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  1. This is about two people who originally hated each other. But once there friend have had enough of their fighting they decide to trick the and lock them up in a closet. What will happen to their relationship once they are out?
    -Character Info-
    Name: Miley Marie May
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'6''
    Sex: Female
    Look: (except with black hair)
    Miley pulled on her black skinny jeans, red t-shirt, red converses, and red gloves that were fingerless. She smiled big at herself and ran out the door, "Bye guys love you!" she shut the door as she ran out and she stopped once she felt her phone vibirate. She looked at it and smiled. It was from her best friend.
    "Hey what are you doing?"
    She replied, "Nothing just outside. Why?"
    "I am at the mall! You should come over here!"
    "Ok I will be there in a few (:"
    She smiled and ran to the mall.

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  2. name:Jake
    looks: tannish short spikey hair and scared up legs

    jake pulled a hood over his dark black hair and pulled up some torn up jeans and walked to he mall to get lunch
  3. When Miley got there she hugged her friend then out of the corner of her eye she spotted Jake. Great, she thought and scowled.
  4. jake saw Miley and thought 'why me why today? I just want some calming lunch ' he tried to walk past her unnoticed
  5. Miley couldnt help but scowl. She crossed her arms and tried paying no attention to him. Then her best friend Destiny showed up and hugged her, "Hey girl." Destiny had short culry blonde hair, blue eyes, and a baby face. Once she saw ther scowl on Mley face she knew what was wrong. "Uh oh." she said then she saw Jake and sighed, "You two really need to learn to get along."
    Miley rolled her eyes and whispered, "Yeah when pigs fly."
    A few minutes later the rest of Miley's friends and Jake's friend showed up. Miley's and Jake's group of friend were in fact friends with each other but didnt hang around each other because Miley and Jake could never stand each other. Miley and Jake have no clue about this.
  6. jake sat down thinking of what he wanted for lunch then got some vegetarian low main and was chowing down drinking some Japanese soda pop he was happy then he heard his friend life was normal again
  7. Miley talked to her friends trying her best to ignore Jake.
  8. Jake glared Miley right in the eyes then look at everyone else then stood "why do you guys always ruin my lunch? I just wanted to eat and go home and be alone so why ?" he was looking mostly at Miley he would admit it but he secretly kind of liked her
  9. Miley sighed and stood up. She walked up to him and looked him dead in the eye. "Hey being around you is no walk in the park either. Especially while I'm eating!" she smirked, truth was she did secretly liked him. All their friends siged and thought, "There they go again."
  10. Jake stood "I STAYED MY FLIPPIN DISTTAINCE I GOT PAYED LAST NIGHT AND I WANTED SOMETHING OTHER THAN RAMEN NOODLES FOR ONCE" he voice was deep and loud her looked at her "im... im sorry..."he started to walk away
  11. She scowled and crossed her arms, "Whatever." she muttered and turned around. She walked the other direction.
    It is was midnight when Destiny called her. She yawned and sat up on her bed and pressed the talk button. "Yeah?" she asked sleepily... little did she know that her and Jake's friends were planning something.
    "Hey Smiley Miley. Can you come over to my house? I need your help with something."
    Smiley Miley is what Destiny called her because Miley smiles alot. Miley looked at the time, "Umm sure. I will be there in a little bit.
  12. jake was in his basement and he got a call from duke he answered " hey duke what's up?" he sounded very serious well when didn't he it was his way of showing he cared hen duke replied "meet me at destiny's we need your help lifting her new bed to her room same with her dresser" jake sighed "be there in a minute" he ran upstairs got quick shower threw on some light clothes and got in his truck destiny's was a couple minutes from him so he decided to drive instead of walk he soon arrived there
  13. Destiny smiled at Jake, "Thanks for coming to help me." she lead him to the living room while all the friends kept him company. At the same time Miley came in listening to her ipod, once she saw Jake she pulle her headphones out and said, "Oh shit." Immidiatly one of Jake's friends picked her up and put her over his shoulder. She slammed her fists against his back and yelled, "Let me go you stupid ape!" while Jake's other friends pushed Jake into the room. The guy dropped Miley into the room making her fallon her butt. She scowled and Jake's friend slammed the door and locked it.
    "WHAT THE HELL?!" She yelled.
  14. jake "duke...LET ME OUT NOW OR ELSE I WILL GET MY SPIKED BAT!!!" he was angry then he heard them leave "well then.... were stuck til morning or until we find a way out " he took out some gum " want a piece?"
  15. She glared at the door then looked at Jake then sighed taking a piece of gum, "No offense but your friend sucks." she popped the gum into her mouth.
  16. jake "none taken " he slid down the wall "soooo"
  17. She scowled and crossed her arms, "What? Are you not going to insult me?" she looked at him with her bright blue eyes.
  18. jake "no im thinking of a way to get out witch requires silence now if you please" he nodded and smiled
  19. She got up and picked up a tennis ball that was next to her and through it at him hitting him on the forehead, "Asshole." she mutters.
  20. jake "the hell did I do to you ?! I don't even get why you hate me! Ive always wanted to be your friend" he sighed "that's all I ever wanted..." he mumbled
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