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  1. We are locked in a basement, Each of us has a number branded on our hands. No one has any memorys of how they have gotton here. This is the strange part, The only light is coming from a single bulbe in the middle of the room. It is now our chance to figuer out what has brought us here and who we are. If we are going to survive we all need to work togther or kill each other, But someone must figuer out what has brought us here. The first man to awaken Is a slim man with dark bags under his eyes. He looks to be about 24 with sorta a shaggy beared. He has deep blue eyes that seem to hold a deep regret even a haunted look. He takes a look around at all the people who are in this room with him, Now The man began to notice a stinging In his left hand looking down as it took a few moments for him to notice what was happening. His hand was swollen red but in the center was a blacken mark of a number. Number 7 that was his mark." What the hell" he mutters rubbing his hand wondering what he was doing here and why He was here.
    (jump in with your charecter and your number
  2. A young woman of 20 lay in a corner. The short, slender brunette began to stir. She moaned as she rolled away from the wall, slowly pushing herself to her knees. Her head throbed. So did her hand. In the dim light, she could barely make out the form of a black 3 in the exact spot her hand stung. "What the hell?" Her voice was hoarse, her throat dry.
  3. A young man in a business suit stirs he grabs at his head and suddenly wines in pain he grabs at his now burning hand he sees the number 1 burned onto his skin. He looks around and sees others barely waking. "Whaa." His voice cracks as he tries to speak, his throat is dry. He swallows some saliva and tries again. "Where am i?"
  4. A young woman of 19 begins to crack open her green eyes, her head was throbbing like someone had bashed an item over her head. Sitting up a bit, she winced and looked at her left hand, noticing a branded 6 on her skin. "What the hell?" She muttered, before looking up to notice several others in the room with her. "Who the hell are you guys?"
  5. The young man saw a woman speak up he grabbed at his pounding hrad. "Please stay calm." With his attire one might peg him as a young salary man, even though the only reason he got dressed up was for a potential job interview. "Ok it looks as though we've been brought here and." He looks at his burn mark again. His voice is low. "Branded"
  6. The first man who woke up looking around holding his hand still. He let out a soft groan he shakes his head. He didnt want to be around these people he was getting scared now as he looked at the people who surrounded him" W-who are you people" He asked them his throat felt like it was on fire. He hasent had a drink in so long his throat and his lips felt like they where cracking he touched his lips feeling the blood leaking from his lips
  7. The 19-year-old girl looked over at the first man and saw blood coming off of his lips and got up, starting to move over to him. "Are you okay, sir?" She asked "Your lips are cracked badly and bleeding." Once close enough, she inspected to see how bad the cracks were. She was dressed in a dark grey, baggy sweater, black skinny jeans and black fingerless gloves. Her black hair was cut into an A-bob and she had piercings from her lobe all the way to the tip on her right ear. Her make up consisted of dark blue, shimmery lipstick; with blue and silver eye shadow; thick black eye liner with gold colored mascara.
  8. The man backs away from the women as he looked at her " I- i am fine" He tells her looking around for a moment as he turned his head it was clear he had a huge bruise on his face from where it was clear that he was hit pretty hard. By who he didnt know" what is going on here why are we here who brought us here" he starts to ask freaking out now
  9. The young woman slumped in the corner awoke to the sound of voices. She tentatively raised a hand to her throbbing head, wincing as it came away wet with blood. Pushing herself up from the floor, she made her way to the single light bulb illuminating the room, long dark hair hanging in her face as she looked around. In the dim light she could finally see a black four branded onto the back of her hand. She couldn't remember how she had gotten here, not that she knew where exactly here was. Frantically rummaging through her long coat, she realized that whoever brought them here had also taken all of their belongings. Okay, deep breaths, calm down, there were voices so that must mean that she wasn't alone. The woman's eyes widened as she realized these people could be her kidnappers, and she almost freaked out until she saw the numbers branded onto their own skin and their own state of panic.

    "H-hey," she squinted at the hand of the woman closest to her, "Six, do you guys know what's going on? I can't remember anything..."
  10. At the sound of her number being called, the girl looked over to see another one waking up. She looked at the other girl's left hand to see a branded four. 'So she is one of us, huh?' She thought to herself. "No sadly, I don't think any of us remember what the hell is going on." She states before looking at the rest who are awake. "First off, does anyone here remember who they are?"
  11. The man looks around for a moment so unsure of what is going on" I have no idea" he tells them all looking around so far he was number 7 looking at his hand. By the looks of it, it might have happend just before he had woken up
  12. "What the hell is going on! Is this some kind of a sick joke?" The woman screamed in frustration. Looking around the room it seemed that everyone was as confused as she was. How many of them were awake now, four? Five? There was also the remaining slumped figures scattered around the room. She didn't know if they were still unconscious or if they were dead, not making it through whatever had happened to them.

    She quickly made her way to the walls and began feeling along the edges for a door. "There has to be a way out," she gestured for the others to come help her.
  13. The young man had enough he was beyond stressed out he decided he needed to be the voice of reason. "QUIET!!!!!!!!" He shouted. He stood up and adjusted his interview tie. "i'm sorry for shouting but panic won't help any of us." He looked around at everyone he knew he was being judged by them as some wreckless young man but he didn't care he wanted answers. "ok maybe it would be best if we all cooperated and tried to work together to try to remember how we got here"
  14. The girl looked between everyone and stood up at her full height of 5'9". Looking at the man in the suit and tie, she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him. "We still don't know anyone's name here. Let's at least start off with that before going into anything too complicated like answering the question of how we got here." She states before turning to everyone else. "If no one remembers their name then just come up with something for us to call you."
  15. The woman paused in her inspection of the wall before letting out an exasperated sigh and moved to join the others. Crossing her arms over her chest, her gaze roamed over everyone's faces. " Just call me Four," she said slighting raising her hand so everyone could see the stark number on her skin. "Frankly I don't know what's going on, and what's going to happen, so I wouldn't get too attached. Names will just make that harder, even ones we've just made up."
  16. The interviewer nodded in agreement. "I guess that's true, in that case." He raised his hand. "Call me one." One looked around as he did a thought popped into his head. Why were they branded, why numbers and whatever it was he knew it would happen to him first.
  17. "c-call me number 7 i guess" He says holding his hand out to everyone." D-does anyone have anything on them anythng that might give us a clue on why we might be here" He asked everyone" check your pockets and try to see what you might have" he says again though his voice was shaking badly
  18. Four patted her front and back pockets finding nothing, then turned her coat pockets inside out. "Nothing, they took everything I had. What about you guys?" she questioned.
  19. The girl patted her pants pockets and rifled around through her sweater pockets and found nothing. "Can't find anything. Also, call me six." She states, holding up her left hand to show her branded number.
  20. One checked his pockets he to had nothing. "It seems as though they left us with nothing, we may have to start thinking about the worst case scenario here." One tried to swallow the lump in his throat. "We might have been taken to be sold off in some sort of underground foreign slave trade."
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