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We are locked in a basement, Each of us has a number branded on our hands. No one has any memorys of how they have gotton here. This is the strange part, The only light is coming from a single bulbe in the middle of the room. It is now our chance to figuer out what has brought us here and who we are. If we are going to survive we all need to work togther or kill each other, But someone must figuer out what has brought us here. The first man to awaken Is a slim man with dark bags under his eyes. He looks to be about 24 with sorta a shaggy beared. He has deep blue eyes that seem to hold a deep regret even a haunted look. He takes a look around at all the people who are in this room with him, Now The man began to notice a stinging In his left hand looking down as it took a few moments for him to notice what was happening. His hand was swollen red but in the center was a blacken mark of a number. Number 7 that was his mark." What the hell" he mutters rubbing his hand wondering what he was doing here and why He was here.
(jump in with your charecter and your number

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