Intelligence
    Powerful Memory
    High MP
    Low HP
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  17. Now, I know it's quuuuuuuuuite a bit ahead of what you're looking for, so my intention was actually to introduce him later on down the road. I like the character idea, but he requires some time past Day One.
  18. Didn't it take them something like 6 months to figure out you could make food without using the menu though? It'd take a few months more for anyone to successfully apply that to other skills. That's going to be quite a long time since I don't imagine any time skips being longer than about a week.